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Cantonese Jyutping Yale for Nintendo DS

Discussion in 'NDS FlashCarts, Custom Mods' started by andwan0, Feb 1, 2010.

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    andwan0 Loyal Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    I use NewDictS to translate Mandarin Pinyin into English. I use DSZhongwen to practice my Mandarin (writing/recognising characters/pinyin). However I haven't found any program which can help with Cantonese 'LSHK' or 'jyutping' or 'yale' system. Am looking for ideas/programs that can help with Cantonese 'jyutping' / 'yale' to English for speaking (rather than learning characters).

    I was thinking of just typing up my textbooks vocabulary & grammar in text files and view them in MoonShell but that's quite cumbersome. MoonShell has a small width view for text files.

    There's not even a Cantonese PC program. All PC programs focus on Mandarin. Anyone know if there's a Cantonese PC program/tool? (if there is, then it could be ported to Nintendo DS you see).

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