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Playing Hard, Working Easy
So a little about me, goes in this BLOCK. -- Coming Soon, a BIO about ME!
Busy testing another new game!
Me? Oh well there's not too much to say. Video games and programming are my hobbies. I have been a Nintendo fan since the 80's and I'm still going strong with the 3DS and Wii U. Hopefully I'll own the Switch one day, but for now I'll enjoy playing on my XBox One :)

I post reviews and press releases to the site and I'm glad to be a part of the community!
Covering The Scene Since The Start...
Admin for EurAsia, and Scene News Reporter!
Me Is An Uber Elite Hacker
If its about Nintendo, I am into it, plus I also manage NFC-Bank.com
Developer, Publicist, Artist and Martial Artist, Producer and MaxConsole Support Admin...so many lol
What about me.
I love doing game mods for various consoles including PC. Never like ONLINE modding!

Founder of DaTaHaCKs Team. Creator of mods for Tekken Series, Warriors Orochi , Dynasty Warriors, Dissidia Final Fantasy Both Titles, Dark Souls Series, Mortal Kombat Series , Skyrim, Blazblue, King of Fighters,One Piece Pirate Warriors Series... so many titles I don't even remember them all lol.
Finding Out The Truth From The Big Ememy Crab
The Truth Is Out There...
Retired From The Scene Now, Giving My Position Over To My Loyal Friend GaryOPA
I ran MaxConsole for many long hard years, reporting on all the scene gaming newz, but sadly I am retired from the scene now. Many Thanks to all our loyal members for thousands of great laughs over the decades. :)
Writing Hard... Playing Harder...
Loves writing about online games, and ones where you can have fun and enjoy them both mobile and on desktop, with a true casual gaming experience.
Too busy playing games to post much...
Loves to review new flashcarts from the early retro gaming days to the latest.
Making Great Tutorials
bio coming soon
...wake up clique!
Making Your Retro Love Easier
bio coming soon