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27% of avid gamers planning to buy 3D TVs (according to new servey...)

Discussion in 'Archived General Gaming News' started by unwanted, Jun 18, 2010.

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    [​IMG] Alec Meer
    17/06/2010 @ 11:30

    There is significant interest in 3D gaming, even before the various revelations of E3, according to a new survey by the Consumer Electronics Association.

    The results, collected during the last week of May, posit that 31 per cent of avid gamers intend to buy a 3D-capable console, and 27 per cent a 3D TV. Additionally, 25 per cent were planning on picking up a 3D handheld - the only option for which is, of course, Nintendo's 3DS.

    Only seven per cent of self-identified casual gamers are planning on picking up a 3D-ready console within the next year, but on the other hand 35 per cent of all respondents claiming to be interested in 3D gaming were from the casual demographic.


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