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    blueocean Loyal Member

    Sep 9, 2008
    Hi Everyone,
    Not posted on here for a while but i have some updates on the R4 Carts which had been stopped by UK Customs.

    It's been over a year now since my problem begin with my R4 cards being stopped and then eventually destroyed by UK customs. Since that time i have been visited by a number of UK authorities who are trying to prosecute me for selling
    • A device which circumvents Nintendo DS copy protection allowing the use of downloaded material.
    • Selling a device which displayed Nintendo's trademark logo.
    At the time i started selling these R4 cards there was no information saying that the carts are illegal and why and after doing a few searches on the internet i am still not able to find any information on this.

    I have noticed that a small Nintendo logo appears on the DS screen for a split second on startup when the R4 card is inserted and have also noticed the same logo appears when any other cart is inserted.

    I dont have much technical knowledge about this so am still not 100% sure that the logo is actually generated by the R4 cart or by the DS console itself.

    Regarding the circumvention of copyright protection are there any other devices that are used in the DS apart from the R4 and similar carts that work in the DS such as media carts and or GPS enabled carts?

    I dont see why sites such as Amazon, simplygames who have now withdrawn sales had no action taken against them other than a "please stop selling" letter and i am being taken to court.

    I can see various other retailers online selling the r4i cards since last year and no action has been taken. I ordered some carts from these retailers and compared to what i was selling and they are the exact same thing. People keep saying just because someone else was doing something wrong doesnt make it ok.... this is true but put it this way, These companies who are still selling are selling openly. All it takes is a simple search on google and you are able to make a purchase. It's like doing 100mph with a police car behind you and they(police) dont take any notice. If the authorities want to take me to court why not the other companies who are selling now or had been selling before? If the carts are illegal then there should be no one selling them at all.

    There is no information that i can find that says the DS carts are illegal, full stop. A notice should be issued saying that the carts are illegal and why. If i had know that the carts would be illegal i would never have touched them.

    By the way i was not selling any games pre-loaded onto the carts or any other software.

    I feel that this is going to be an example case to see what can be done for future cases as i am not aware of any other UK cases.

    If i have any new information i will keep you posted.

    Any information and opinions on this matter would be very much appreciated.
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    gautam1234 Loyal Member

    May 28, 2009

    that is why should only buy and sell those stuff in the uk

    if you do shipping do drop shipping

    otherwise the best way to do it is by royal mail

    because it does not go through customs

    p.s. it is not illegal to buy or stuff

    but it is illegal to play pirated games as such
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