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Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by Zeus, Dec 2, 2009.

By Zeus on Dec 2, 2009 at 8:53 PM
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    Zeus MaxConsole News Team

    May 29, 2003
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    A developer has asserted that consumers have suffered a lot when it comes to the Wii, because they have damaged by large amounts of substandard software. This has resulted in them only trusting the 'big' Nintendo brands.

    <blockquote>Unfortunately, Prytherch asserts, consumers have suffered most. He said that they "have been damaged by a lot of substandard software," which has caused them to "only trust big Nintendo brands."

    Those are some awfully strong words from a developer that has so far failed to attract the kind of market attention larger companies Ubisoft or Electronic Arts have. But he's not alone in his belief that Wii gamers aren't attracted to third-party games.</blockquote>

    News Source: <a href="" target="_blank">Cnet</a>


Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by Zeus, Dec 2, 2009.

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      Moragg Loyal Member

      Nov 29, 2007
      He does have a point...
      there are way to many **** games on the wii

      $40 for some shitty 3d ps1 looking game on the wii or fable 2 on 360...

      I wish Nintendo would have have standards on the games that are being published on there system
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      Captain N1

      Captain N1 Loyal Member

      Jan 26, 2007
      well.. develpors u have the power to change this. instead u ***** that no one buys your **** and u continue to make ****. so make good stuff or STFU.
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      nexistjamais Loyal Member

      Apr 19, 2007
      not quite, Moragg.

      The comparison would be $50 for DecaSports or $50 for Wii Sports Resort. The former is shovelware that's looking to confuse the customer that it's latter. The latter is a classic game that is timeless and will be fun to play years from now. That's what the developer is saying.

      Fable is a whole different category. It's really long and has lots of cut scenes. A player needs to be able to sink lots of time in one sitting into it to get their money's worth. Personally, I've never played it because I tend to have a free hour here and there to play video games. I'm playing Contra 4 on the DS and Wii Sports Resort on my Wii. Both games have provided many hours of fun but in 1 hour doses. (Contra 4 is really, really hard but in a good old-school way.)

      A metaphor involving Fable would be if some other company released a Fable knock-off that cost as much money but was not very much fun. That would damage the X360/PS3 in the eyes of customers because they threw down good money for a turkey. On the X360/PS3 the customer would gradually lose interest in video games since they had a bad experience. On the Wii, the customer knows that they can always buy a Nintendo game and it will be fun. Nintendo hasn't put out any turkeys on the Wii so the customer trusts them. All the turkeys they got burned on came from third parties. Many customers don't read the internet so don't read the previews, critical reviews, and user reviews so they don't know which third party games like Resident Evil 4 or Madworld are gems buried under all that sludge. The companies thought that the customers are stupid so they released shovelware have consequently poisoned the well for Wii third party software.

      In that respect, it is good that many large third parties are inexplicably backing away from the Wii. Hopefully the flow of third party shovelware will fade. The third parties that truly want to make good games like The Conduit and Rabbids Go Home for the Wii will keep working on it and making money. They will be in a better position because they won't have to fight for shelf space and attention with the shovelware.

      That shovelware is sad for video game fans. However, that's the large third parties in the "game industry" showing their true colors. They don't care about making new customers. They care about making as much money as possible right now with as little effort as possible. Meanwhile, they are shooting themselves in the foot by putting out turkeys and driving away potential future customers.
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      cafevincent Loyal Member

      Jan 19, 2005
      I agree that 3rd party on Wii generally sucks so if I see a game that might be good there is no way I would buy it because I'm skeptical. Even if a game would be good in other ways Nintendo still seems to be the only developer who can make games that run smoothly on it's own hardware. I mean look at Dirt 2 for example. Codemasters my ass. Nintendo really needs to bring back the Seal of Quality standard. That and demos for retail games into the shop channel then I MIGHT buy my first 3rd party game in 15 years.
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      EL_CAD Loyal Member

      Feb 27, 2007
      All popular systems have attracted bad games in droves. The Wii is no exception.

      The big problem is that the big companies have shunned the Wii. Sure the big companies like EA and Ubisoft make games for the Wii, but they never put their AAA studios to work making Wii games.

      Nintendo waving the standards ban hammer drove away developers in the past so I don't think they are going to try that again.
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      grapeape Loyal Member

      Nov 15, 2005
      Its hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, but there are some good 3rd party titles out there. Sadly many of the really good ones get buried by the crap and dont get the attention they deserve.
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      tech3475 Loyal Member

      Jul 2, 2007
      I think the casual audience needs to be told what many other gamers have done for years, such as reading reviews, etc.

      I think nintendo should release demos of the games on disc in the shops or magazines to get them to try before they buy.
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      Eggman72 Loyal Member

      Dec 17, 2007
      No sh*t !!! If it where not for Brew & my Gf using wii fit mine would have gone months ago....

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