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Contributions Made for Veterans and First Responders Will be Matched Dollar For Dollar

As players around the world continue their in-game heroic journeys in SQUARE ENIX®’s FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online, the company behind the game is paying tribute to real-life heroes. SQUARE ENIX® joins forces with the Gary Sinise Foundation this summer to provide resources and support to America’s real-life ‘Warriors in the Darkness,’ ahead of the highly anticipated launch FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Shadowbringers™ on July 2, 2019.
I am a collector. My wife might insist I collect a bunch of junk, but I know the truth. I collect awesome things that need to be loved and cherished for the remainder of time.

Speaking of collecting, if you're like me and like to grab physical editions of really sick games then you're going to be super pumped about the Sparklite Signature Edition! Take a look below to check out all the cool contents, and be sure to look ahead to its October release
The massive Chaos Campaign Expansion is available today!

Crush the Imperium! Conquer the Aegis Ocularis! Let Abaddon the Despoiler and Chaos reign! Let the galaxy BURN!
It’s time to soak up some rays during Fortnite’s “14 Days of Summer.” Each day, players can drop into Fortnite for something new!

We've got the Fortnite 14 days of Summer ahead of us and I've got it on good authority that there's some radtastic (it's a word, ok) surprises on the way! Drop in every single day to check out something new and we'll see you on the other side!
For more information, including a list of the featured LTMs, head over to www.fortnite.com
If you enjoy playing at online casinos, there’s little chance that you haven’t heard the phrases ‘RTP’ and ‘house edge’. It’s essential that, as a player, you are aware of these terms, as they are what earns you money, after all.

To understand what they mean in depth, you can learn more about these terms here. Right now, we’ll take a look at what they mean in their simplest terms and how they impact both you and the casino you’re playing at.

House edge

This is the house’s mathematical advantage over the player in any game that involves chance. It's what enables a casino to make money, even though winning players also take money from the casino. Casinos are within their legal right to set a house edge. It’s also a matter of probabilities and adding the element of unpredictability to each throw of the dice, any given card, and...
The enormous library of video games does not stop to grow. Nowadays, gamers are lucky to have access to affordable consoles they’ve ever been before. In this article, you will find some consoles, which you will definitely want to pick up. Each of them makes it worth your money. Every gamer has his own preferences, which vary and create high competition between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Read the descriptions and make your decision.

Students are especially motivated to get the best video game console. Playing video games is one of the most favorite activities of our young generation. Such high quality consoles will make your free time really enjoyable. In case, you are quite busy in college or you have to an academic paper, you can check apa papers for sale online. There are many services which you can use to meet the final deadline and still have...
Just before E3 2019 last week, something amazing occurred in the Xbox One scene finally!

During E3 2019, Microsoft announced a new Xbox console is coming, and around the same time, underground scene developers also leaked out anonymous they have a new exploit that allows end-users to gain access to the normally protected SystemOS area of the current Xbox One consoles, this is basically an more advanced version of what was release last year that gained previously win32 code execution in UWP devmode, with this new update to original exploit, now you can break out of UWP sandbox and gain proper access to 'SystemOS' on the Xbox One console.

Enjoy having fun! :)

NEWS SOURCE: @XB1_HexDecimal (via) Twitter
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, the definitive video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s incredible space battle game, is getting bigger, better, and more spectacular with the new Chaos Campaign Expansion.

A week from its release, we’re delighted to share a first look into the twisted destiny of Word Bearer Malos Vrykan with 5 brand new screenshots.
On July 3rd, Free New Seasonal Content will be Added for all Purchasers When Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled’s Grand Prix Launches!
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of CTR, New Game Makes Victory Lap by Remastering the original CTR Experience and Fine-Tuning Crash Nitro Kart Content, Including Adding Customization for the First Time and more!

Crash is ready for fans to take him for a spin, as Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is now available for the PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch™, and the family of Xbox One devices from Microsoft, including the Xbox One X. Then, the fur will fly on July 3rd when the game’s Grand Prix kicks off with free downloadable seasonal content for anyone who has purchased the game, including a newly themed track each season, as well as themed characters, karts and other customization items that players can earn when...
Bonuses are a great incentive to offer when you want players to bet on your site.

These bonuses can come when you make an initial deposit on the betting site, when you refer s friend to the site, a no deposit bonus when you sign up on the site or in form of cashback. Most eSports bookmakers offer these bonuses to give players an edge over their preferred eSportsbook. Although bonuses are enticing, they come with some hidden features which you have to be aware of so as not to get disillusioned. Some might come with high withdrawal requirement which might seem unrealistic so, make sure you read up on all key requirements relating to any bonus you choose before accepting it or opting for it. This might prove to be quite a challenge as the bonuses on offer are numerous. Just take you time and save your time by reading the attached terms and conditions to each type of bonus.

