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General Video Gaming Industry Newz

AT&T is going to be soon able to target millions and millions of young gamers via the Machinima network!

Warner Bros. is buying Machinima, granting the company better access to gamers and comic fans. Machinima’s online network features programming focused on classic geek franchises like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and the DC Universe.

Machinima has been one of main go-to-sources when it comes to video gaming news, and even Microsoft has partnered with them a few times to get the word out about new games and such, but now Warner Bros. is buying up the network which in the end will become part of the big mega AT&T network once their merger deal is completed.

Anecdote factories.

Ubisoft will reportedly be incorporating less narrative in its upcoming games.

Well it seems when it comes around to playing the next Assassin's Creed game from Ubisoft, it will be much different as the studio heads have decided to move away from 'heavily scripted games' and start towards more freedom in their games like they have do a bit already in Watch_Dogs 2 which has been recently released, and gamers seem to enjoy the new open adventure style.

'One time, I actually threw up'

Jennifer Hale, David Hayter among voice actors currently striking against 11 video game publishing companies

We spend every year billions on new video games, and big publishers like Activision and EA pocket those billions, and we enjoy playing them, so its no big deal, but on the other side of the fence there is tiny group of people called 'voice actors' that loan their human vocal skills that are then turned into the digital soundtracks we hear in the game as we are playing the various missions, the publishers say no big deal, as they are only 1/10 of 1% of the whole game itself, but the people doing all that hard-work are saying it is not fair, being paid pennies for saying lines, when some of games they work on earn billions, and they get no extra pay either when companies decide to keep re-issuing the same game again, as remastered...
Is it Time for Us to Pull the Plug on the Gaming Industry from Producing any new forms of Violent Video Games?

There’s a proven correlation between video games and gun violence, yet we still allow our children free access to these games, breeding an assassination generation.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, is author of the book Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression, and the Psychology of Killing with Kristine Paulsen and Katie Miserany, and below you will find his own review of his new book that goes in-depth into the problem our youth is having after growing up in generation of playing violent video games, and why there is so many problems now in America, he believes its is all connected, and we need to control the output of the video games from the rapidly growing...
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Another award, Best Gaming Performance, was granted to Doug Cockle voicing Geralt of Rivia in the English version of the The Witcher series of games.

The studio and developers behind the The Witcher series has won one of the top awards in the Video Gaming Industry, and they are very thankful to everyone that voted for them to be able to grab the Golden Joystick this year for their hard work on the latest Witcher game.

So what do you think are in the plans for the studio in the future, another big Witcher game or...
Jingle Bell Chompy Mage released especially for Christmas

Activision is releasing a special festive Skylander Sensei toy -- Jingle Bell Chompy Mage. Available at participating retailers from 25th November, 2016, Jingle Bell Chompy Mage is a specially designed toy that appears in the game dressed in a Santa-inspired wardrobe.

Just when you thought your holiday shopping list was complete, Activision comes along and ruins your plans, by releasing two more Skylander's that you will just have to to track down and buy before they are sold-out to complete your NFC Toy collection! :)

Four of the company’s titles — Edge Of Nowhere, Feral Rites, Song Of The Deep and The Unspoken — are being struck!

SAG-AFTRA will picket Insomniac Games in Burbank on Thursday, which will mark the end of the fourth week of the union’s strike against selected video game companies.

The striking union is setting its sights on the next big studio to picket out in front, each time their job action ramps up, with more members walking the line, sadly there is still not much media coverage on the on-going strike or movement in the settlement talks.

More than 1,200 websites were rendered unavailable when access to network service provider Dyn was blocked

The ultimate target of the Oct. 21 attack that rendered more than 1,200 websites unavailable may have been the PlayStation Network, an online-gaming service operated by Sony Corp.

It seem that big Internet Shutdown that crippled most of the East Coast and then partly the West Coast for over 12 hours, was infact caused by one single videogamer that got really pissed off against Sony and their PlayStation Network, so he launched the biggest DDoS ever, using millions of millions of little IoT devices like webcams that have their 'default password' not changed to bring down the while Dyn network, killing not only PSN but tons of other popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, NYTimes and many others!

The unannounced game, "Pioneer," is apparently being "retooled."

It was recently discovered that Watch Dogs 2 has a side-mission that involves hacking into Ubisoft's in-game San Francisco office to steal a trailer for a sci-fi video game.

Two days ago, we reported on how someone found in early copy of Watch_Dogs 2, an totally new 'video game trailer', and at the time there was debate it was a fake trailer, or a tease of new game in development, and it turns out the later is true, it is a upcoming game, the only problem is now the game is being 'retooled', and staff has changed so there is no ETA on when or if the game will ever appear.

