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methods for digital signatures

Discussion in 'PS4 Gaming & General Discussion' started by Something Sinister, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Something Sinister

    Something Sinister Loyal Member

    Oct 26, 2017
    method: generate a random number for each signature, use with private key to sign file
    result: valid signature

    Game package signatures
    1st Game
    0000000000000090  1F 78 D1 00 22 7A F2 6E 5B 11 13 F0 9F 13 25 97
    00000000000000A0  8D 37 74 E1 CE 55 89 06 B3 9A 99 A8 EC 33 98 0E
    00000000000000B0  E7 35 C0 3B E7 5F 21 7A                      
    2nd Game different random number, same private key
    0000000000000090  F3 81 90 15 93 03 04 BB BB BE B7 6F D2 CE A9 29
    00000000000000A0  4C 6F 25 A5 C9 7F F1 51 61 F5 9A 2D E0 A1 95 03
    00000000000000B0  7C 4E 39 30 BC 50 5C B4                      
    These signatures are in plain text sections.
    Other examples found in edats and psn game selfs.

    method: use same random number and private key for multiple signatures
    result: r value of signatures are the same

    These signatures are in an encrypted part of the header.
    1st Game
    encryption removed
    0000000000000950  00 B0 CD 2F DF 15 C9 A7 9A 2C 28 41 5B 2B 53 85
    0000000000000960  ED 7E 91 D3 8D 00 A4 B6 77 FF 09 1B 5A 24 D7 65
    0000000000000970  53 6B 58 8A 0A 30 49 0B 00 7F                
    2nd Game
    encryption removed
    0000000000000950  00 B0 CD 2F DF 15 C9 A7 9A 2C 28 41 5B 2B 53 85
    0000000000000960  ED 7E 91 D3 8D 00 5B 99 F3 F2 E1 26 27 AE 46 04
    0000000000000970  A8 A9 17 75 2D 2F C4 A1 EB 39                

    method: math on signatures which used same random number
    result: random number and private key
    game files
    key version 1
    a:\math.exe EBOOT.BIN.1 EBOOT.BIN.2
        Random Number: 897fc3b145e10d828b8a86570f9df9409f75cbb0
    key version 2
    a:\math.exe EBOOT.BIN.3 EBOOT.BIN.4
        Random Number: 512d5a7f308a74a7434bc3b9c402b0b70f29fc16
    key version 4
    a:\math.exe EBOOT.BIN.5 EBOOT.BIN.6
        Random Number: 5129ac9f828d5f8dfe82dddce39819e4804b6477
    key version a
    a:\math.exe EBOOT.BIN.7 EBOOT.BIN.8
        Random Number: 021da3ea5dd380f9a6f8a2f549e25f8b92e77758

    a:\math.exe Lv2.SELF.102 Lv2.SELF.150
        Random Number: 9cc7b0198a2335d4e101fffdc206666d29da7856
    a:\math.exe Lv2.SELF.341 Lv2.SELF.341a
        Random Number: 6f18deb3958128f5ef49ae47ccca7cc201f73e68
    a:\math.exe Lv2.SELF.355 Lv2.SELF.355a
        Random Number: 6769b3068b2883bba0a8700986e7e4217a2383b1
    a:\math.exe Lv1.SELF.102 Lv1.SELF.150
        Random Number: 49879da4b9b64b9cc48a2ad4ed63530c1bf60a5e
    a:\math.exe Lv1.SELF.341 Lv1.SELF.341a
        Random Number: 4506ed66e0450623688cbc3118fb7bcfa65e53a8
    a:\math.exe Lv1.SELF.355 Lv1.SELF.355a
        Random Number: 3aa0b7b51b703f41ebbeb6ed10f79defa78ef0cf
    One random number used for each set.

    a:\math.exe  LV1LDR.SELF.102 LV2LDR.SELF.102
        Random Number: ba9055916861b977edcbed92005092f66c7a3d8d
    a:\math.exe LV1LDR.SELF.341 LV2LDR.SELF.341
        Random Number: ba9055916861b977edcbed92005092f66c7a3d8d
    Same numbers used for differnt loaders and different versions.

    a:\math.exe LV0.SELF.102 LV0.SELF.355
        Random Number: 781bee5e08840f142c44bcacbb8c06aca1bcb49e
    Same numbers used for different versions of LV0.

    method: cartoon
    result: joke


    The random number is further used to derive the private key. Private keys redacted to comply with forum rules.

    ECDSA - Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
    cartoon from the fai10verf1ow presentation on ps3 security.
    application from the published work of fai10verf1ow

    Please post in the ps4 forum.
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