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19-year-old spent 6 Days Straight in a Internet Cafe, playing Games without even Eating or Drinking!

A man in China has been found in a dazed state with rotten feet after a six-day-long internet gaming session. Police found the man lying unconscious in Hangzhou near the tracks with his feet infected.

Well we have reported in the past on some very weird gaming addiction stories, but this one really takes the award for the most stupidest of all addicts, he spent 6 non-stop days video gaming in an Internet Cafe in China, of which the last 3 days he spent without eating or drinking and the only reason he stopped his non-stop gaming session is he ran out of money, so was forced to leave.

La Petite Mort: Too 'crude' for some

Buttonmasher is Douglas Heaven's monthly column about video games, and how the way we play is changing and this month he looks into the growing world of 'erotic' type video games on our mobile phones.

One thing about video gaming on consoles is that it is controlled and basically games are truly censored and pigeon-holed into certain brackets of age groups, and one thing that is never allowed is anything border-line on the 'erotic' side, but when it comes to mobile gaming world, there is really no limits, you can produce any type of game you want and push it to the marketplace freely without going thru a big publisher and having to get an approved rating for your game, as such it has spawned a whole new era of 'erotic' gaming, and Douglas recently look into this growing area of 'erotic' gaming and has...
CS:GO Gambling among Teenagers and Valve's failed to take action, is the focus of this Lawsuit

Valve, the video game company behind the popular Counterstrike: Global Offensive, is being sued for its role in the multibillion-dollar gambling economy that has fuelled the game’s popularity.

Valve is in big trouble over the growing 'gambling industry' that has built-up over their popular Counter Strike game, now they are facing a huge class-action lawsuit over their failure to take action to stop it and at least make sure the gamblers are not underage teens.

Share the Love of Nintendo on Father's Day

Like Father, Like Son! - For dads this upcoming Sunday is very special day, especially the millennials, Nintendo was a big part of their childhood growing up. We love to hear your Gaming Dad stories!

When it comes to video gaming, there is alot of new fathers out there this year that grow up with games that their own dads had bought for them to enjoy, and so another generation of gaming was born and to help ring in this year's Happy Father's Day, is good old Nintendo that has been around to warm up the hearts of a few generations of dads so far, and of course millions of their kids also.

#E32016 - Top 10 List of Most Tweeted Games!

With E3 now over, Twitter has taken a look at the most talked about titles of the conference following a week of press conferences, gameplay reveals, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks and hands on demo's.

Another year, Another E3, its all over after a ton of new teaser trailers, hardware reveals, gameplay demos, and more over the last few days, the biggest social network Twitter, looks at what was the most talked about new video game after it was announced, and it seems Zelda had the most tweets, over double of its nearest rival Battlefield 1, with FIFA 17 and its new story mode coming in as close third.

Activision Blizzard Studios Expands Pioneering Skylanders Franchise Into Television

Activision have announced that 'Skylanders Academy’, the first production by Activision Blizzard Studios -- its newly-created television and film studio -- will premiere in in Autumn 2016 on Netflix.

We have seen many TV shows and movies leap from the your living room screen into the your video gaming world, but not too many popular games leaping back the other way, but Activision has recently announced that their very popular Skylanders series to moving onto a new format, the land of Netflix as an new basically TV show that all their young video gaming players can enjoy watching.

Squeeeeee. Very excited to announce this one.

CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games, are proud to announce the newest game in the studio’s PC and console line up -- GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.

The Witcher game been very popular, and now the developers have decided to turn one of the little hidden gems into the game, into a real-life complete stand-alone new game, and its 'CARDS' that right you hear it right, its a whole brand-new 'card game' based on Witcher series, and we got to hear first hand about it earlier today during Microsoft's E3 2016 Press Conference and before is its PR:

At E3 trade show, game companies are focusing on players as much as retail stores

The videogame industry’s bid to better embrace online-savvy gamers with live events will play out at the annual E3 trade show.

E3'16 will be a different type of 'gaming show', at one time E3 was nothing but selected invited press, that got to see the upcoming games in secret basically ahead of the general public so they can write about it in their next month published printed magazine, but times are changing, now websites rule the world instead of the printed mag. and streaming direct video has taken over from closed-door press-only conferences with a stage and demos, so E3 is trying to adapt and stay alive in this changing landscape for today's gamers.

To Make A New Updated Super Mario Movie

It may be a cult classic but the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie was a critical and commercial bomb. Despite the fairly obvious lesson that the Mushroom Kingdom and Hollywood don't mix. So try it again!!

A bunched of leaked emails from the large Sony Pictures hack last week, has appeared online, and it shows that Sony is chatting with Nintendo in working out details for a new Super Mario movie, even tho the last one in '93 bomb'ed at the box office, I guess they figure with today's generation and new advanced moving making, and maybe in 3D filming, that an updated Mario movie will be an success.