The number of online bookies...
50% OFF Flash Deals - From Now Until June 28th - Check in daily for 'awesome gifts' and new specials!

Starting just under 4 hours from now, Tomtop is having their 15th Anniversary Activity, which has great deals on everything from household electronics, to smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, accessories, with prices up to 50% OFF during their various Daily Flash Deals and Special Coupons which are running until June 28th, with various promotions changing thru-out the activity, so check out their web page for all the info.

Best of all you can even have a chance to win the XIAOMI Electric Scooter Pro and other amazing gifts, so now is the time to shop online with Tomtop!

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Leading eSports expert to share knowledge and experience at BIG’s 7th edition

Brazil Games today announced that Pontus Mahler, famed professional eSports player and expert, will be headlining BIG Festival’s program this year on June 26 from 10am to 11am at the Homs Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Million Arthur: Arcana Blood Takes the Stage at EVO Community Championships This Summer

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood™, the exciting new 2D fighting game, is now available to purchase on PC (STEAM®).
- Merge Games and Rebelephant are proud to announce that Mainlining, the point and click hacking adventure has now arrived on the Nintendo Switch!

Mainlining is an exhilarating foray into the world of cybercrime! The game mixes dark and dry humour with a gripping narrative, that will have you hooked from the very first case.
Rev up those wallets and call your bank manager, because the Steam Summer Sale is once again looming large on the horizon, threatening to devour all it sees.

Now an annual tradition, Steam – Valve’s PC game distribution platform – takes a couple of weeks each summer to dramatically slash the cost of hundreds of games on the platform. Last year saw major AAA titles like Fallout 4, GTA V, The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls III get huge discounts, whilst indie favourites like Cuphead, Undertale, SUPERHOT and countless others all hit prices so low that it would have been rude not to buy them.

This year, it’s believed the sale will begin on June 25 and last for two weeks, but more than any previous year, the sale is vital to Valve.

Why? The PC gaming landscape is changing at a rate never seen before, and Valve risk being left behind....
@LupinIII - Returns with a nice set of updated scripts for usage with the latest NSC Builder tools

As you may or may not have noticed, the best Switch conversion tool, NSC Builder, was updated to 0.86c just over two weeks ago. If you missed it, you can always find the latest version HERE.

One of the nice recently-added features is the ability to merge titles by their base ID. This means you no longer need to create separate folders for each game in order to merge them properly. They will automatically be separated by ID and the internal name of the base game will be used automatically for the merged XCIs or NSPs. This and a few of the other new options were not actually documented in the configuration file, but I discovered them while looking over the main batch file.

I have uploaded my preset configurations for...
X.D. Network are sharing a launch week discount on Steam and Nintendo Switch to those who jump into the rhythm of Muse Dash at launch

Highly acclaimed and simple to jump into, Muse Dash offers an exciting new music game title for fans of the genre in 2019 on Steam and Nintendo Switch! If your interest is piqued, read on below for more info and see you on the high score board ;)

Excited to share that the makers of Nihilumbra will be releasing their next puzzle game "Professor Lupo and his horrible pets" in July for PC and the Nintendo Switch. The game has some incredible unique art, humoristic narrative and some very interesting clever and unique puzzle gameplay mechanics. A breeze of fresh air in the aftermath of E3.
The gaming industry is moving at an incredibly fast pace, so it’s only natural to be excited about the new releases!

Even if we’re already at the half of 2019, and we already saw some amazing new games (Mortal Kombat 11 is a fantastic example), this doesn’t mean that the other half of the year won’t be just as interesting.

In fact, the list of releases for late 2019 is quite amazing! Don’t believe us? Then have a look at the top 5 most anticipated titles we listed below.

The Last of US II

Set in a world where the zombie apocalypse is in full motion, The Last of Us II is not just about survival and eradicating the undead.

The game is designed with impressive cinematics, highly realistic images, and impossible situations that force players to use wit, creativity, and original thinking. The Last of Us II is the sequel and fans get to see Ellie (the openly...
Amazing News Today!, Here it Is SX OS v2.8 now works with v8.1.0!

TX has announced they have already released an update to their SX OS, which allows full usage of the latest Switch v8.1.0 firmware. :)
So what are you waiting for? SX OS 2.8 beta is available for download on our website now! (and through the builtin online updater part of SX OS, of course)

—< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

For full direct support with our SX OS releases please join our TX Community and our Discord server!

Don't forgot now, that you happy enjoying v8.1.0 with your v2.8, to check out this wonderful giveaway by Flashcarda - You have a good chance to get another SX PRO or SX OS for a friend or your 2nd Switch! :)