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I need an advice to play Black Ops Multiplayer

Discussion in '360 Gaming & General Discussion' started by nknave, May 11, 2011.

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    nknave Loyal Member

    Sep 19, 2006
    Hi guys, before going on with this thread, I like to state that this is not another "Black Ops Multiplayer is crap" thread.

    Well, I suck at Black Ops Multiplayer, I'm horrible and I want to be better at it to be competitive. Every neighbor of mine and friends love this game and they play it all the time, and I don't play it with them cause I suck ass BAD!!!

    Here are my "excuses":

    First of all, I am an experienced FPS and TPS gamer and I got **** loads of skills in games like Gears of War 1 and 2, all Halo games, Medal of Honor, etc, etc...
    I can even make headshots without aiming in Halo, and perfect shotgun kills in Gears... but no here!!!

    But it seems that I just can't get the hang of Black Ops...

    I can't shoot anyone!!!
    I tried ALL sensitivity configurations and it's ridiculous how I try to shot aiming or off hip and I never kill them, they always kill me.

    The sensitivty when too high, you can't coordinate on hip and too damn slow whille aiming. And when I get kill, they sometimes don't even hit me (acording to the kill cam) but still I die. When I try that, I also get killed.

    So, being the #1 in all FPS of my Neighborhood, here is the first game that I'm the worst, the last and most terrible gamer of all!!! and that sucks!!!

    Well, enough with the complaining, I like you to tell me what you think and what do you recomend me to do.

    Maybe recomend sensitivity settings to play with, perks, class, guns, etc, etc...

    Anything that I can take as an advice and give it a shot to be better at this game and not be the total loser that I am in Black Ops.

    Thanks for reading!!
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    Zeus MaxConsole News Team

    May 29, 2003
    Home Page:
    Practice makes perfect. Maybe all of your FPS experience is clouding your play on Black Ops?

    Stop playing other FPS's for now, and focus on Black Ops. Although the shooting in Black Ops doesn't need to be that precise to kill!
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    nknave Loyal Member

    Sep 19, 2006

    I'm currently following a friends advice and it seems like it's working out better, and of course, I had to sacrifice a few movements that I'm used to.

    Stick Sensitivity: 2 (Medium)
    Perk: Marathoner
    AK74U as Primary

    This actually allows me to be either first or second while playing against the bots in Harden dificulty.

    I had to sacrifice turning around fast like in other FPS (Halo, I play on 10(INSANE) sensitivity to allow me to turn around fast enough to defende myself)

    Here, I just never look back, it's all forward and kill what you see and this sensitivity I can aim better.

    Thanks Zeus!!;)

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