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General Video Gaming Industry Newz

According to SuperData, 214 million people will watch competitive eSports gaming this year, and the industry will grow its revenue 19 percent to $892.8 million.

Activision Blizzard is hoping to turn eSports into something akin to the NFL, including franchise teams tied to various cities and a “combine” for tryouts.

eSports is becoming a huge thing these days and companies, and Activision has already seen how big their 'Call of Duty' has become with eSports, so now they are hoping to turn Overwatch into the next big thing with viewers, and have hopes to make it as big as NFL, which they claim is nothing as they are already FIVE times bigger than NetFlix, so there not much more to go to reach that target.

A female gamer has added to the debate on what constitutes sexual assault after she detailed her experience being groped in virtual reality by another gamer.

And if that was not bad enough, Japanese designers have created a virtual reality game to make the user feel like they are squeezing a woman's breasts. The game appears to simulate sexual assault given the female avatar's unwelcome response to the groping.

There been much debates over the last couple of years with GamerGate over how 'female gamers' are treated in online games by the majority of gamers being young men, but now that we have entered the era of Virtual Reality, the problem seems to be getting worse, with 'female gamers' reporting they are getting 'virtually assaulted and groped and even RAPED' in the games they are trying to enjoy.

'Watch Dogs 2' effort leans on AI, as the games developer gets into hacker education.

People tend to think the world of data capture—as it pertains to their online activity—is limited to web clicks. It is not at all, and Ubisoft wants you to understand that as the gaming company promotes its new hacker-themed video game called Watch Dogs 2, which is due out Nov. 15.

Ubisoft is ramping up the hype for their new Watch_Dogs 2 and part of their new campaign is to make people more worried about how bad 'hacking' is, and how easy it is for those evil hackers to grab your smart data and use it from even something as simple as an 'selfie', and part of their 'education' adweek is to teach people about it at the same time promote their game, so check it out today!

Casinos are ripping out the 'slot machines' and 'video poker' and replacing it with Video Games using 'controllers'!

Professional gamer Vanessa Arteaga, of California, says the Danger Arena game she played Wednesday at Harrah's is something that would draw here to a casino.

The Arcade is back in way, but now at Casinos and you can WIN big money by getting to the top of the scoreboard, so as you throw those quarters (sorry dollars now) down the coin-slot and keep trying to beat the next level, just remember this is not your grandfather's Pac-Man that just ate up his school lunch money when he was kid, it is adult gambling machine that with Jackpots to win!

SAG-AFTRA members and supporters head to Warner Bros. offices in Burbank on Thursday

Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) announced plans for a second picket in its nearly two-week-long targeted strike against video gaming companies, calling on members to gather at WB Games Inc. in Burbank on Thursday.

Two weeks ago, we broke the news of the 'video gaming strike', and last week we reported on the big EA Games picket lines, which was very successful over 300 video gaming workers appeared, and the protest went peaceful and helped a bit to push both sides into talking again, but still its not perfect there is number of top issues either side is moving on after over 2...
When it comes to Video Gaming these days, it is not all PLAY, no WORK, its a JOB that pays well and solid CAREER.

Over 400 U.S. colleges offer computer- and videogame-related programs or degrees. A third of the students in these programs are women and more than 93% of graduates remain employed a year after graduating.

Put down that 'controller', and go out and get yourself a REAL JOB, that is what the world thought of 'gamers' a few decades ago, but now they are the driving force in the workplace, earning more money than many other old-school industries, and more and more kids are going into colleges taking courses in 'video games' to secure their future and be able to raise kids and buy homes and cars. :)

Shirley Curry opens fan mail, then returns to Swindler's Den

Shirley Curry uploaded her 300th video to YouTube yesterday. Who is she? Well, she's a little older than most of us.

If you have not heard of the 'Gaming Grandma' by now, they you really are not a true gamer, because she is one true gem of YouTube'er to enjoy watching, in the age of people that are normally under-20 and getting younger by the year playing games!

(Or) Why you shouldn't take Digital Distribution for Granted!

An recent poster on Reddit that lives in Myanmar, and owns about 20 games on Origin, and has spent hundreds of dollars on the platform, plus he says he has bought the full editions of all of the Battlefield games up to this point, with their season passes, and was recently trying to log into Origin only to get a bizarre "Access Denied" message.

After he did some research online about his 'access denied' problem, he found out the horrible truth that for unknown reasons his whole country that he lives in (Myanmar) has been banned from using any of the Origin/EA features/games, meaning basically his whole game library worth thousands of dollars was now totally worthless to him, leaving him 'gameless' and 'bored' with no options.

