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Cloning/Duplicating a PS3 content

Discussion in 'PS3 Hardware Repairs & Problems' started by Rapidus, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Rapidus Guest

    Can this work for duplicating a PS3 (A) content to another PS3 (B) ?:

    1. Backup PS3 (A) to an external hard drive
    2. Use the integrated transfer tool to move data from PS3 (A) to PS3 (B)
    3. Restore content from the external hard drive to PS3 (A)
    Now we should have exact same content on both PS3s.

    Do you think it will work, has anyone tried it ?

    I am worried that PS3 (A) will consider the data backed up to the external hard drive as invalid once the Sony transfer tool has been used.


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