Says Veteran Voice Actor, Crispin Freeman as he talks about the on-going Voice Actors Strike!

Although Blizzard isn’t one of the companies that voice actors are currently striking against, Overwatch voice actor Crispin Freeman has offered an interesting insight into why things between video game publishers and the SAG-AFTRA union got this far.

The Voice Actors Strike in America has been going on since Oct. 21st, and we might even have our first big video game getting delayed because of it, Zelda moving down in 2017 release schedule by a a few months, and the funny thing is the actors on strike don't even know the projects they are working on, and that is one of the big on-going issues in this fight for better contracts, because they want to get paid fairly, but how do they know if its 'billion-dollar' AAA+ console game they are saying lines for, or a 'two-dollar mobile...
More problems for Ubisoft has they try to fight off an hostile takeover bid, now the execs been accused!

Ubisoft Montreal chief Yannis Mallat and four other Ubisoft execs are publicly disputing allegations by the French finance market regulator AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) that they engaged in insider trading three years ago.

Top Ubisoft execs and even the CEO of their Montreal branch have been charged of selling their shares early when the price was high, before delays of games were announced, so if it turns out to be true it could be spill big trouble for Ubisoft as they are trying to stop a hostile takeover bid, and now with top management in jail for insider trading it might be easier for the takeover to occur now.

In Watch Dogs 2, there’s a mission about stealing a video game trailer from an in-game version of Ubisoft.

With WD2 almost out, footage from that trailer has leaked online, and we’re wondering... is it actually a real game?

This is what happens when a 'fake game trailer', ends up being more fun and news-worthy than the game itself it was found in! :)

So after watching the trailer, would you love to have Ubisoft infact produce this video game for us to enjoy in the near future?...
The pair are trialling concessions in small number of stores, starting as early as this busy holiday shopping season.

Magazine and stationary retailer WHSmith is to start selling video games in-store again, thanks to a partnership with GAME to trial concessions in a small number of locations.
WHSmith pulled games from shelves six years ago due to competitive pressure from more specialist retailers like GAME and HMV.

The two old rivals have found a way to settle their store shelf war in stocking 'video games' over best-selling books, and now WHSmith will allow GAME to open up small micro concession outlets within their bookstore, to help please those customers that want to play instead of read as a form of relaxing during their spare or slow work/school time.

Muslim characters in Call of Duty game series are portrayed as the bad guys.

Dozens of video games released during the past two decades have depicted Muslims as villains.

Election 2016 is over in America, and alot of people around the world are shocked that its now Trumpland, and already Muslims are pointing out how big America and Japanese gaming companies paint their Muslim race in video games, they are always the BADDIES.

And Vivendi is still continuing to snap up shares of Ubisoft as soon as they become available!

French media conglomerate Vivendi politely issued a press release today declaring that it now owns over 24 percent of the share capital (think: value) of French video game company Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has been trying their hardest to fight the hostile takeover by Vivendi, but its not working out to well, in less than a year Vivendi been able to more than double their ownership of Ubisoft and they are still on the warpath trying their best to become a majority owner.

No, ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’ will not turn you into a killer.

Over at Vice’s Motherboard gaming website, writer Teodora Stoica is just the latest to trot out a bunch of nonsense about video games and violence without bothering to even question broad, sweeping assumptions.

So here we are again for the millionth time, each time a new Grand Theft Auto, or Doom, or Quake, or Call of Duty, or Halo, you name it those popular violent video games are released, we have yet another study about the effects of 'gaming' with 'violence' on our human minds, and how its all going to come crashing down, and we will suddenly find ourselves in real-life streets with AK-47's shooting up shopping malls, and wiping out nearby homeless drifters an other real-life humans that get in our wave of bullets!

Video game features biracial protagonist in setting of 1960s American south

The designers of Mafia III, the famous 2K Games studio, said they didn’t want to make a character whose race could be generically swapped in and out with no story effect, so they chosen to go with a 'biracial' one that both races would enjoy playing!

Mafia III has sold over 4.5 Million copies in one week, making it the fastest-ever selling 2K Games released, but all those sales also caused a ton of 'bad press' for the developers choose to pick a 'biracial' character as the main role, instead of giving gamers a choice to pick either a White or Black character to control, you are forced to follow just one storyline with a 'biracial' male, so even tho Hanger 13's idea was to please both sides of 'race diversity' issue in games, in the end they seemed to have pissed off both sides, but it can not be that bad of...
So Much Beef

Electronic Arts has had a week to forget, as far as Twitter is concerned. After causing outrage with some poorly considered World War I memes on the Battlefield 1 account, the publisher got into hot water again today with Titanfall 2’s Twitter account — which, it turns out, may or may not speak for developer Respawn Entertainment.

