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The sheer amount of online casinos available to betting fans is staggering, especially as they’re all vying for your time. With so many sites competing, bonuses have become an integral part of the online casino experience and the main factor in how casinos offer the best for their customers.

There are a few different types of casino bonuses, all pertaining to what sort of player you are and how you choose to bet. It’s important to know them too, as you don’t want to miss out on any vital bonuses that’ll make your journey within the world of online casinos the best it can be.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is the classic and most common of the bonuses that online casinos offer. This process is usually done through a bonus or promotion code that will activate it, so if you don’t know of one then it’s worth doing a little research.

When you register as a...
Join us at Booth #23017 in the Expo Hall.

Publisher All in! Games has announced that they will be present at PAX East 2020 in Boston!
The online gambling industry has maintained its rapid growth in the last decade, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Industry projections anticipate revenues of about $80 billion by 2023 thanks to a compound annual growth rate of 10% in the six years from 2017 to 2023. That is tremendous growth, and online gambling houses that dominate the market share, continue to attract more visitors. The appeal of online gambling is seen in the fact that 11% of all internet traffic comes from online casino players.

Traffic is, therefore, the lifeline for online gambling, and in a competitive niche, the challenge is attracting new clients while at the same time maintaining the casino's most frequent visitors. Despite these efforts, the number of online...
Betting on sporting activities is as old as time itself. The ancient Romans actually placed bets also called wagers on their favourite gladiator champions to win in the famed gladiator fights of ancient history, and while it is true that the losses can be quite devastating, the profits can be quite huge also.

But these days, it is not uncommon to come across people who speak negatively about sports betting; unfortunately, these people don’t have the full picture.

Betting on sporting activities can not only be a profitable pastime, done right, it can also be a great investment of your time and money.

Its driven by technology

Not too long ago, betting on sporting activities was more gambling than investing. This was because bettors mostly picked teams at random, hoping that their choice will win. This resulted into huge amount of losses that has turned a lot of people away from betting.

But these...
We’ve all heard of the big hitters of sports video games. In fact, we’ve probably played most of them as well.

Games like FIFA Football, Madden, NBA 2K, MLB The Show, and even WWE. They’re officially licensed games that let their players recreate the action they’ve seen on TV and put themselves in the shoes of their favourite sports stars.

The Demographic Reason for the Success of Certain Sports Games

These games hit a sweet spot between sports with large numbers of followers, and sports with demographics that enjoy playing video games. Sports outside of this sweet spot are likely to struggle in achieving similar levels of success.

For example, horse racing is the sport with the third highest average age of followers (63) in the United States. In contrast, the average age of a video...
One area where gaming has been completely transformed during the last ten years is the level of competition between players. And we’re not talking a couple of games of FIFA with a mate on a Friday night after work.

Recent estimates suggest that the global esports industry is worth close to $140bn and enjoying growth in excess of 10% year on year. The top-earning players, competing professionally on games like Dota 2 and Fortnite, are pocketing amounts well into seven figures.

Johan Sundstein has earned close to $7m over the course of his career, while at least 80 players have drawn in over a million. That number is growing rapidly as more and more seasoned gamers turn to esports as a means of transforming their hobby into a very lucrative living.

And as the esports scene continues to explode in popularity, so too does the market for betting on the outcomes of matches. For generations, fans have enhanced their sports viewing...
Between February 27 and March 1, 2020, players can be looking forward to some exciting days with loads of exceptional games at PAX East in Boston/MA!

After a promising debut at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) in 2019, the team of astragon is back to delight more than just indie fans with a diverse selection of interesting games.
Pioneering digital games festival returns to Steam April 24-27, aiming to attract 1.5M visitors

There are very few guarantees in life, but I'm sure of these two things -- pants are overrated, and any event I can attend without having to wear pants is a win-win.
"Poly" is world famous for their Gaming Headsets and their premium brand RIG™.

NACON, a major player in the design and distribution of video games and gaming accessories, announces the conclusion of an agreement with Plantronics Inc. (“Poly”) for the purchase of its headsets and of the premium brand RIG™. The completion of this asset acquisition transaction should take place before the end of March, 2020 after the lifting of usual prerequisites.
Grand Theft Auto V is widely regarded as one of the biggest video gaming hits of the last decade, with Marketwatch in 2018 even going so far as to claim that it should be viewed as the most financially successful media title of all time.

