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maxconsole - 26.11.2015
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Apple iWatch to be released this year    

  Apple iWatch to be released this year
Added by Kaos2K on 4.03.2013

And to run with iOS

According to recent reports, Apple is now testing prototypes of a yet un-announced iWatch that is intended to be released at the end of the year


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The iWatch rumoresphere is getting warme as recent reports are talking about the device to be released sometime this year, as soon as Apple got ride of the problems with the battery life. Furthermore, the iWatch is going to run a custom iOS version instead of a closed one such as the iPod Nano has.

According to TechCrunch

Apple’s iWatch will run full-flavored iOS, according to a new report, and the company is indeed targeting an end-of-year launch, but will first have to tackle battery life issues. According to sources speaking to The Verge, Apple’s prototype watch hardware is currently getting only a couple of days out of its battery, and the company is targeting at least four to five (around what the Pebble gets) before ramping up for a public release.

So we have to wait and see what happens in the next months.

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