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Update Cobra ODE v3.00 many fails...

Discussion in 'Support for the older Cobra USB Dongles' started by derfrosch, Nov 19, 2015.

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    derfrosch Loyal Member

    Nov 19, 2015
    I am new here, and hope that I will find someone to help me, because i have scatterd the internet for about 3 hours now I decided to post the question here.

    So I own a PS3 Slim 3k with a Cobra ODE v3.00 and OFW 4.76.

    The cobra originally had OFW 2.3 on it so I decided I can update it on my own just with a few simple clicks and a USB stick.. well having no luck on finding a tutorial online, I decided I can just update it on my own by sticking the files in the 3.xx folder on the USB stick.

    Stuck it in the console. pluged it up but no green light.. let it cool down, unpluged it and hit the restart. It now says it has OFW 2.4 but my games are still not working nither GOW III (80010009) or FIFA 16 (80010017).

    What can I do in this situation ?
    Downgrade? Restet Cobra? Try another Update? If so How?

    TY :)


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