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Discussion in 'PS3 Hardware Repairs & Problems' started by MATTYSUPERSAINT, Nov 12, 2009.

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    MATTYSUPERSAINT New Member Loyal Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    Just bought new Game for PS3 yesterday (the new Call of Duty) after playing for about 40 minutes the game froze and the PS3 shut down. when i went to turn it on it goes to green and then a yellow flashing light before eventually turning to a flashing red.
    Phoned up sony today and as my warantee ran out they want to charge me £120 for one they have repaired. Does anyone know what is up with my PS3?
    Does anyone know how to fix it? Dont really want to have it repaired if i can do it myself
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    ufc-pride Guest

    you have the YLOD 'yellow light of death' syndrome.

    Basically your PS3 has overheated, you can check Youtube as there are pleny of guides there, just type YLOD,

    although your need a good heatgun and some patients.

    To be honest, your better off selling it as faulty on eBay and buying a slim!
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    twoboys New Member Loyal Member

    Jan 28, 2006

    Yeah, spot on. Time to upgrade to a Slim.

    Once you get YLOD your PS3 will never be the same again even if you manage to get it back on for a few weeks or months.

    Out of interest, is it a 60GB model?

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