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Good Bye Max Media...it was good while it lasted.

Discussion in 'NDS FlashCarts, Custom Mods' started by SNES_Master, Jan 26, 2011.

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    SNES_Master Loyal Member

    Aug 24, 2006
    I don't have one :(
    So last week I ordered a AceKard 2i + EZ Flash 3in1 for my original DS and just got them 20 minutes ago. I will tell you it was worth it. $60 was a little pricey (though I paid for overnight shipping not realizing Paypal hadn't cleared yet lol) Anyway I wasn't sure if the place I ordered from would rip me off as I've heard many other sites do by giving fakes. But happily I found out that both products I ordered are legit. Now to get on with things (I'm making this a comparison lol)

    My packs came with:
    AceKard 2i + MicroSD reader attachment
    EZ Flash 3in1 (All by it self)

    The microSD card fits nicely in the AK2i and is simple to pull out...had no pin connection issues as I've heard others have. The 3in1 didn't read at first but I blew in the GBA dock and it was fine after that lol.

    The Acekard itself is the same size as the MAX Media Luancher card (both the size of any standard DS card) however, the GBA 3in1 is much smaller than the GBA Dock MMD uses, it doesn't stick out at all meaning if you have big hands like me your fingers won't knock it lose during gameplay.

    Winner: AceKard 2i + 3in1 combo

    Build (Ie the way the cards themselfs actually are made):
    The MMD scores some points here simply becuase if you look at the pins on the back of the card, you see small plastic dividers between them PREVENTING any contact issues. As I've said I haven't encountered that anyway but still. MMD LOSES points though due to not having sleep mode unless you, as I did, rig it with tinfoil which can be somewhat difficult for those of us not steady handed.

    Winner: Tie...they both have ups and downs here

    No contest here...AceKard kills MMD. Acekard does anything the MMD can but also (with 3in1) does GBA as well.

    Winner: AceKard

    The interface is deffinitly something you need to like, and using AKAIO on AceKard is perfect...easy to navigate and you can do so with the touch screen or buttons. Everything is simple and has descriptions the are understandable.

    Winner: Acekard

    Overall I like my AceKard 2i + 3in1 Combo better than the MMD. Like I said my MMD gave me plenty of use and was good while it last but its time for it to retire...

    1 more thing, games Max Overload wouldn't play work perfect on AceKard.

    That is all
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    edrubb Loyal Member

    Mar 6, 2009
    Followed suit, the MMD just isn't capable of what I want to do anymore. I did notice that my GBA saves keep getting deleted though... so I guess my 3in1 needs the battery changed already. :/

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