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maxconsole - 30.11.2015
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Maximus Stinger v4 announced
Added by Gauss on 15.12.2012
With a picture/diagram.

The Maximus Team has shared a pic of their upcoming 'Stinger v4'. Not much info was shared, but check out the diagram with its features and changes.


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The Maximus team has shared a picture of their upcoming Stinger v4 RGH chip for the XBOX 360.

Not a lot info was shared, but the diagram shows up the device new features:

We can see a 48MHz oscillator therefore compatible Corona, choose between 4 timings to bridge on the chip for the CPU, a CPU alternative point with resistance of 10 ohm and then 4 points PLL BYPASS. The chip is sold with pinheaders to program it.

Sadly, no release date yet. Stay tuned for more info in the upcoming days.

Check out a bigger picture of it below!

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