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maxconsole - 9.10.2015
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Ubisoft looking to buy THQ's assets?    

  Ubisoft looking to buy THQ's assets?
Added by Gauss on 26.12.2012

Holding out for 'bargain buy.'

It looks like Ubisoft could be the top candidate to buy THQ's assets, but is holding for now...


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That's right, Ubisoft is reportedly one of the top candidates interested in purchasing THQ's assets, following the company's bankruptcy filing this week.

This follows previous comments of Ubi CEO Yves Guillemot about the possibility of acquiring some of its IPs.

Sources have told MCV that the French publisher has shown interest in buying THQ's wholly-owned studios and franchises.

THQ's internal studios include Relic Entertainment, Volition, THQ Montreal, and Vigil Games. Some of the companies biggest properties are Saints Row, Red Faction, Homefront, Metro, and Company of Heroes.


Ubisoft has held "lengthy discussions" with THQ to get a deal done. One of the main sticking points in the negotiations, according to the sources, is that of price. Ubisoft is reportedly interested in a "bargain buy," and will hold out until THQ decides to sell specific properties instead of a total package.

SO, what do you think? If true, would you be OK with that?

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