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AceKard 2 died after 2-3 days

Discussion in 'NDS FlashCarts, Custom Mods' started by carlton0910, Jan 19, 2010.

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    carlton0910 Guest

    Just to let people know. After about 2-3 days after getting your card. Started freezing when trying to load up a game or change any settings. Then after a while...it sticks when you turn on the DS, completes about half of the Nintendo DS logo and freezes. Checked their forum, and apparently they've had problems with a batch of some going bad. Should be getting a replacement, hopefully it will be better.

    Heres a quote and link from acekard: "This issue caused by some bad connection of ak2, which means the ak2 is broken and need repair. Please contact your reseller for replacment. We're sorry about it and we've warned factory about this issue. I think it won't happened again."
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    All4consoles-UK Loyal Member

    Jan 26, 2010
    United Kingdom
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    being UK traders in acekards I can tell you a few handful of them do turn out faulty or not recognised in any ds / dsi console at all...if its not recognised at all then surely it needs to be replaced ..otherwise if can see acekard logo then format / change the micro sd card and try re-installing the software from acekard website. hope this will help.

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