RROD Falcon, getting repaired, need suggestion :)

Discussion in '360 Hardware Repairs & Problems' started by Kazekage Gaara, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    First of all, I would like to say that I live in India, and I bought this Xbox from an Indian forum :) I bought an RROD Xbox 360 off a forum. The guy said he had bought it in the US and brought it back to India. It RRODed, and he got it replaced once. It RRODed again twice, and he himself repaired it and the console worked for approx 3+ months each time, but then it RRODed again, and he just gave up.

    Anyways, a very good friend of mine is a PS2 and Xbox 360 modder. He himself has repaired quite a lot of RROD Xbox 360 consoles, and he's agreed to fix mine too.

    He is going to use Tuniq TX-3 thermal paste and is going to remove the x-clamps and put something else instead and using screws and nylon/steel washers, etc.

    Now, I am very much confident in him that he'll fix the RROD, but I wanted to know. I just checked the console. It's a FALCON (came to know from it's power socket in the Xbox 360) and it's manufacturing date is "2007-12-05".

    Now, what I want to know is, is there any thing else I should do that would assist in reducing the temperatures. The person who sold it to me is 100% sure that he hasn't updated the console (although he is not sure which dashboard that console is currently on). He said that he hasn't played that console for almost a year now, so there is a very high chance of this Xbox 360 being JTAG hackable (my prime reason for getting this Xbox 360 and trying to get it repaired).

    Also, I read on another forum where a guy JTAGed his working Falcon Xbox 360, and that he applied a few copper heatsinks on "4 hot chips". He's posted a few photographs, and if someone wants, I can post those here too for reference.

    Anyways guys, please suggest me what methods I should do which would in turn help me keeping the temperatures down on this Xbox 360. Since I am going to get it repaired, I might as well tell him to apply these mods then and there :)

    Sorry for typing such a huge post. Thanx a lot in advance for all the help. Desperately waiting for a reply :)
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    For first off i wouldnt let anyone mess with my stuff that i didnt trust. 2nd i wouldnt use anything but artic silver 5 thermal paste. And have you thought about tryin to do it yourself? you can order a tool kit for opening the xbox off ebay for less than $5. And then look up you tube videos to know how to take it apart. i really dont belive the x clamp is the problem of these systems in my opinion. And the method of putting them back to gether with Nuts and Bolts just baffles me on how somone would know how tight to get them knowing they cant have the same torque on all the bolts wich mean could result in too much pressure on the cpu/gpu. the problems that ive seen is that ppl either put their console in enclosed areas such as entertainment centers or not in a very good cooled house (central air units) The temps in places very quite a bit. And that they preform these X clamp removals without improving the poor fan set up of these systems. I feel like this is the root of the xbox's problems. If your xbox is over heating to the point that its boiling the thermal paste out from under the heat sinks you really feel like its because of 2 X clamps under the board? its a time over time effect due to non cooling (lack of fans). Ive prformed rrod fixes and added fans to the system instead of removing the X clamps. Had much more luck and life time then just removing X clamps. The fans that are installed on the xbox are puller fans they pull air out of the system. And then they came out with a intercooler to so called help.....but this could only pull how much air the system fans where pulling if the intercooler pulled harder on then the system fans your still only back down to 2 fans cause the system fans wouldnt be doing much...its called CFM (CFM of a fan determins how much air it moves) Now if you had a cpl pusher fans it would pull cold air in, instead of pulling air in and letting it heat up beofre it is pulled threw the heat sinks. Think about it.
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    Don't be so confident in his succes, just take a look at thoose bolts, if they aren't the factory ones you're trying to x-clamp fix it for the third time. That'd be pretty nonsense.

    Anyway, Arctic Silver 5 is the compound recommended everywhere, so you might want to try that. There are also some pretty good cooling mods over at llamma(one involving just some aluminium foil), google it.

    The oh so famous +12 v fan mod, isn't a longtimer either.

    Sorry, i've been out of the scene for a while, so i got absolutely no idea about which chips are getting more warm on a JTAGed console(i doubt there are any, though).
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