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Spanish police arrested three suspected members of the online hacking group Anonymous, which has taken credit for carrying out cyber-attacks on governments and companies including Sony Corp

Spanish police this morning say they have arrested three involved in the hacking of Sony's Playstation Network, which shut down the Playstation 3's network for month, locking nearly 80 million gamers out of playing online.
It is not clear if the three were the only ones responsible for the massive hack attack or if this is the beginning of a series of arrests.

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For more info go here:http://uk.kotaku.com/5810700/three-arrested-in-psn-hack-attacks
So, it looks like the hackers aren't satisfied with hitting just Sony and Nintendo, next up is CodemastersJust received the following email, explaining how their site has also been hacked, with personal details compromised."---------------------------------------------------------------------
Important information regarding your account

Dear valued Codemasters customer,

On Friday 3rd June, unauthorised entry was gained to our Codemasters.com
website. As soon as the intrusion was detected, we immediately took
codemasters.com and associated web services offline in order to prevent
any further intrusion.

During the days since the attack we have conducted a thorough
investigation in order to ascertain the extent and scope of the breach
and have regrettably discovered that the intruder was able to gain
access to the following:

Codemasters.com website

Access to the Codemasters corporate website and...
The suspects are said to have launched online attacks on PSN, banks BBVA and Bankia, Italian power company Enel, and the governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand

Still no signs of Mr Stringer, Kaz Hirai talks about the recent events and what Sony knows. He admits its not much. They know some information was stolen but, they do not know exactly how much. He also admits The hackers where very good at covering their tracks and hints they may never find out who did this.
He also acknowledges lessons that can be learned from it, like being "very vigilant" with credit card info.

Watch the video of the interview (in English)

Of course with on going Sony attacks in other markets not just gaming, they probably will keep some info close to their chest as the FBI helps with investigations.

Sony has been hacked again and this time the hackers are taunting sony making game references to them. Just when Sony is gearing up for one of the biggest video game conferences in the world, they get attacked yet again.
Even to mention they unlocked a achievement (made famous on Sony rival console made by Microsoft the X-BOX 360) on the 6 hack. As proof they released internal network maps of Sony BMG.

Supposedly bringing the total count of hacks against Sony in since April to 16 (by different hackers in total). Which has to be very troubling news for Sony in light of such a big event as E3 and revealing their new portable system VITA.

Via twitter posts from LulzSec The Lulz Boat, #sownage

The hackers have once again released more of Sonys info. Presenting Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network source code in tweet and posting the info around the net in various forms.
Its clear that Sony is a target of a ongoing attack. They also seem to be gathering support from other hackers as a recent SONY BMG page attacked was not by them they claim. Most where but one page was not.

Which clearly is bad news for Sony. Who has been attacked on the PSN game servers, their MMO game servers, Multi Sony BMG sites across the world and Sony pictures sites. With E3 right around the corner, worrying about hackers is probably not what Sony would like to be doing right now.

Article: Lulzsac hits Nintendo, but didnt mean any harm

You can view the page at http://www.maxconsole.net/content.php?45992-Lulzsac-hits-Nintendo-but-didnt-mean-any-harm
Now this is cool. Someone made a kinect hack that allows a shopping kart to follow disabled shoppers around the store!
Busy hackers hit Nintendo after hitting Sony BMG and Sony pictures. They claim to have posted a config file as proof they did it, but didn't mean Nintendo any harm and Nintendo acted fast in fixing the issue.
They also did not say what the protection was like or insult them for how they stored data as they previous did with Sony. But they made it clear that they did not mean to hurt the big N, which is always good news. This also gave Nintendo a chance to fix its servers maybe to keep hackers who would do harm out.

This also adds more questions to why did they hackers attack Sony so hard and cont to attack them?

It is fun how different companies tackle jail breakers. Some sue them, other hire them.
Peter Hajas, the guy behind Mobile Notifier, perhaps the best and most Apple-like solution to notifications on jailbroken phones, has quit his day job and has gone off to work at a "fruit company" in CA, according to a tweet he sent.

In his blog, Hajas said, regarding his departure from the jailbreak development community:

"I can’t say why, but it’s worth it. Trust me. If you look around hard enough, you’ll probably figure it out."

He signs off by saying, "Until then, stay hungry and stay foolish," the famous way Steve Jobs ended his Stanford commencement speech in 2005.

Unless Hajas is just fooling around with all the Apple references, it's very likely that Apple brought him in to help develop as a part of the iOS team.

There's no way Hajas was involved in developing iOS 5, however, even though Apple's solution might end up looking a lot like his creation, Mobile...