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General Video Gaming Industry Newz

Gambling online has become a popular pastime for many.

This hardly comes as a surprise with online casinos pouring more and more money into setting themselves apart and attracting new customers. Casinos are now even employing sports stars to promote their tournaments and gambling platforms ranging from ex F1 drivers to football stars. Recent leaps forward in platform design, range of games and introductory bonuses and offers mean that there's never been a better time to start gaming online. At the same time, crossover bonuses for both casino games and sports bets give some great incentives to join in if you're originally a sports punter. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete novice, it is doubtless well worth the time to find good bonuses from reputable casinos before playing as it may provide a good buffer for potential losses or add a little extra cash to an...
The world of gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry these days, and has grown significantly in value over the past decade.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when looking at the gaming industry, and things like gaming and tech news are good places to find out information about what is happening in the industry. This is actually really important because gaming is EVERYWHERE right now!

There are so many things to consider about the way the video games industry has progressed, and it is fascinating to look at how influential the industry has become. Over the past decade the world of gaming has changed significantly, and there are a lot of ways in which it has evolved. These are some of the biggest factors to consider when studying changes in the world of gaming in 2018.


One of the areas of gaming that has exploded in recent years is eSports. This...
Anti-tamper tech is far from iron-clad, but pirates are only willing to wait so long for a cracked game!

Piracy in the video gaming world has been ongoing since the start, and now that we moved basically to a totally-digital era, DRM protection has been top-most way of stopping platforms like Steam, Origin, and uPlay from losing out of launch states until like Denuvo states belong it finally does it 'cracked', so all they can do is slow down the pirates, but its never really possible to stop them in the end, even tho recently Denuvo raided the home of one of the top PC crackers, they know at some point their games will be cracked, as such recently sites like GOG.com have started anti-DRM campaign and there is wide-spread consumer backlash against protection systems like Denuvo, as gamers say it slows down the 'game' more powerful CPUs and GPUs are needed just to get over the lag that the protection...
@Lizardcube, @Guard_Crush and @Dotemu are proud to announce Streets of Rage 4. streets4rage.com #SOR4

Publisher Dotemu (Wonder Boy, Windjammers 1/2) and developers Lizardcube (Wonder Boy) and Guard Crush Games today revealed Streets of Rage 4, an all-new continuation of SEGA’s iconic arcade brawler series known for its radical fights, jammin’ ‘90s beats and dashing sparring gloves and bandanas.
Our MaxConsole Thoughts And Prayers Are With Everyone Involved And Their Families!

It's a Very Bad Sad Day for all Video Gamers around the world, as a gunman has just opened fire after allegedly losing at the Twitch Madden 19 Tournament taking place this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida. And news media is reporting at this current time of posting this very sad and horrible news article that at least 4 people are dead and 9 people have been injured before the 'madden loser' had killed himself.
Durga Online Slot Game.jpg

Upset Hindus are urging Prague (Czech Republic) based and Malta registered online gambling company Endorphina Limited to immediately withdraw its “Durga Online Slot Game”, calling it highly inappropriate.
If You Can't Afford It! -- Just Build It! -- And Then Enjoy It! -- Smart Kid Finds Way To Enjoy Playing Mario!

Sadly, we all have heard the news on how bad 'Venezuela' is these days, but that does not mean you can't enjoy playing Mario, as this smart genius of a kid has found his own unique way to do just that, by building his very own, Mario Tablet out of scrap materials!

NEWS SOURCE: Venezuela Kid recreates Game Console from Scrap Materials! (via) Reddit
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The online industry has grown exponentially over the last decade you can basically find everything online nowadays, ranging from shopping, ordering food, buying tickets and of course gambling online.

The concept of gambling has been around since time immemorial. Initially in its most basic form like, I bet my chicken for your potatoes or I bet 10 something that I am faster than you. The later stage was the industrial take on gambling or as commonly referred to as the brick and mortar casinos that has been around for a couple of 100 years. The modern and today’s most beneficial and easy way to gamble is online also referred to as online casino gambling.

