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My Frag'n'stein PS3/PC wireless laser mouse combi controller set review :)

Discussion in 'PS3 Hardware Repairs & Problems' started by kkan, Dec 1, 2009.

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    kkan Loyal Member

    Nov 24, 2006
    My Frag'n'stein PS3/PC wireless laser mouse combi controller set review

    I just got a cool PS3/PC Wireless laser mouse and thumbstick* controller) with PC USB wireless adapter.

    *(nunchuck style+stick controller)

    Here's My review ...

    note:- (LOTS OF 'HI RES' IMAGES to follow so dial up users BEWARE may take some time loading!!!)

    First some screen shots ......

    FRONT of package


    BACK of package


    Unboxing the Frag'n'stein combi controller set It comes with a mouse pretty much similar to a pc mouse but with the

    PS3 Triangle/Square/Circle/Cross buttons on the side for PS3 use or programmed with favorite key functions when

    used with a PC game using the config tool downloaded from the bannco.com website.

    It also comes with a brief manual how to use these components both with your PS3 and PC

    here's some pictures of the mouse,thumbstick (nunchuck) and the PC usb adapter

    Mouse and Stick controller






    Stick Controller



    USB adapter for PC


    More pictures

    Stick and Mouse buttons


    Underside of Mouse and Thumbstick controllers & Usb


    Instructions included



    for more info visit the Frag'n'stein website for tips on how to setup ##

    OK so now on with the review ....

    For this test I will be first using the Frag'n'stein with my PS3 testing it with the all time classic Fallout 3 and a golf game

    im currently beta testing (not really supposed to talk about it sorry!) and Call of Duty (takes a bit of getting used to with

    the mouse and stick but works great once mastered) ..I even tested with PSHome and yes it works with this too.

    Another great use I found at least for the mouse is with the PS3 web browser although you may need to change the

    config to something more normal as the cursor is controlled by the thumbstick! ...

    Testing on the PS3 I found it tricky to set up to begin with ....so consulted the Frag'n'stein website..

    ## http://www.bannco.com

    I looked under their common solutions section to figure it out (all you need to do with PS3 is plug the USB adapter

    into your PS3 press the button on the USB adapter the light will flashes then press the sync button on the bottom of the

    mouse and they will pair up and you can then use the stick controller and the mouse in any PS3 game like a normal joypad.

    Setting up with a PC is a little more tricky (added to this you can update the USB sticks firmware to the latest 1.7) and

    download a config tool from the bannco website to configure the mouse and stick buttons to use with the PC you can also adjust the mouse sensitivity/cpi (800,1200,1600 and 2000 cpi settings) are available read the instructions that comes in the box how to adjust this function.

    get the drivers for PC (XP and VISTA 32bit) note: make sure you read the instructions on the website and watch the

    video how to install the drivers and set this up for pc as the instructions that came with it do not explain very well!


    Vista 64bit and Window 7


    config or button mapper tool



    On the PC side (note I'm not a massive or a great PC gamer) I tried this with a couple of FPS games such as HALO

    and a quick blast with Quake online it works quite well with both games and no doubt will work with other games that

    can use the mouse and stick.

    MY SCORE ON THE DOORS for the Frag'n'stein PS3/PC wireless laser mouse controller is ...

    8.5/10 Its a pretty awsome controller but needs the config side tweaked to work with PC applications as well as games

    such as browsers, paint packages etc .. for PS3 use what can I say .... FPS and RPG games its designed for that very

    purpose and it kicks proverbial butt over other controllers for this kind/genre of game its a great controller

    Just for the fact of being able to use a wireless mouse and wireless thumbstick without having to resort to a keyboard etc for other commands!

    As I'm not a big gamer I found this ideal as a good alterative to the classic Dual Shock 3 controller with the accuracy of a mouse

    prices .... around £53,99 GBP ($76,49USD) (€59,99 EU) Other places may vary in price.. But delivery may take longer!

    (Yes its pricey but a pretty decent controller!)

    Note these are MY VIEWS THOUGHTS and images etc yours may differ along with other reviewers!
    lastly ....thanks goto ..



    as they are an official distributor for Frag'n'stein PS3/PC wireless laser mouse combi controller (Wholesale prices are

    available along with bulk buy discounts)

    Thanks for supplying my review sample cheers guys!

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