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Listen to sample tracks from Shota Nakama, Falk Au Yeong, and Yoshitaka Suzuki

Co-op monster-raising RPG Re:Legend launches its Kickstarter campaign today, with developers Magnus Games seeking SGD $70,000 (about USD $51,000) in funding over the next 30 days.
8 customers take home 11 awards, with a further 12 shortlisted

Perforce, the most widely used version control and collaboration solution in the game development industry, is delighted to announce that 20 of its customers – from start-ups studios to large organisations - have been honoured by the Develop Awards, including Studio of the Year Guerilla Games.
People should recognize why diversity matters in the modern video games industry. A lot of organizations still don't emphasize it anywhere near enough. A lot of women struggle with discrimination in the video games industry today. People who don't come from a Western background also struggle with getting ahead there. Individuals from the West who just aren't white will have their issues as well, in spite of the fact that many of the people playing the actual video games are going to be women and people of color. Video gaming companies should be aware of all of the reasons why diversity is lucrative as well as ethical.

For one thing, the video games industry has had a problem with originality for a long time. Many games fail to capture the attention of the general public because they are far too similar to many of the other games that are around today, which means that they are more or less redundant. Part...
If you think Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro is the best gaming will be, you have not seen Nano Tech in action!

Two years a group of international tam of scientists have working together and they are the breakthru point of building 'optical nano transmitters and pathways', that will one day replace the current 'copper traces' inside silicon chips that power our video gaming consoles, these 'nano optical' tunnels will allow for ultra-fast rendering of high-definition graphics due to the super-increase in speed.
From a PR standpoint, the past several years have been really hard for Konami.

We have seen a collapse with its biggest creative resource, as well as the complete eradication of P.T. from PSN, as well as reports of their awful treatment of employees. Currently, it seems that Konami is leaving the world of console game development with the only exception of Pro Evolution Soccer. If we consider the fact that Konami holds the rights to some of the most favored franchises in the history of gaming, this is incredibly sad news.

For the past couple of years, the eyes have been on Konami for trying to get out of the triple-A development market, and this decision made the company's technology director quit back in 2015. If you do not know what AAA games mean, it is not necessary an acronym for something, but a lot of people refer to it as A lot of resources, A lot of time and A lot of money. In other words,...
By releasing some futuristic, wearable tech that looks dope!

Today Atari announced a new partnership with NECA to introduce a new line of sleek, futuristic, wearable tech inspired by the upcoming sci-fi thriller Blade Runner 2049.
When compared to the visuals and level of complexity of modern games, casinos struggle to keep up.

This is precisely why Vegas gambling goliaths are turning to successful gaming concepts for help in reeling in a growing demographic of millennial users.

The fact is that Vegas casinos earn most of their revenue from slot machines, and while the simplicity of slots appeals to older players, it is something that younger players aren’t interested in, resulting massive potential losses for casinos in the future.

The problem is simple, the old-fashioned hit and spin gameplay is boring. At most, slots offer bonus rounds that simulate skill based games, but the game logic is also completely random and involves minimal engagement from players.

Why Slot Games Don’t Appeal to Millennial Users...
At Taiwan’s National Palace Museum Southern Branch in Taibao, children can join the Ramayana battle and attack Ravana to save Sita with an interactive game device for educational purposes.

If you are visiting Taiwan, make sure you check out this new interactive game that helps teach your kids about the Hindu culture, and Rajan Zed is urging other museum's around the world to setup similar interactive devices to help make more people aware of the unique and diversity culture that is within the Hindu world, which is normally badly represented in our Western Video Games.
The new device will work without being tethered to phone or PC
Company bets gadget will popularize VR as Apple did smartphone

Sony's PlayStation VR headset was originally called by analysts to be the one that would kick-start the VR revoultion and even tho it sold over 1 million units at launch with its low $399 price, it still requires you to own an $299 PlayStation 4 console to use, as such now analysts are hoping that Facebook's new plan to introduce an compact Oculus Rift code-named 'Pacific' that does not need a high-end smartphone, or a high-end PC and priced at only $200 will popularize VR finally into the mainstream world next year in 2018 similar to how Apple did with smartphones with its first launch of the iPhone just over ten years ago.
Finally The Truth Is Revealed, 15 Years Later!

Every since people could share 'photos' on the internet, there has been one running around for over a decade, with tons of fakers claiming ownership to it, and many long forum discussions on why the 'gamer' was up there only held up by 'duct-tape' gaming away!
What happens when a gaming company has a confessional booth?

Well, its going to get hit ratings and maybe banned again, but Zoie is not giving up, she has picked out sexy gaming girls and now we will be glued to Youtube watching them "Twerk While Gaming"!
If we were to travel back twenty years in time and ask people about their favorite sport to watch, most would probably tell us about basketball, football and baseball. If we were to ask if they would ever watch video games, they would probably frown upon us and ask what that has to do with sports.
It just wasn't the time back then, but at lot has happened since, to say the least.

According to Newzoo, a market research company focused on games and eSports, the number of people that view competitive video games will reach 385 million this year. Even though we're comparing to a single event, this is more than three times as much as the number of people who watched the super bowl. Not only that, but we've reached a point in time where some competitive eSport tournaments have way higher prize pools than tournaments in traditional sports, making the players in the teams millionaires from playing games....
Renowned Japanese producer coming to Brazil to host a special panel about his career

The flames of Rock’n’Roll will burn ablaze in São Paulo, Brazil! One of the guests of BIG Festival 2017 is the renowned music producer Shota Nakama, the creator of the acclaimed Video Game Orchestra, one of the largest musical concerts dedicated to videogame music in the world. He will host a special panel, on June 30th at 10am, together with Brazilian musician Antonio Teoli.
Thousands in customer deposits stuck in limbo

Geek Chic’s top-of-the-line Vizier could easily run in excess of $6,000 with upgrades. CEO Gifford told investors on Shark Tank that his company earned around $1,800 in profit for each table they made.
Founded in 2008, Geek Chic made a splash at gaming conventions like Gen Con and PAX by catering to a new breed of well-heeled tabletop hobbyists. Even with high-end 4k Gaming Consoles now available, the fantastic surge in tabletop gaming gave rise to companies like Geek Chic, but sadly after almost a decade of supplying custom build gaming tables to thousands of customers, they have closed up shop suddenly leaving thousands of unhappy customers wondering what to do about their lost order money, and no table to game on.
At risk of alienating gamers, major developers take on gaming's traditional third rail

Far Cry 5 is set in the fictional Hope County, Mont., and pits the gamer against a Christian extremist and separatist preacher.
At E3 2017 last week, which was the first time it was open to the public, over 68,000 people got to try out first-hand a number of upcoming games, and many of them noticed, how 'poliitical' some of them have become like the next Far Cry in the long running series, will have to do battle against Christian extremist and separatist preachers, which some are saying it mirrors the current influx of what is called the 'Rise of Trump', or 'far-right' movements around the world, for the first time game developers have decided to touch the forbidden area of 'going political' which might backfire and alienate long-time fans of certain popular franchises, so its very big risk.
E3 2017 is upon us and we know there's a lot going on!

To makes things easier, we went ahead and compiled a few E3 trailers for your viewing pleasure below!
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