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On May 26th, 2020, Minecraft Dungeons was released for Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. This game is the latest game to be released in the Minecraft universe and was inspired by classic dungeon crawler games.

You might be wondering, though, why the Minecraft series is still so popular with children. The first game was released back in 2009 and, since then, has only continued to rise in popularity as the game became available for different gaming platforms.

The game allows players to mine for materials and use those materials to create a 3D world. Depending on what mode of the game is being played, players may also have to defend themselves against mobs. However, as simple as this game might seem, it still has quite a bit to offer, which is what makes it so enjoyable for children.

Relaxing and open-ended

Playing the game of blackjack on the computer has become quite popular, especially during this period of the pandemic. People are learning the ins and outs of real money blackjack as its evolution to the computer age takes place. The big decision for most folks is whether to play online or offline, as there are differences. This article will concentrate on explaining those differences. The idea is for prospective players to have enough information to make an informed decision on which way to play. Either way, they are guaranteed to have fun with these real money games.

Differences in Convenience and Expense

Online blackjack is known far and wide for being the most convenient of the real money games. It allows them to socialize and play games without ever leaving home. There is no need to take time off from work for a gambling vacation, it can be played during...
Big news from a new partnership between Twitch and SNK.

SNK CORPORATION is proud to announce seven popular SNK titles will be free to download from Twitch Prime starting from May 26th, 2020 for a limited time.
The year has been marked by the upheaval caused by the coronavirus epidemic, but the evolution of gaming technology doesn’t stop, even in a shutdown! Here are ten of the top tech trends that we can expect to see throughout the remainder of 2020.

Esports Growth

Over 450 million people watched esports in 2019, and there has been a flowering of professional leagues all over the world. Faster internet technology, new gaming options and the increasingly blurred relationship between social and professional gaming, thanks to services like Twitch continuing to make the esports world more accessible.

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming offers gamers frictionless and direct access to their favourite games, hosted in the cloud, instead of on games consoles and PCs. Cloud gaming is already one of the fastest growing areas for gaming tech and this is likely to accelerate in 2020.

Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports are a type of online...
Monthly Video Series to Run Through Launch

SQUARE ENIX® is excited to announce the OUTRIDERS™ Broadcast, a new monthly show that reveals news and information on the highly anticipated upcoming RPG-Shooter from People Can Fly, the developers of Gears of War: Judgment and BULLETSTORM, and Square Enix External Studios, the minds behind SLEEPING DOGS® and JUST CAUSE®.

One reason for the ever-increasing popularity of online casinos is that they offer a massive collection of games to their customers. There are obviously other benefits of playing on an online casino, such as the ease of winning from anywhere and at any time. Still, nothing compares to the variety of the games available.

When beginners join online casinos, they think about playing classic games like slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette. However, unknown to most, leading online casinos come packed with exciting gambling options that go beyond the more popular options.


Bingo is an all-time favourite game of many. However, until recently, it was restricted to parlours that attracted a particular type of clientele. In its virtual avatar, bingo has become fun, and perfect for gamblers who like to socialise while playing. Virtual bingo is similar to the real deal but comes with added benefits like automatically crossing out...
At last, there is a solution that can help anyone access content that currently blocked based on Geo-location. Geo-restrictions often reflect on the governments of our countries. If a government is more restrictive, we will usually see more and more banned websites, while more open countries will have more access to the internet. With that said, almost every country has its share of banned sites—websites where they don't want you to be. The reasons for blocking websites can vary. However, many believe the choice on the content a person consumes, should be his own decision.

For this reason, VPNs were invented. VPNs give you the ability to camouflage your location and appear on the internet as if you are located in another country. The advantage to using a VPN is that not only do you have access to websites you wouldn't usually be able to access. You also encrypt everything you do online. Any information you send and receive while using...
Since the advent of online casinos, players around the world have been able to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort and convenience of home. While this innovation brought us many benefits, it came at the cost of a more solitary experience. This diminished the allure of gambling for many; especially those who enjoy the social aspect.

The introduction of live casinos was naturally a pleasant surprise. As the name suggests, live casinos aim to emulate the experience of being in a land-based casino by having the player interact with real-life dealers and croupiers. This is done through online video streaming for seamless and hassle-free gameplay.

The solo element of online gambling is thus eliminated, making it as realistic as possible without taking away the other benefits that come with playing from home. But this begs the question - which games rule the live casino? Below is a list of your best options.


As one of...
Red Faction and Painkiller will become part of Koch Media’s publishing portfolio
THQ Nordic picks up five additional IPs and announces new homes for two of their own. Exciting times!

Just because several sports leagues have to take an understandable break from their daily business, there is still room for news on the international transfer market of intellectual properties!
Winning creations will be assembled in a new charity DLC supporting the International Committee of the Red Cross

Today, Bohemia Interactive announces the Arma 3 Art of War contest, which will ultimately form the basis for a charity DLC that will aid the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
Submission for the Art of War contest are open today and close on July 15, 2020.
The competition for level design students has narrowed down its top contestants

Canadian game developers Stitch Media are proud to reveal the top forty creators participating in the Terrorarium level design competition that began earlier this year.
It’s hard to imagine for many people, but once upon a time the office and other workplaces were just for working.

But today employees don’t just need a desk, chair and, probably, a computer, they also require activities to fill the times when they’re not working. But it’s certainly not all one-sided. For the businesses that provide and facilitate these activities the benefits can be enormous.

And, while it’s businesses like Google and Facebook that first spring to mind when thinking about the sorts of places where slides are provided to move from floor to floor and there’s a never-ending table football competition being held, all kinds of organizations, including some pretty formal ones, have started to see the wisdom of injecting some fun.

This can take many forms which range from providing a dedicated games room with consoles, screens...
Unfortunately, We can't see the end of the current Pandemic any time soon. Some countries have restricted movement more than others; however, it's most likely that if your reading this article, you are at home.

Many areas of our lives feel like a part of history at the moment. Sports games, Casinos, going to see a movie at a theatre, a concert, and so many more popular forms of entertainment. Luckily for us, some of these have online alternatives.

Games You Can Still Play From Home
  • Computer Games - Those of you that miss playing sports games can enjoy many of the most popular titles in the world, from their PC. We know, it's hardly the same as playing in real life. However, it does give you some of the excitement as playing outside.
  • Casino Games - You can get the feel of playing at a real-life casino from playing online casinos. Almost all of the best online...
Three new players are now available to everyone for free in Tennis World Tour

As the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro begins, NACON is pleased to announce its involvement with the biggest tournament in Spain. This first major virtual competition takes place from 27 to 30 April in the game Tennis World Tour and features 32 of the biggest tennis stars, including Andy Murray, Angélique Kerber and Rafael Nadal.
People around the world are asking every day - Should I trust online casinos with my money?
Are they legitimate? How does it all work?

It is obvious why people would not trust online casino so quickly, they are created by programmers who know how to manipulate numbers. Programming languages do it quickly. So the underlying assumption is right. It is very tempting for online casinos to go rogue.

How can we tell if an online casino is rogue or not? Regulation.

Some online casinos sites are not reliable

That is the awful truth, unfortunately. Not all online casinos will be honest and give you the chances you have on a land-based casino. It is human nature, sadly.

However, some online casinos are legit. And all they want are satisfied customers to keep playing. Just like a regular casino would. They still make a profit and aim for operating many years, unlike rogue online casinos who come and go.

So, how can you tell...