The benefits of playing casino online, what types of games you can play and how to get started is something I will share with you in this article.
Jocuri Casino Online Gratis Fara Depunere.jpg
People win big at Online Casinos every day!

You might wonder how the same people always seems to make it. Well, there is no big secret. You have to be where the magic happens. If you don’t play, you can’t win. The best part is that when you play at the right place, you can even start winning real money without having to make a deposit and risk any of your own funds. Read further to see how to do it!

First step: choose to play at an online casino pacanele style

Forget about waiting for a seat at your favorite casino game! When playing online you don’t ever have to wait for your favorite pacanele casino slot like book of ra, sizzling hot or lucky lady to free up you are ready to start the fun and to win real money right away. You also have the luxury of playing the games from your sofa, while working on....
It’s the same situation all the time isn’t it?
Something new enters the market and everyone’s attention is captured, at least for a while

It happened with the first arcade game a few decades back, it happened with Pokemon Go in 2016 and although both examples given are still successful in their own rights, they stop making headlines. Very often, attention fizzles out, something shinier is launched and heads swivel the opposite direction. We’re seeing a very similar phenomenon this year but this time though, it seems like developers Epic Games are on to something.

New usually (though not always), equates to better. You see it across the gaming industry, from the umpteenth The Sims relaunch, to the casino industry in its attempt to lure in new...
Parents Enlist Videogame Tutors for Their Children
It’s not the violence or the addiction of the hit game that bothers mom and dad—it’s the losing

Addicition? Violence? -- Nah, those are the problems anymore in today's age of parents that grew up with video games, now having kids of their own, the big problem is 'losing', as such people are hiring 'coaches' to help tutor their children in the skills of playing games! :)
Discover the origin of the time breach: (video linked below)

Camex Games announced today that their Tactical Role Playing Game has been updated with a NEW SHORT FILM explaining why all the monsters are in one place.
Guardians everywhere will need to gear up if they aim to take down Uldren and his Barons.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new loot coming in Destiny 2: Forsaken.
Lock and load, Guardians. The hunt is on!
Just a couple of months ago, Blizzard Entertainment announced a partnership with Hasbro to bring actual Nerf gun replicas of certain weapons from the popular team-based shooter Overwatch into the real world.

The wait is over, you can now rush out to your Toy's R Us (oops, sorry they no longer exist), well I guess Amazon or wherever still sells 'actual outdoor toys', is there such a thing?

Well, there is place outside your mom's basement called the 'outside world', complete with pools and backyards and thing called summer (but snowball fights are fun also), so here is suggestion to you, put down that video gaming controller, turn off your PC Gaming Rig or your gaming console, and pick up your brand-new Overwatch Hellfire Shotgun and go outside soon (well, not soon, next summer 2019!) and enjoy shooting some Nerf's darts at your fellow video gaming buddies, that's if anyone you game with actually lives...
Get Linkifier summer offer and download as premium user from 80+ filehosts at high speeds and anonymously.

Interested in getting a premium account so you could download your favorite videogames no matter where it is hosted? There is a solution for you! Meet Linkifier.com. Linkifier.com is an amazing multihost service that allows you to download Download as a premium user at fast speeds from all major one click hosters including uploaded, rapidgator and filenext with just one premium account!
Concerned about trivialization; Hindus are urging French video game publisher Ubisoft to depict Hindu deities, temples, traditions, terminology and concepts with respect and accuracy in upcoming video-game “Beyond Good and Evil 2”.

In this action-adventure video game to be published by Ubisoft, Hinduism is reportedly going to play a pivotal role in the narrative, with images and references related to Hinduism, while it explores Ganesha City named after highly revered Hindu deity Lord Ganesha.
Blockchain is the one of the leading software dealing with digital transactions and assets, blockchain is used to record or store all the digital transactions. Transactions directly take place between users without any third party interference.

Blockchain plays a key role in the bitcoin transactions, which is the first ever cryptocurrency invented in the year 2009 using an alias Satoshi. The inventor of the bitcoin is still mysterious. Blockchain technology acts as backbone to all the digital transactions.

Blockchain is the set of blocks, for each and every transaction a new block is added to the blockchain and every block uniquely is used for a user. For every transaction taking place a unique address is generated each and every time which helps in maintaining user anonymity.