The Netflix Original Series from Activision Blizzard Studios Stars Jonathan Banks, Parker Posey, Norm McDonald,
Ashley Tisdale, Justin Long and Features an Exclusive Song Produced by GRAMMY® Award Winner Timbaland

Activision Blizzard, Inc.’s highly anticipated animated series Skylanders Academy makes its debut today on Netflix. Based on Activision Blizzard’s Skylanders video game franchise, Skylanders Academy follows the heroic adventures of Spyro, Eruptor, Stealth Elf, Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz as they travel the vast Skylands universe, protecting it from evil-doers.

Skylanders Academy is the first project from Activision Blizzard Studios, in turning one of their popular 'video-games' into a TV series, and if success we are most likely going to see alot more of their Game IPs become Movies or TV shows in the near future, in the meantime here is all the juicy PR details regarding the...
Raging Boll will rage no more, He’s finally stopped. - Because "The Market Is Dead, I just can't afford to make movies"!

There was a time when German-born director Uwe Boll and video game movies were synonymous. Boll was infamously attached to the notion that you couldn’t turn a video game into a good movie.

There has been tons of amazing movies that were all based on 'video games' and even more amazing most of them were one made due to the hard-effects of one man 'Uwe Boll', but no more, he has given up, GAME OVER for him and his business of taking popular games and turning them into popular movies, and its mainly because its just not worth it anymore, he says over 80% of the market has disappeared in the last 3 years, and even with new sources of funding like 'KickStarter' it just does not work, so basically his message is to us that loved his style of movie making is, 'F**k yourself.'!...
#PerformanceMatters: David and Joe Cipriano picket at EA for SAG-AFTRA

Close to 350 actors took their grievances to Electronic Arts in Playa Vista on Monday, marching and chanting for more pay and better working conditions.

We reported on the 'strike' last week here on Maxconsole, and since then it has grow bigger and louder, with now picket lines forming outside of major video gaming studios and of course almost all production stopped until this contract issue is resolved but it might take some time, in the meantime both sides are throwing mud at each other, blaming the other for failing to come to an agreement.

"The world thinks America is weak. As Commander-In-Chief, it’s up to you to prove them wrong. By bombing…all of them.”

Everyday we have been blasted by every form of media and social network about the America Election 2016, even in other countries the news is front-page everyday in your face, but this video gaming development studio has decided to turn all that 'new' into fun little games we can enjoy playing instead of worrying about the latest polls or scandal or other political issues occurring.

This team is amazing they made so many cute little fun games involving all the key players in Election 2016, you can't decide which one to play, but personally I think GOP Arcade is one of the better one, and here is little write-up about:

"It's not the computer, it's the culture. It's not the player."

Video game violence and what effect it could have on culture has been a much-discussed and controversial topic for years. Now, the designer of Doom, one of the games that constantly gets brought up when discussing video game violence, has weighed in.

Doom has been blamed in the mainstream media for causing alot of real world violence due to it being one of the first games to display full force virtual violence for video gamers on their TV sets, so its good idea to sit-down and ask the designer of Doom what he thinks about the whole world of 'violence and games' and how they are connected and how possibly it is causing real-life damage.

VR could help bring us back to an Gaming Era before daily DLC, in-game video ads, and MicroTransactions!

When mobile gaming went mainstream, so did the free to play and ad-supported models, along with microtransactions. These trends eventually trickled into the normal video game industry, and gamers were hit by wave after wave of day 1 DLC, microtransactions in $60 games, and in-game advertising.

Is it possible that the way Virtual Reality works, that we could possibly see the return of games that are 'premium' and complete, and not filled with in-game video ads, daily DLC packs, and microtransactions.

‘Trump Mains Hanzo’: A Super PAC Runs Ad Targeting Florida Videogamers

The billboard's message, while gibberish to non-gamers, says Donald Trump isn't a team player. An anti-Donald Trump super PAC is looking to appeal to swing-state videogamers with a billboard linked to Activision Blizzard Inc.’s hit game “Overwatch."

As the final countdown is on for Election 2016, Clinton side is trying to paint the fact that Trump is like a character from Overwatch, and that is NOT an Team Player, in an attempt to win over the youth that can legally vote, and actively play video games in the USA.

Because He’s a Genius

There are few constants in the history of video gaming. But if one thing links all those role-playing games and first-person shooters, beat-’em-ups and adventure games, it’s probably the soda machines.

Whom would have thought that no matter the system you play on, or the era, or the type of video game, there would be something in the game that is basically the same thing, no matter when,how,where,whom, and that answer seems to be 'SODA MACHINES'. :)

Members go professionally silent in effort to negotiate for long-term royalties.

After 18 months of contract negotiations and over 12 months after first voting for strike authority, voice actors in the SAG-AFTRA union will stop working with a number of prominent game companies as of today.

