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It’s Finally Legal To Hack Your Own Devices (Even Your Car)

Discussion in 'General Undergound Newz' started by GaryOPA, Nov 3, 2016.

By GaryOPA on Nov 3, 2016 at 7:53 PM
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    But what about Video Gaming Consoles, well its still a 'Grey-Area', since you COULD go ONLINE with them! :)

    You may have thought that if you owned your digital devices, you were allowed to do whatever you like with them. In truth, even for possessions as personal as your car, PC, or insulin pump, you risked a lawsuit every time you reverse-engineered their software guts to dig up their security vulnerabilities—until now.


    For those that have been living in fear everyday of their lives in the USA because of DMCA that been around for over a decade now, they can finally breath a bit without fear of spending 10 years in jail, because finally for the next 2 years (it will be reviewed then), you will legally be able to rip open something electronic, poke around in it, and hack/mod it, as long as you OWN it, and you doing it in CONTROLLED jab, or you doing it just for your own personal amusement, and not selling what you figure out, and you not going to connect that 'modded/hacked' device back online and use the manufacturer's services, so sadly that last bit of 'going online', is going to rule out things like today's generation of gaming consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but now since PS2 and Wii are OFFLINE, you can legally mess with those, and soon hopefully X360 and PS3 and Wii U will FIT into that OFFLINE mode setup, so there is a silver lining finally for those that wish to mess around with their consoles, of course that does not mean you will be able to import modchips or other devices to help you, this 2 year 'good-faith' exception in DMCA law means you have to do it all on your very own no help! :)

    So what do you think about this changes, is it a good sign that maybe soon in the land of the free, we will be digitally free finally?

    NEWS SOURCE: It’s Finally Legal To Hack Your Own Devices (Even Your Car) (via) Wired


Discussion in 'General Undergound Newz' started by GaryOPA, Nov 3, 2016.

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      time to scrap the whole damned thing, if it was an individual and not a member of the copyright cartels that had done this it would be under a rico investigation.

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