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10-year old boy made a game for his blind grandmother

Discussion in 'General Undergound Newz' started by GaryOPA, Apr 14, 2012.

By GaryOPA on Apr 14, 2012 at 7:36 PM
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    Called 'Quacky's Quest'


    A Fifth-Grader made a Video Game for his blind grandmother using a free-version of GameMaker...

    Dylan is a fifth-grader at Hidden Valley Elementary in Martinez, California. Using a free-starter version of GameMaker he managed to design a Video-Game for his blind grandmother. Called Quacky's Quest, this is a blind-friendly video game in which sounds play a fundamental role...

    The visual layout seen in the screenshot below is the one he used before "turning out the lights and plunging it into darkness."


    Of course, he also faced some 'challenges' along the way. The game had a serious flaw. Once his grandmother tested out the game and collected the diamonds, she had no more point of reference and she got confused, but he soon found out how to solve it:

    After a month of development, Dylan finished his game...

    Pretty story... Congratulations to this boy!

    NEWS SOURCE: http://kotaku.com/5900846/meet-the-fifth grader-who-made-a-video-game-for-his-blind-grandmother

    Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news story!


Discussion in 'General Undergound Newz' started by GaryOPA, Apr 14, 2012.

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