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WARNING: 'JB2USB' doesn't work with v2.5 TB games!

Discussion in 'Underground PlayStation Scene' started by GaryOPA, Feb 27, 2012.

By GaryOPA on Feb 27, 2012 at 9:25 PM
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    The cheap cloner of 'True Blue', might just be an outdated unsupported device.


    Those looking to Jailbreak their v3.55 PS3 console, but still play all the latest v3.6+ games might be not getting anything worthwhile for their purchase and just be stuck with playing older games!

    First there was 'JB-King' as a clone of the 'True Blue' dongle which was the first to enable playing the latest v3.6+ games, over 90 games released so far, but now recently a second even cheaper dongle has appeared on the marketplace called JB2USB, but the cheap price comes with total lack of support and even worse, early buyers have reported it does not work at all with any of the newer games released which needs the v2.5 dongle firmware and v2 of the TB CFW loaded.

    Since the 2.5 release of 'True Blue' all games after that needed both that firmware and the v2 CFW file loaded for them to boot, we have over 4 confirmed reports from those that got the JB2USB dongle and even though they have a file listed as v2.5 on their website, it does not help to get any of the newer games to work, so it looks more and more like a quick-cash-scam or just old JB-King dongles in a new case, already those that decided to stock this dongle because of the cheap place are very angry and been faced with dead silence and no support and nothing but angry customers.

    We will updated this news post if things change, but for now be aware that you might not be happy with your decision to go with a cheap cloner, instead of the original SUPPORTED 'True Blue' product.

    OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.jb2usb.com

    NEWS SOURCE: WARNING: New TrueBlue clone 'JB2USB' does not work with the V2.5 TB games! (via) PS3Crunch


Discussion in 'Underground PlayStation Scene' started by GaryOPA, Feb 27, 2012.

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      tonia Guest

      nice for us!!
      now we are looking forward the next eboots!i hope that they will be good as the latest ones!
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      tonia Guest

      "Dear customer,
      We have crack 2.5 update, which is on the status of test. We will release asap when testing over. Now only a few 3.73 version games can not be played, the others are ok, Hope you can wait patiently."

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      wyldstallyn Loyal Member

      Jan 22, 2006
      Very interesting... but remember jbking claimed the same and never released an update. I think these guys are bogus. Just trying to make quick money on the $20 price tag....
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      tonia Guest

      It's a scam for telling people that JB2USB support v2.5 TB patch I must say;but 19.98USD for play about 60 free games looks reasonable.
      As far as I know some details about the JB2USB as the following:
      1.1.Update is not available.

      2.It only supports games that require updates v2.3 for true blue JB2.

      3.It does not support any games with special BD discs.

      [​IMG] lightakejerry

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