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maxconsole - 24.11.2015
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Turtle Beach offering upgrades on headphones to work with Xbox One    

  Turtle Beach offering upgrades on headphones to work with Xbox One
Added by Kaos2K on 25.11.2013

Until January. 30, 2014

It seems that Turtle Beach will update for free certain models of their headset line up to work with the new Xbox One


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If you got your Xbox One recently you probably noticed that your current and expensive surround headsets (if you have ones) are not working properly. This is due to 1) Xbox One optical port is not sending Dolby Digital signal at the moment (Will be enabled in a future update) or 2) There are no way of hooking them to the new controller as the port changed.

For this reason, Turtle Beach has recently opened an upgrade program to make certain models of their headsets, compatible with the new Microsoft console. As of now the promotion only applies to four models: the XP400, XP510, XP Seven and X42. Those who purchase them now can sign-up to receive an upgrade kit (a module) when they become available in middle 2014(between March 1 and June 30). Better late than never uh?

You have more info in the links below.

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