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General Video Gaming Industry Newz

Charles Amble has loved video-gaming since he was a kid, but now he has quit being a gamer and going to travel instead!

Would you be able to part with your prized video gaming collection, to instead take up another form of life, in this case, Mr. Amble did just that, he was able to find a buyer for his large private collection, and now going to use the money to buy a boat and travel with his wife.
Frustrating Residents In The Nice Normally Quiet Area Called 'Paleto Bay'

Grand Theft Auto Online is of course a video game universe built around the idea, of robbing, killing, stealing, murdering, and causing general mayhem, but it also has 'criminal career' goals, of earning money, upgrading your thug level to being a top kingpin and those that have crawled their way out of the dirty, non-stop shooting gallery of 'Los Santos' have settled down to easy life up northern wooden area called 'Paleto Bay', where you could relax in your backyard, go for a walk, wave to passerby and no worry about having to killing someone, before you got gunned down and robbed, but that is all changing to horror of the residents in that area, as the crime wave moves up north.

You can read more about the angry frustration the residents are having with this new wave of crime in the link below, but...
Prosecutors: 6 charged with making fake Pac-Man games in Santa Clara

Gamers still have love and passion for Arcades, but finding the old cabs and restoring them is costly, and most retro gamers, just want to play the games, so there is big business in importing Pandora all-in-one-boxs, loaded with hundreds of the old classics, and installing them into new wooden cabs that look like the originals, but sadly it still against the law, as the games are still trademarked and copyrighted.
20 Year Technology and Video Game Industry Veteran to Spearhead Growth for Development Studio

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that Tim Bennison has joined Capcom Game Studio Vancouver as Chief Operating Officer and Studio Director.
Thirteen Brazilian games businesses to be featured on the official Brazilian industry booth

Brazil's video games industry is about to make strides for the first time at Gamescom with 4 Brazilian games exhibiting within the Indie Arena Booth 2017, hosted by the German community Indie Arena and 13 Brazilian developers, publishers and game companies being represented in total.
An elite school uses the controversial game to teach life lessons

What does 'Rich White Boys', 'Grand Theft Auto 5', have in common? -- Well, in this elite school it is being used to teach them the hard-knocks of life lessons, and how your 'privilege' does not really cut it out in the real world, and you need to understand more about 'other races', 'genders' and overall violence, but not sure how GTA5 will cure them from their 'male white privilege' problems.
‘Destiny 2’ Partners with Category Brand Giants, Rockstar Energy Drink and Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries around Worldwide September Launch

Bungie and Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. announced Destiny 2’s 2017 partnerships with global brand, Rockstar Energy Drink, as well as Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries.
A Future $45 Billion Industry

Virtual Reality gaming is still fighting for foothold in your living room, but it seems to have caused a boom in the return of arcades, with VR headsets now being worn instead of staring into the CRT TV's like in the '80s, with Nintendo and its Mario Kart VR leading the way.
And Says Goodbye To Part Of Himself

There comes a point in any young man's life when he has to grow-up, forgot about his pastime hobbies, like playing video games, and move on with his life up to the next level, in this case getting married to the woman he now loves more than his gaming consoles! :)
‘America first’ may not benefit a global industry

Six months into the Trump administration, two of the game industry's biggest publishers aren't thrilled with the state of things.
Having lots of choice when it comes to consoles and platforms is great for gamers, but having piles of proprietary controllers and accessories in your gaming room is not.

Have you ever been searching around for your controller that matches the gaming console you want to play, owning multiple consoles is great, but having multiple controllers is a pain in the ass, but now with All Controller, you can have just one controller for everything.
Innovation has been a constant feature of online slot gambling ever since the first virtual games introduced in the 90’s. In the last twenty years of the industry’s thriving existence, there has hardly ever been a period without some exciting novelty pushing the limits in the production of gaming software. Developers and major corporations are driven by the ever-increasing standards of the millennials, a large target group spanning generations born between 1980’s and 2000’s.

The millennials are a tough nut to crack – living in a multimedia world, continually exposed to sensory and visual stimuli that far surpass those experienced by their parents and grandparents. They no longer care about traditional slots, classic fruit, bars and bells of the Baby Boomers and Generation X. While the prospect of winning excites them, they also want to...
Listen to sample tracks from Shota Nakama, Falk Au Yeong, and Yoshitaka Suzuki

Co-op monster-raising RPG Re:Legend launches its Kickstarter campaign today, with developers Magnus Games seeking SGD $70,000 (about USD $51,000) in funding over the next 30 days.
8 customers take home 11 awards, with a further 12 shortlisted

Perforce, the most widely used version control and collaboration solution in the game development industry, is delighted to announce that 20 of its customers – from start-ups studios to large organisations - have been honoured by the Develop Awards, including Studio of the Year Guerilla Games.
People should recognize why diversity matters in the modern video games industry. A lot of organizations still don't emphasize it anywhere near enough. A lot of women struggle with discrimination in the video games industry today. People who don't come from a Western background also struggle with getting ahead there. Individuals from the West who just aren't white will have their issues as well, in spite of the fact that many of the people playing the actual video games are going to be women and people of color. Video gaming companies should be aware of all of the reasons why diversity is lucrative as well as ethical.

For one thing, the video games industry has had a problem with originality for a long time. Many games fail to capture the attention of the general public because they are far too similar to many of the other games that are around today, which means that they are more or less redundant. Part...
If you think Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro is the best gaming will be, you have not seen Nano Tech in action!

Two years a group of international tam of scientists have working together and they are the breakthru point of building 'optical nano transmitters and pathways', that will one day replace the current 'copper traces' inside silicon chips that power our video gaming consoles, these 'nano optical' tunnels will allow for ultra-fast rendering of high-definition graphics due to the super-increase in speed.
From a PR standpoint, the past several years have been really hard for Konami.

We have seen a collapse with its biggest creative resource, as well as the complete eradication of P.T. from PSN, as well as reports of their awful treatment of employees. Currently, it seems that Konami is leaving the world of console game development with the only exception of Pro Evolution Soccer. If we consider the fact that Konami holds the rights to some of the most favored franchises in the history of gaming, this is incredibly sad news.

For the past couple of years, the eyes have been on Konami for trying to get out of the triple-A development market, and this decision made the company's technology director quit back in 2015. If you do not know what AAA games mean, it is not necessary an acronym for something, but a lot of people refer to it as A lot of resources, A lot of time and A lot of money. In other words,...
By releasing some futuristic, wearable tech that looks dope!

Today Atari announced a new partnership with NECA to introduce a new line of sleek, futuristic, wearable tech inspired by the upcoming sci-fi thriller Blade Runner 2049.