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AxioGame - 3.08.2015
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New 'Mouse@Rapidfire' incoming!    

  New 'Mouse@Rapidfire' incoming!
Added by Gauss on 26.12.2012

1944 clicks in 30 seconds?!

Take a look at his new device which is compatible with 95% of wired/wireless mouse out there. Its plug and play and allows you to enhance your FPS firing level.


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Check out this neat new incoming product, which should be available from next Wednesday.

MaxPc's Mouse@Rapidfire is a plug and play device that connects to your mouse and keyboard, allowing you to enhance your gaming experience, just like the specialized gaming devices, at a very reasonable cost.

Here's the official info:

MaxPc- mouse@rapidfire is the gear you will need, plug and play device, simply plug in your mouse/keyboard to the device and enjoy the game! Fast fluid high performance with extremely high speed rapid fire enabled on your mouse. This device is compatible with 95% of wired/wireless mouse/keyboard, don’t waste your money anymore on expensive gaming mouse and gaming keyboard, MaxPc mouse@rapidfire can offer you the same amount of capability of a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard with a much more reasonable cost. Order now to get this little gadget to enhance the FPS firing level.

Some shots:

You can get more info (and also pre-order it) on the device official website linked below!

Also, take a look at the following videos of the device in action, the first one showcasing its speed on Windows 8 and the second one on Call of Duty.

Mouse@RapidFire Prototype speed testing in Windows 8 -->

Mouse@RapidFire on Call of Duty --> (BELOW!)

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Youtube video

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