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General Video Gaming Industry Newz

Shipping to retailers started today!

We have recently been informed that the True Blue Mini Ultradrive - The new solution to expand your Sega Genesis/Megadrive Mini catalog!, has started shipping out to retailer near you, so now is the time to get into Retro Gaming!
Stay tuned to MaxConsole for our own in-depth review of this amazing Sega Gamer lover's dream, in the meantime more information can be found on their official website: https://www.truebluemini.com/trueblue-genesis/
If you have been a gaming enthusiast for a while, it is not surprising to find out that many casinos shut down every year. There are a myriad of reasons why this happens, but people who are at the end of the stick are the gamblers who deposited their money and never got it back.

As such, it is important to find the best online casino for money, as this guarantees that your investment is protected. You have the assurance that the online casino will still be there the following morning that you login.

Today, you will learn several tips how to find a safe and reputable online gaming establishment. Use these tips to make the right decisions before signing up for an account and completing a deposit.

Review the License

The first thing you need to find out is if the casino is operating under legal control. What this simply means is that you have to find...
Culmination of partnership and fan activation supports breakthrough blood cancer research and critical support for patients and their families

2K today announced that the Company will donate $500,000 to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) as the culmination of a partnership and fan activation surrounding the launch of WWE® 2K20 earlier this fall.
Visit the Square Enix Store and Save Up to 90 Percent Off Popular Games:
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - The Complete Edition, KINGDOM HEARTS, Just Cause 4 and More

SQUARE ENIX® is kicking off the holidays by giving thanks to its fans with this year’s “Red & Black Friday Sale”. From today through December 3, players will be able to enjoy discounts off the company’s most popular games including normal">DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS™ 2, KINGDOM HEARTS, JUST CAUSE ™ 4 and more.
Over the past decade, there have been so many innovations and some of them have brought about a revolution in the tech world. These innovations have done more than just to awe people. In fact, they have actually changed peoples’ lives. In this post, we focus on the most innovative gadgets of the past decade. We know you are aware of some of them because you use the technologies, as we speak. Enjoy!

Tesla Roadster (2008)

It’s been 11 years since this was launched but we are still drooling over it. This was the first all-electrical car. It was able to travel for more than 320km per charge, which we really think was genius. This great innovation is what paved the way for other electric vehicles from Tesla. In addition, it’s what pushed the entire car industry to try out electrification too. Now, almost all major car brands are developing electric vehicles because of the Tesla Roadster just like...
Release Dates for Nine Previously Announced Manga Also Revealed

At Anime NYC, SQUARE ENIX® revealed six new titles in its English-language manga, novels and art book line-up for 2020. The titles, releasing Fall 2020, will be published by the company’s new Square Enix Manga & Books imprints and include a brand new novel, NieR:Automata™ YoRHa Boys, along with a selection of manga, including The Apothecary Diaries, Ragna Crimson, The Great Jahy will not be Defeated!, Beauty and the Feast and By the Grace of the Gods.
In their First Global Partnership with Street Fighter™ V: Arcade Edition
CAPCOM CUP 2019 in December to feature Pocky K.O. Exhibition Match

World-renowned food company Ezaki Glico USA, in partnership with acclaimed video game developer and publisher Capcom, has announced the Pocky K.O. challenge campaign for all gamers around the world.
Butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves used to control the flow of such substances by opening or blocking the pathways. These valves have great importance in multiple enterprises such as the pharmaceutical industries, the food and beverage industries, and the chemical industries.

Though butterfly valves do not look much like its name, it was said that the term “butterfly” is derived from the way the valve appears to form as it turns, showing a butterfly-shaped image. The name comes from the fact that the disc, or its “wings,” moves around a central axis, which acts as the body of a butterfly. Still, there is more to butterfly valves than the central disc.

Features of the Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valves are basically made up of an actuator, disc, seat, and body. On the other hand, other types of...
Today, people are shouting for a change in waste disposal and plastic consumption. The awareness has pushed people to go green, especially in the industrial process. The Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) solution grabbed the attention as it supports advocacy. It gives manufacturing companies the chance to be part of the environmental movement.

The innovation has created several possibilities that involve improvement in the manufacturing process. With the PVA solution as the emerging fundamental choice for packaging, what is it made of?

