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Savegame hacks released for GameCube

Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by GaryOPA, Feb 24, 2016.

By GaryOPA on Feb 24, 2016 at 3:12 PM
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    10 Years Later, We Got Amazing Exploits For The GameCube

    Never say Never, there is nothing better then looking back at golden oldies from our video gaming era that gone by us, and finding amazing cool new exploits that were never found back when it was out!


    Its been a while since we seen some cool Nintendo GameCube stuff released, and this one wins the award for Better Late Then Never. as FIX94 from GC-Forever, has released two amazing game savehacks for the Cube, and one of them is based on the original Team Twiizers hack for the Nintendo Wii, it is very cool to see it ported backwards to the Nintendo GameCube version, it just goes to show you that there is alot more exploits out there then we know, we just go to look long hard and deep into the games themselves.

    It is also worth mentioning here, that with very sad news we been told that 'Bushing' has died recently, he was main guy behind the first Twilight Hack and then later on formed the new fail0verflow group and explored the PS3 and Wii U and recently even PS4 w/ Linux.

    NEWS SOURCE: Savegame hacks released for GameCube (via) EurAsia
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Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by GaryOPA, Feb 24, 2016.

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      Better late than never :applouse:

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