Very sad news today for video gamers, we might see alot of delays in the near future, as voice actors have pulled out in protest as part of strike that is now ongoing, all they claim it will not change projects already in production, it could change timeframes of new ones.

Pornography is an inextricable feature of new technologies, and that includes even Sony’s PlayStation VR.

Pornhub has revealed to GamesBeat that its VR category is compatible with the PSVR head-mounted display. The process to get down in first-person, however, is complicated and missing some features compared to competing headsets, according to the adult-film website.

PlayStation VR been out for only one week, and already one of the biggest industries out there besides gaming, is looking at how they can use it to get more business. -- Porn DVD's worked for Sony and their PS2, but will the same growth work again with the PS VR.

As VR Tech takes off to a New Level, various businesses like Arcades are upgrading to handle the Gamer interest in it!

Imagine walking into a black-walled, nondescript room that instantly transforms into another world where you can explore outer space or defend a castle from monsters — all by donning a virtual reality headset.

VR has been attempted a few times in the past, and it never lasted long, but this time around the graphics and quality is much better, as such the return of Gaming Arcades is coming back with them using VR Tech to bring in the customers, just like the old quarter sucking cabinets used to back in the golden era of gaming which is now called 'retro', but with the hope of VR it could make Arcades an happening thing again and fun way to enjoy the night out with fellow gaming buddies.

Are Bullshots Illegal?

Truth-in-advertising laws have a noble purpose, but unless a marketing claim objectively fails a promise, they're really hard to enforce. When the product in question is an artistic work more than it is a technical one, it's even harder.

With the recently massive amounts of lawsuits against No Man's Sky, comes the question is any form of Video Games Advertising legal, and should it be controlled, and subject to boards that make sure the broadcasted content matches the upcoming game! :)

Casino Owners Think They Have The Solution To Their Big Lost Of Profits, Reel In The New Whales Of Video Gamers!

Slot machine revenue in American casinos has been falling over the past few years. This could be a huge problem for casino revenue if you consider that the majority of their profits come from slot players.

To live Casinos needs 'Whales' people that are big spenders, with hopes of winning big, but of course rarely do, and the key to reeling in those was with Slot Machines and their spinning wheels, but that era of whales have gotten too old and no longer visit Las Vegas, so Casinos are fighting to bring in the new crowd, recently they been hosting big live video gaming tournaments that are streamed live to millions, but for visiting people they need a catch to get them to empty their pocketbooks, and they think they find the ultimate solution, build new gambling machines that are...
First Official Trailer Now Live

Launching on 28th October exclusively on Netflix, Skylanders Academy follows the heroic adventures of the Skylanders team, a ragtag group of heroes with unique elemental skills who travel the vast Skylands universe, protecting it from evil-doers. They achieve victory by setting aside their egos, learning to trust one another and fighting as one to maintain harmony and balance in the land.

We reported before about how Activision is branching out from the video gaming world, to the new TV landscape using NetFlix to launch a series based on its very popular Toys-To-Life brand called 'Skylanders' that kids have enjoyed greatly for the last few years.


Call of Duty®, Skylanders™ and Destiny Deliver Hot New Products this Fall

When it comes to turning a video game into a world-wide-known-brand, Activision is one of the experts at it, and that is why they are attending the next Brand Licensing Europe 2016 event with full force to showcase all their top selling brands they push onto gamers!

For the First Time in Toys-to-Life History, Fans Can Bring their Imaginations to Life with Custom 3D Printed Skylanders!

Month-Long Celebration Counts Down to Launch and More; Kick-off Begins with Skylanders Creator, a New, Free Mobile App that Lets Kids Create Skylanders on the Go!

The world created by Activision with their toys-to-life series called Skylanders, is soon going to get alot more fun, because for the very first time their millions of fans will be able to custom-designed their very own unique Skylanders character and have it then 3D-Printed and shipped to them to enjoy in real life, making it for sure turning anything you can imagine into actual reality! :)

"If you created a universe where there are no apparent consequences, how far would you go?"

HBO's eagerly anticipated sci-fi/western Westworld debuts this weekend. Producer Jonathan Nolan is making the media rounds, talking about the intriguing-looking show's story and themes, some of which are related to ideas that also apply to video games.

As us video gamers start to move into a new era of Virtual Reality gaming, where we are going to be immersive into a new world more deeply and real-like then ever possible before with our TV sets, the world of TV is taking a clue from that different and wondering about the next step in virtual gaming, maybe even being able to walk into a whole world that looks life-like and real, that is just as virtual physically as it is like currently with our games being only pixels, but not so, actual objects we can touch and feel, that behave like real humans,...