Introducing PVA Solution

The PVA solution, or polyvinyl alcohol, is an odorless, colorless, and water-soluble polymer. It is mainly made of 1,3-linkages and a few 1,2-diols, which depends on the conditions during the polymerization.

Manufacturers use it in several coating applications....
Casino gaming is a favorite pastime for many players in Sweden and across the world. For a long time, punters have enjoyed the social gaming experience when playing a hand of poker or bingo with their friends at homes and in casino premises. However, contrary to the misconception that gambling involves staking bets with real money, you can still enjoy the excitement of casino gaming with free games. This is possible through various options provided in most casinos where you do not need to have a real-money account to play casino games. Below are some of the options that you can explore to start playing casino games for free.

No deposit sign up bonuses for New Players

There are hundreds of online casinos, and more are being launched every month hence fueling the competition for a share of casino games players. As a result, each operator is determined to entice players to the site by providing...
Did you know that your favourite casino games are made by casino providers?
Now you do. Read on to learn more about them and gamble better when online.

Isn’t it exciting when big gaming studios like Nintendo, EA, and Rockstar Games release a new title? Save a release, even a hint of a new game’s development pumps you up more than anything. When these studios release a game, you know it’s going to be good, and that you’ll have a great time playing it. Since you understand the importance of learning about the developers of your video games, it stands to reason that you know about the developers of your casino games as well — Casino Software Providers.

The Top Casino Software Providers in the Game

Having some basic knowledge about the top casino providers in the game will help you choose a better game the next time...
Remember the time when people were so eager to get their hands on the second release of PlayStation 2? How about the time when Nintendo introduced its first dual-screen handheld game console, the Nintendo DS? For sure, kids in the 80’s to the early 2000s will be able to relate or better yet, recall those days when they were so eager to get a hold of the latest video games that hit the market.

The evolution of the video game industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1962 when the first known video game, Spacewar, was developed to the time when Magnavox Odyssey released the first dedicated home video game console to the first mobile game that was pre-installed in all 400 million cellular phones in the market in 1997.

Decades later, we are all still crazy about video games, only today, it’s becoming far bigger and far more advanced than most people have imagined it to be. In recent years,...
Why Though?

Speed. Comfort. Convenience. These are just some of the benefits that the modern world of technology has brought us. Our lives have changed significantly with the increasing time we spend in the online world. Practically everything can be done online nowadays. Rather than heading to a shopping center, people prefer to shop online and have their items delivered right to their doorstep. Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch movies and series. You don’t need to head down to your local cinema theater to watch the latest blockbuster.

The same goes for casinos. You are spoiled for choice when searching for online casinos at the comfort of your own home, rather than traveling to your nearest brick and mortar casino, which could in fact be miles away. Here we are going to list just some of the many reasons why playing online is better.

The online gambling has taken the world by storm, and it is now in demand among the millennials.

What started with a brick and mortar casino has expanded massively making people now play their favourite games from the comforts of their home. It is one of the preferable ways to spend pastime for many people and also is a very enjoyable hobby. The gamblers get so carried away with the promotions offered by the betting sites, that they turn their hobby into a habit. If the gamblers do not know where to draw a line when gambling, they are going to be engulfed in this betting web, develop an addiction resulting in bankruptcy. If this habit goes beyond fun and enjoyment and stars to create problems in life, then these are signs of gambling addiction.

What Is Gambling Abuse?

This issue can happen to anyone, and it does not affect any person in any walk of life. No matter a gambler bets on his or her...
Nearly two hours of breathtaking original music

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, a game developed by Frozenbyte and published by Modus Games, now has its epic soundtrack available for purchase!
You can find more info about the Trine 4 soundtrack and purchase options at...
We’re excited to announce that IGDB has been acquired by Twitch!

From their first beta version in 2014, IGDB has been dedicated to creating the ultimate resource for game lovers everywhere. Their team has worked hard to grow a community of passionate gamers and bring a mission to life.
Konnichiwa, THQ Nordic Japan KK (株式会社/kabushiki kaisha)

THQ Nordic is opening a Japanese outlet to be able to bring their awesome slate of games to the Japanese audience. To all of our friends at THQ Nordic and to all Japanese gamers, Omedetōgozaimasu!