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General Video Gaming Industry Newz

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced a restructuring of its esports and media licensing business units.

The new entity, dubbed Capcom Media Ventures (CMV), formed on March 1, 2019 and manages all of the company’s global esports initiatives outside of Japan including Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) and Street Fighter® League (SFL) as well as Capcom’s entertainment licensing efforts.

Paulo Luis santos, CEO Flux Games, Stiven Valerio, Creative Director Flux GAME) with GDC PITCH JURY- Marek Ziemak (11 bit Studios), Rebekah Saltsman (Finji) and Mark Hickey (Devolver Digital)

Brazil Games, a partnership between the Brazilian Game Companies Association, ABRAGAMES, and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) – attended GDC in San Francisco between March 18 and March 22, with a delegation representing 47 studios and a whopping 50 video games across a variety of platforms and genres.
Partnership with Nordic Games brings even more competition to Latin America Premier Indie Games Event

Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) Festival, the largest indie gaming expo in Latin America, announced today that it will be closing the submissions for its award section on May 5th.
Check out how it is possible to play with a basic Blackjack Strategy ensuring profitable gameplay. Get to know when to make the decisions to Hit or Stand.

One would be overwhelmed by the amount of content related to the Blackjack Strategy that is available online. However, not all of them guarantee a winning streak, except that they provide a good understanding of the game’s technicalities.

Blackjack is everybody’s game

Blackjack is considered to be a unique card game as it has stood the test of time so well. Its basic rules are easy to learn and hence popular with gamers. Anyone can pick up the gameplay proficiently in a few minutes.

However, the game has intrigued and provoked debate among mathematicians and students of game theory. Upon honing the game's strategy, the chances of beating the dealer increases.

Beginners’ Blackjack Strategy

As there are a finite number of card...
Its 2019 and online gambling industry is increasing at an unimaginable pace.
Betway is among the more popular places to bet today, but it isn’t the only one. So, how do you start betting on Betway?

We have come up with a list of some very useful tips and tricks for you to win on Betway Thai the most you can!


Know why you want to gamble. Your reason can determine your wins. You need to be clear about whether it’s just your hobby or your passion which can become a source of income. Find out the statistics of winning. Do in-depth research about good casinos that are trustworthy platforms proving you with privacy and taking care of your security. Check the licensing. See to it that the website you play on, generate refunds.

VPN Please

Anonymity is important; and while online casinos provide security, there is zero per...
Focus Home Interactive is delighted to announce that its ongoing partnership withGames Workshop has been strengthened with the signing of multiple new titles across various IPs.

Focus and Games Workshop will be working with developers at Saber Interactive, Gasket Games, and Streum On Studio across a wide range of genres and established franchises.
Among Focus Home Interactive’s premier partners, Saber Interactive occupies an important space.

Along with MudRunner 2 releasing later this year, Focus Home Interactive is delighted to announce that they are partnering once more with Saber Interactive (Halo The Master Chief Collection, NBA 2K Playgrounds Series, Quake Champions…) for the development of new ambitious projects, but also for the Switch and Mobile port of some important licenses.
Board games can be quite captivating once you enter their magical realm. Some of them are actually very old, dating back to 5,000 BC, which confirms the fact that every human is a homo ludens — a human who plays games.

One of the most popular board games is definitely backgammon as it is played by millions of people around the world. Just like many other table games, backgammon is now available online, and all we have to do is find a website that offers a version we like and start our online board game journey.

Let’s take a look at how to find the game you like on the web.

Choose a Game

First of all, you need to choose a game that you want to play. There are dozens of table games online, including backgammon, othello, checkers, scrabble, hex, and more. In order to select a board game, make sure to read more about them and learn the rules if you are not familiar with them. As soon as you choose...
With the proliferation of gambling that’s taking place in Europe, much focus has been placed on the potential for problem gambling issues.

Gambling addictions are always part of the biggest argument put forth by gambling opponents. The issue has certainly reached a fever pitch in the UK where large gambling conglomerates are getting hit with large fines for not abiding by the self-exclusion regulations being enforced by the UK Gambling Commission.

With Sweden’s online gambling industry currently growing at a ridiculous pace over the past three years, gambling regulator Spelinspektionen means business when it comes to addressing potential problem gambling issues. Just recently, the regulator handed down fines for self-exclusion violations to one of the biggest operators Genesis...
Every video game player wants to be a professional eSports player. They are the new superstars. They have legions of fans who watch all of their matches, cheer them on, and wear their merchandise.

In addition to the fame and fortune, it's also a career that lets you do what you love. You get to play your favorite video games all day, alongside your closest friends! You also get to travel all over the globe attending tournaments and seeing new places.

That description of being a professional eSports player skips a few steps, however. There is a lot of work involved in becoming a pro and there's more to it than just being mildly good at a video game.

How to Become an eSports Player

To become an eSports player, you'll need to choose a game that already has an established eSports presence or a game that has a lot of eSports...
Gambling is a very popular activity in Great Britain, with the rise of online gambling further increasing its popularity.

A gambling participation review of Great Britain performed by the UK Gambling Commission, and relayed by BeGambleAware, shows that: online gaming participation has increased across most forms of gambling; 18 per cent of adults have gambled online; the average number of online accounts is four.

If you’re thinking about partaking in online gambling, there are some things that you need to know before you start playing. All newcomers need to be aware of what they need to do to be safe and to enjoy the best experience possible.

Is it safe to play online?

Now that web browsers, mobile web browsers, and almost all computers come with pre-installed antivirus software, websites...
I'm a huge fan of feel good type stories.

We're so often inundated with the downfalls of the industry that it can be easy to miss the things that make us love this industry too. Seeing an indie publisher not only break a huge milestone, but pay their fortune forward to the tune of $500,000 in charity donation is something that makes me smile.
The official Board Game delves deep into Black Desert’s lore and known mechanics

On Monday, Pearl Abyss announced a new board game based upon their highly successful Black Desert Online IP. Black Desert the Board Game is a strategically challenging role playing game where players explore a vast open world filled with monsters, treasure and challenging world bosses.
Get Your Hands on the New Tabletop Game This May

Square Enix® is proud to announce the all-new tabletop game, Tomb Raider® Legends: The Board Game. Scheduled for release in May 2019, players can purchase the board game for the SRP of $59.99 on the Square Enix Members eStore and at select retailers.
Ask any successful streamer. There is no one right way to attract an audience and become famous on Twitch or YouTube. Some famous streamers became popular due to luck. Others had to start from the bottom and build their way into success for years.

But irrespective of which path you choose to help you succeed as a streamer, you can become a better player by learning from other gamers. Continue reading to get lessons about streaming from a group of streamers that have been gaming long before Twitch happened: blackjack players.

#1: Know why you Stream

The biggest reason people play live blackjack is not to win money. Gamers play live dealers for the experience. Sure, every gamer feels happy to play and make money but most streamers do it for fun. But if you are just beginning your...
Online gaming is one of the most popular pass times for teenagers and adults that enjoy the thrill of participating in various games over the internet.

In earlier times, playing games online focused on earning points and becoming the champion in a variety of online games. However, the landscape has involved with the introduction of in-game skins that alter the appearance of the games. These skins can be bought or won when playing the game resulting in a better experience for both parties involved. Fortunately, many websites offer skins such as CSGO at an affordable rate, making it possible for you to buy the most suitable one.

How to get the best CSGO skins

The popularity of CSGO skins make them hard to find, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible if you know the right places to look. CSGO skins sometimes referred to as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finishes are part of the Arms Deal update....