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RetroEngine Sigma - Mini Console & Media Player

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Dec 6, 2016.

By GaryOPA on Dec 6, 2016 at 8:58 PM
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    Retrogaming Simplified. Computer, 4K-Mediacenter and the Greatest Retro-Station known to Man!

    Yet Another Retro Console Project has appeared, and this one aims to cash in on the 'mini' craze by making it nice and small and yet super-powerful inside and with a host of easy-to-use emulator menus and software to handle all your classic gaming needs!


    So far the project launched recently on IndieGoGo has already raised over 400% of its funding with almost $90k USD pledged so far and still a whole month to go, so its proof that this new found craze of 'mini gaming' has for sure worked out to the creators pleasure in getting this project off the ground for second quarter of 2017. :)

    Here is the current planned System Tech. Specs with a released date in the second quarter of 2017, and they are only producing units for their project backers, there is no plans to go retail afterwards, so if you want in you got to hop onboard their bandwagon now.


    You can find out more info on their official project page linked below, sadly tho they do not mention in the 'credits' that they are basically using 'emulation station' for their menu interface which is basically a libretro front-end, so its yet another commercial project that is going to be using RetroArch, with no thanks or support given out to the hard-working authors behind the emulator cores.

    NEWS SOURCE: RetroEngine Sigma - Mini Console & Media Player (via) IndieGoGo



Discussion in 'Retro Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Dec 6, 2016.

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      I wasn't really impressed.

      You could do the same with a raspberry pi. The specs they mentioned can really only emulate as high as a raspberry pi.

      The hardware seems a bit overkill for emulating up to ps1 or n64. And yet, I also remember researching the orange pi plus 2 which has basically the same specs and is quite a bit more powerful than a raspberry pi to see if it could run h.265 and found it wasn't quite powerful enough, that videos would still have to be encoded for lower bitrates and pretty much stick to h.264 anyway, and at that point my ps3 running movian still would get just as much usage since I have to reencode many of my videos for it. What's more is that as it uses a different architecture many programs won't work out of the box for it, which is fine for something like the raspberry pi that has a huge community to teach you how to do these things, but for something like this mini console.

      Many people are going to buy this and realize part ways that beyond the initial set up everything else is going to be just as difficult as before to truly get things running. Essentially these guys just took an orange pi plus 2, put it in an ugly albeit original looking case, and automated some initial setups. while putting the rest in a guide And as the article pointed out they are essentially taking advantage of the actual devs that made libretro/retroarch and the many cores. I personally find these sorts of tactics to be unethical, but I can also understand the desire for an easier user experience. I'm not certain this will truly provide that and I kind of expect to see this thing on an episode of linustechtips kickfarted. And I'm not saying that these people are scum of the earth. The price on this is very reasonable, what with the aforementioned orange pi 2 costing around 50 dollars, plus you'd need a case and a controller as well. For what they are offering for 70 it's practically a steal with it's (ps2?1) controller, and the assembled mini console. So I don't think they're bad people. They're certainly not like the people behind the retrovgs and coleco chameleon consoles (2)

      (1)Seriously I laughed when I saw that design, that's basically a a ps2 controller. If it plays as well though, especially if it's made by 8bitdo.

      (2)Oh boy if you haven't heard of those people you could check out patthenespunk's video on the rvgs and alphaomegasin on the coleco chameleon fails. I say fails because the devs of it tried to pass off snes innards as their prototype at one point and at another put a video capture card's innards inside to fool the public. Both times they were caught. Oh and they were the same people behind the rvgs, the two products were basically the same thing just the chameleon was a retry after the rvgs failed it's campaign.
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      tech3475 Loyal Member

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      I would have preferred a Mega Drive case for an RPi.

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