TB's going to block JB-King?

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    Jan 3, 2012
    Actully, I used to take TB as my initial alternative, I have to say it really work well with some fantastic games. Also I wonder the ability of jb-king, as you know, price decides most of things sometimes. It was just the same time I bought a jb-king while I heard that my console'd turn into a brick, OMG, finally I searched some information as follows from my supplier. Although I am empty confindence about it , I hope it make sence when I had paid. Can anybody elso show me more details?

    1、JB-King would not be blocked unless TB's going to block TB regular users' upgrading.
    2、JB-King users do not have to worry about the coming TB upgrade, we will crack it soon and make jb-king compatible with upgrate package, even the new TB CFW. As we have successfully made it compatible with V2.3, V2.4 and V2.5, it is inevitably we're in the condition to make a further cracking of new ungrading package.
    3、We strongly condemn TB's behaviour of spiteful competition, who threatens to turn the comsumers' console to brick so as to acheive its goal of monopolizing ps3 break market. Certainly which would greatly impair comsumers' benefits. However, similar behaviour would never be from us as we always insist on the tenet of "customer first'.
    4、As jb-king dongle comes from jb-king team's self-designed hardware progrom, there is no doubt that we can regenerate under any condition.
    5、If TB sets up malicious code to JB-King, TB users can not be excluded. As TB can not completely distinguish the differences between TB and JB-King, that's also the reason for why they could not block JB-King in V2.4 upgrate package.

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