However, while you would think interest in a game which has been around since 2013 would be on the wane by now, the title is still going strong thanks to its web-based multiplayer mode GTA Online. Furthermore, Rockstar Games has now confirmed that two new updates released last year helped to drive interest in the online platform to a whole new level.

A major hit

In a statement released at the end of January, Rockstar confirmed it was offering major bonuses in GTA Online as it celebrates breaking...
If you are a fan of the NHL, then there is always plenty of action to keep you entertained. Last year saw a historic win for the St. Louis Blues and this season promises to be even better. If you are keen on seeing a game live, then you should plan your trip carefully. We look at which games that are going to take place during this year you should plan on making a visit to watch.

Oct. 2: Washington Capitals at St. Louis Blues (Blues' home opener)

After an amazing season last year that saw them crawl from dead last in the league through to winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in 51 years of existence, then everyone wants to see what they will do this year. Their season opener will see them raise the Stanley Cup before the game and then face off against the Capitals who won the Cup in the previous year. This should be a good gauge...
Great Britain hosts several great sporting events and so if you are looking to plan a trip to the UK these are some that you should check out.

If you are a looking for a reason to come to Great Britain in 2020, and you are a fan of sports, then you are never going to be short of something to see. There are a great many sport events taking place in 2020 and we look at the best of them.

The Grand National

This is the biggest horse race in the UK, and this year could prove to be a particularly special one. Tiger Roll pulled off an amazing second win last year, and he could put in a showing again this year. It is unlikely we will find out until after the...
Soccer saw a lot of incredible moments in 2019. Here’s some of the best.

Soccer is quite a core part of American sport. It has a large following, it Consistently generates a lot of excitement, and to be honest it is quite a good game to follow. 2019 so quite a lot of incredible moments when it came to soccer, and that hasn’t changed.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best soccer highlights from 2019. These were the moments that made you jump for joy, hang your head in disappointment, or the moments that genuinely made you stop and question what the heck the ref was thinking. It’s important to get soccer updates, so let’s jump right in.

Women’s Triumph in France

Let’s begin with a point of pride for the US soccer fans. The US soccer women’s team took home their second consecutive tournament win, doing so in France this year.

Overcoming both England and the...
Funcom also announces the intention to increase the scope of the upcoming Dune IP game

Tencent has today announced a voluntary cash offer to acquire all shares in Norwegian game developer Funcom. Tencent, a leading Internet company with a strong online games operation, is a shareholder in many leading gaming developers, such as Riot Games, Epic, Supercell, Ubisoft, Paradox and Frontier.
As 2020 has gotten underway, many of us are deliberating over the best titles that 2019 had bought us. With titles from every genre as well as exciting announcements at E3 in terms of console as well as game titles for 2020, 2019 was certainly a big year for the industry.

In this article, we will be providing insight into some of the top console games of 2019.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Though the final film in the new trilogy is out into the world, the Star Wars adventures are far from over. With stunning graphics new story arcs in the form of Padawan Cal Kestis and amazing gameplay, Fallen Order is exactly what every Star Wars fan could have asked for. Not only can you master the art of lightsaber combat, but you also get to hone your powers and explore the world with your new companion BD-1....
Saving money has always been a challenge for everyone. This is because money is one of the hardest things to save.

However, today we would like to introduce you to the 30-day money saving challenge. This is one of the best ways to save money, like how you can make money at casinos online français. To add on to that, we are more than willing to tell you all about it.

What Is the 30-Day Saving Challenge?

The 30-day saving challenge is a very interesting method that you can use to save your money. When you see something that you want to buy, that is outside your budget.

Before you buy it, put the money in your savings account for 30 days. After the set period, if you still want to buy it, then go for it.

However, if your mind has changed within those 30 days, then you know that it was not worth it.

The 30-Day Impulse Spending Rule...
We often see that there are plenty of free spins being offered at online casinos, but more often they are offered to new players, who open their casino accounts. New players can get free spins a s apart of a welcome bonus for their registration at the casino. There are different welcome bonuses and start up bonuses that are awarded to new customers who sign up at the casino. But what about the old faithful casino players, who also need to be awarded with some bonuses and gifts? If you play at the Danish casinos you can find information about both welcome bonuses and bonuses for existing players at https://asgardcasinodk.com.

Therefore, we would like to focus more on existing players who also want a little extra bonus a few times a week or a month.

Bonus for existing players

It sounds almost like there are no free spins for old faithful players,...