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PokÚdex app for iOS released    

  PokÚdex app for iOS released
Added by Gauss on 11.12.2012

$2 + $24 to complete the entire PokÚdex...

That's right, the PokÚdex for iOS app is now available in U.S. and Europe for $2. Four additional packs are available for $6 each.


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The Pokemon Company has finally released the Pokédex for iOS app in North America and Europe, first announced a few weeks ago for Japan.

This illustrated encyclopedia contains entries for more than 640 Pokemon creatures. It costs $2, requires iOS 6, and is optimized for the iPhone 5.

Similar to its in-game counterpart, the Pokemon Pokedex iOS app provides a range of data, including information regarding how to evolve a certain Pokemon, locations where specific creatures are located, and which types of attacks Pokemon are susceptible to.

With the $2 purchase for the Pokedex app, users are granted access to the Unova Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 494-647). Other sets are available for $6 each, meaning players will need to spend about $26 to hold a complete Pokedex.

The additional packs include the Kanto Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 001-151), the Johto Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 152-251), the Hoenn Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 252-386), and the Sinnoh Pokedex (Pokemon numbers 383-493).

You can get it from the official App Store HERE.

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