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Discussion in 'Wii General Gaming Discussion' started by ToolPunk, Mar 6, 2012.

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    May 24, 2005
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    I have a first edition Wii, pre-ordered and picked up with first release. Couple years ago I installed a wasabi DX, the HBC, WiiMC and ran pimp my wii. I have used the wii to its fullest and have never had any problems with any games, apps or videos. A couple weeks ago we watched a movie (avi on SD) through WiiMC and always when we were done I powered it down. The following night we go to turn it on to watch Netflix and to my astonishment it fails to boot. All we really did on it was play disc based games, watch videos/movies from the SD card through WiiMC and watch Netflix.

    I push the power button on the wii, the light turns green, the disc drive spins up then stops and then nothing. There is nothing on the screen at all, no black screen nothing, there is no display. The wiimote does not communicate with the system at all; it will not turn it on, it doesnt sync even after the power light turns green, nothing.

    I have tryed different TVs, different video and power cables. I have tryed booting into the wasabi menu. I have tryed the gamecube controler thing and unbrick discs. nothing has worked thus far. Any ideas?? Is this thing finaly dead?

    At this point my thoughts are, do I really want to buy another wii when the wiiU could be out soon? I have a bluray player so I dont need a PS3 and nothing has ever interested me on the XBOX that wasnt on the PC...

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