It's the dream of every defiant kid in school who favors late nights on a gaming console rather than poring through textbooks.

In response to the teacher's contention that playing video games won't enable you to make a living, it is increasingly valid for that student to turn around and cite a succession of ways and games that have allowed people to profit from their skill. Of course, textbooks and homework have undoubted utility, but the point remains that more and more people are finding ways to financial comfort through video games.

Whether being rewarded for their ability or finding smart strategies to maximize the game, players are now able to combine the thrill of the virtual world with the monetary needs of the real world.

The growing popularity of eSports

There have been long-running debates about the validity of eSports as a legitimate sport, but there is no doubt over the financial...
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Debuts New Hands-On Multiplayer with the Deepest and Most Engaging Call of Duty Game Ever
Destiny 2: Forsaken Showcases Hands-On Gameplay with All-New Hybrid Mode, Gambit
Get Your Dragon On at E3 with First Hands-on of Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Stay Tuned for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy News

Activision, a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc., today unveiled its action-packed lineup for the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held from June 12-14 at the LA Convention Center. At Activision booth #1001 in the South Hall, attendees will experience the first public hands-on gameplay with blockbuster titles Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, Destiny 2: Forsaken and Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy. Fans can stay tuned for additional Activision announcements, including...
In a 67GB Folder of ROMs on a Private Forum! / They were found in a folder called "DO NOT UPLOAD."!

Whomever thought a good hiding spot for long-lost 'warez' was right, upload them in the place you were not allowed to upload, and it worked, but someone figured it out, leaked a game from it and now the whole folder might be deleted making the games lost again.
Has of course prompted widespread outrage in the wake of multiple mass shootings at American schools!

Active Shooter, a video game that allows players to simulate a school shooting, has prompted a backlash in the wake of recent high school shootings in the U.S. The game has a June 6 release date but an online petition, with nearly 20,000 signatures, is demanding to stop it.
On 7th May 2018, the Bank of America Merill Lynch claimed that Nvidia shares will thrive considerably this year, with the generation of higher than expected earnings per share.

However, with Nvidia’s crumble just a month prior, after their autonomous vehicles development was put on hold, this rise could be hard to believe.

The Bank of America’s endorsement, however, has the potential to change attitudes towards this in the future. The firm has listed Nvidia as a ‘top sector pick’ and reinforced their suggestion to gamers to buy, improving the chances of increased shares in the future.

Nvidia And Their Ongoing Projects

Nvidia is at the forefront of the gaming development industry, with countless products including AI and Deep Learning, autonomous machines and self-driving vehicles. Their GeForce Gaming range, in particular, is popular amongst gaming fans, providing powerful graphics cards,...
The famous video game commentator as passed away earlier this week, following his long battle with cancer!

Earlier this month he announced to world that he was to retire from making YT content, and more recently he was recovering from his recent operation, and just the other day re-tweeting out 'dog pictures' which he loved to always do as pastime hobby, but its with great sadness we have to report that a follow video gamer has been knocked down early in his young life, so please take a moment of silence, and put on pause your video gaming, and show your support below! :(
The world of online casinos is ever-changing, and for those just starting out it can be difficult to find the right one to suit.

With many offering a vast range of different games and some even tailoring to a certain audience it is now easier than ever to find the right community for you. Here we are going to look at a beginners guide to an online casino and how this will help you to enjoy your time online and meet new people.

Make A Free Account

When dipping your toes into the world of online gambling for the first time it is important to ensure that you do not dive in head first. You need to test the waters and find the casino that is right for you with a nice community that you could see yourself being a part of! Online gaming and gambling can be a great way to socialise and as a result, this particular point is crucial. By making a free account, you can avoid being...
Electronic Arts announced its acquisition of the cloud gaming technology assets and personnel of GameFly today.

With Nvidia pushing 'Cloud-Gaming', and now Capcom going that way also, it has been decided by big bad boys EA, they should be ready for future of 'Cloud-Only-Gaming', just like we said basically goodbye to 'physical game discs', soon we will be saying goodbye to digital.