"Titanfall 2 was always in danger of falling between the cracks", with it launching right next to new CoD, but now with all this following 'Twitter' drama, it sure has gotten alot of press coverage, even if its 'bad', at least people know about the game launch now! :)

A new anniversary update brings the graphics, gameplay, and style of the first game to ‘Diablo 3’

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Blizzard’s dungeon crawler Diablo, and to celebrate, Blizzard is remaking the classic game — inside of Diablo 3.

When I read the news earlier this morning from BlizzCon 2016, I had to pause for a moment, not because of the news, but the fact it was TWENTY years ago, that we first all started to get hooked on Diablo with playing it, I just could not picture it in my mind, it was that LONG ago, but Yes it Was, and here we go in honor of that great event TWO WHOLE DECADES ago, Blizzard is going to bring in back in part, as little mini-game inside their big new Diablo 3 world, so check it out below, all the bloody pixelated 8-bit PR details:

According to SuperData, 214 million people will watch competitive eSports gaming this year, and the industry will grow its revenue 19 percent to $892.8 million.

Activision Blizzard is hoping to turn eSports into something akin to the NFL, including franchise teams tied to various cities and a “combine” for tryouts.

eSports is becoming a huge thing these days and companies, and Activision has already seen how big their 'Call of Duty' has become with eSports, so now they are hoping to turn Overwatch into the next big thing with viewers, and have hopes to make it as big as NFL, which they claim is nothing as they are already FIVE times bigger than NetFlix, so there not much more to go to reach that target.

A female gamer has added to the debate on what constitutes sexual assault after she detailed her experience being groped in virtual reality by another gamer.

And if that was not bad enough, Japanese designers have created a virtual reality game to make the user feel like they are squeezing a woman's breasts. The game appears to simulate sexual assault given the female avatar's unwelcome response to the groping.

There been much debates over the last couple of years with GamerGate over how 'female gamers' are treated in online games by the majority of gamers being young men, but now that we have entered the era of Virtual Reality, the problem seems to be getting worse, with 'female gamers' reporting they are getting 'virtually assaulted and groped and even RAPED' in the games they are trying to enjoy.

'Watch Dogs 2' effort leans on AI, as the games developer gets into hacker education.

People tend to think the world of data capture—as it pertains to their online activity—is limited to web clicks. It is not at all, and Ubisoft wants you to understand that as the gaming company promotes its new hacker-themed video game called Watch Dogs 2, which is due out Nov. 15.

Ubisoft is ramping up the hype for their new Watch_Dogs 2 and part of their new campaign is to make people more worried about how bad 'hacking' is, and how easy it is for those evil hackers to grab your smart data and use it from even something as simple as an 'selfie', and part of their 'education' adweek is to teach people about it at the same time promote their game, so check it out today!

Casinos are ripping out the 'slot machines' and 'video poker' and replacing it with Video Games using 'controllers'!

Professional gamer Vanessa Arteaga, of California, says the Danger Arena game she played Wednesday at Harrah's is something that would draw here to a casino.

The Arcade is back in way, but now at Casinos and you can WIN big money by getting to the top of the scoreboard, so as you throw those quarters (sorry dollars now) down the coin-slot and keep trying to beat the next level, just remember this is not your grandfather's Pac-Man that just ate up his school lunch money when he was kid, it is adult gambling machine that with Jackpots to win!

SAG-AFTRA members and supporters head to Warner Bros. offices in Burbank on Thursday

Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) announced plans for a second picket in its nearly two-week-long targeted strike against video gaming companies, calling on members to gather at WB Games Inc. in Burbank on Thursday.

Two weeks ago, we broke the news of the 'video gaming strike', and last week we reported on the big EA Games picket lines, which was very successful over 300 video gaming workers appeared, and the protest went peaceful and helped a bit to push both sides into talking again, but still its not perfect there is number of top issues either side is moving on after over 2...
When it comes to Video Gaming these days, it is not all PLAY, no WORK, its a JOB that pays well and solid CAREER.

Over 400 U.S. colleges offer computer- and videogame-related programs or degrees. A third of the students in these programs are women and more than 93% of graduates remain employed a year after graduating.

Put down that 'controller', and go out and get yourself a REAL JOB, that is what the world thought of 'gamers' a few decades ago, but now they are the driving force in the workplace, earning more money than many other old-school industries, and more and more kids are going into colleges taking courses in 'video games' to secure their future and be able to raise kids and buy homes and cars. :)