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Right now, we’re living in a golden era of superheroes. With films from the Marvel franchise lighting up cinema screens and drawing audiences from all across the globe, pop culture has embraced this modern-day pantheon of gods and magickers, mutants and men with the sheer desire to do something good.

Comic books are flying off the shelves in a way they haven’t done in years, whilst a plethora of TV series are also drawing inspiration from this much-lauded source. It’s unsurprising, of course, that the gaming world is doing the same.

Superheroes are the stuff of dreams to designers and developers everywhere, and they’re taking full advantage to create some truly magnificent content. But, in our humble opinion,...
International Music Talent Record Score in Renowned Abbey Road Studios

SQUARE ENIX® revealed a new featurette for LEFT ALIVE™ showcasing the international talent and creative minds behind the epic orchestral soundtrack for the upcoming survival action title.
Ah, the question that many people think of but daren’t ask, for fear of sounding silly. So, we’ve decided to save you the embarrassment by asking (and answering) it ourselves. You’re welcome!

So, what makes an esport game worthy of such a title? What’s involved in the transition from casual multiplayer to professional competitions with teams, analyst desks, and massive prize pools?

Well, in a nutshell, for a game to move from a standard one to the level of a successful esport, it needs to be competitive, have a large player base, and perhaps most importantly, have good funding.

Now that we’ve cracked the nut, let’s take a look at its essence in more detail…

1. It needs be easy to grasp

One of the determinants in a game's success is its accessible entry point, which includes gameplay features understood by the audience.

Admittedly, at times, developers tend to shoot themselves in the foot in this...
With the antics of Electronic Arts and Bethesda aside, 2018 was a great year for gaming.

So many top-class games were released across all platforms that every gamer was able to find at least one new creation which brought them hours of enjoyment.

Now we enter an all-important 2019, during which platforms will scrap over the massive PC audience while consoles will try to win the remaining battles before the next generation is ushered into play.

Steam cannot be toppled in PC gaming

Steam has long been recognized as the go-to platform for PC gaming, even with EA’s split to Origin taking many of the massive sports titles like FIFA, NHL, and Madden. At the end of January 2019, it was found that the platform was experiencing a concurrent peak of 17.5 million players, with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, DOTA 2, and...

Cryptocurrency online casinos are paving the way to the future of gambling. Unlike traditional fiat currency casinos, crypto sites present gamblers and gaming platforms with numerous advantages. The technology behind this new concept is blockchain; it has transformed this industry tremendously turning it into one of the fastest growing worldwide. Let’s see how this has come to pass.

Trustworthy Online Games

With the introduction of the blockchain technology, gamblers now profit from honest provably fair gaming. By displaying a betting ledge that shows real-time betting and transactions, many players are switching from traditional casinos where they’re not sure of their wagering to a more transparent platform where they can follow their betting and gaming live!

Fast Withdrawals

Unlike traditional gambling platforms where payouts took days if...
Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced a new esports series for its legendary Street Fighter™ fighting game franchise.

Titled the “North American Street Fighter® Pro League,” the series features 3-on-3 team battles in Street Fighter™ V: Arcade Edition, with six teams formed from a mix of seasoned pros, newcomers and fan favorite players from North America.
CI Games launches a publishing label dedicated to empowering indie developers, alongside the announcement of 4 new titles debuting on the label

CI Games, the developer and publisher of the acclaimed Sniper Ghost Warrior and The Lords of the Fallen franchises announces today the creation of its publishing label dedicated to indie developers, United Label.
Every year we are waiting for new seasons of our favorite series as devoted Game of Throne-ers or maybe Grey’s Anatom-ers.

However, in the world where visual content is produced regularly and with ever-increasing quality, you might miss some other worthy works and this is definitely not what we want you to do. Instead, we would like you to stay tuned and catch a glimpse of our top series recommendations not debuting this year but deserving your attention.

From the terrifying spirit of criminal investigations to dystopian worlds, there are so many emotions one can experience by watching series. Sometimes, just as many as if you would have gone on the Australian vacay and win in one of the online casinos for Australian players. Whatever comparison you may choose, the truth is that modern movie and series industry really does take care of your pastime, so let us honor...
The casino industry is one of the lucrative businesses on the internet.

The fact that you can access all your favorite casino games from the comfort of your home is what has contributed to the popularity of online casinos.

Today, you will find tons of casino operators that are offering players from the UK and around the world the opportunity to play and win real money remotely. Besides the full range of games, online casinos provide punters with generous bonuses and promotional offers to boost their bankroll.

Additionally, online casino operators use high-quality graphics such as 2D, 3D, and HD and visual animations to attract new players to join their platform.

An excellent example of a casino site with a sleek interface and high-quality graphics images is bCasino. The operator has used stunning pictures of some of the well-known landmarks such as streets and building in the UK. The site is...
Watch the Opening Movie trailer and hear “Face My Fears”, below!

Ahead of the launch of the highly anticipated video game KINGDOM HEARTS III, the game’s original track “Face My Fears,” by internationally renowned singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada and eight-time Grammy® Award-winning Skrillex, is available today.
U.S. and Canadian* Fans that Share Messages of Light and Positivity with Hashtag #❤❤❤ Are Entered to Win Unique Adventures Inspired by Disney Films

SQUARE ENIX® and Disney last week launched their KINGDOM HEARTS III - Share Your Heart Out campaign, empowering Keyblade wielders and Disney fans alike to fill the internet with light and positivity. By spreading messages of love and happiness across social media platforms, fans have now less than 48 hours to enter the sweepstakes currently running until the end of January 20th for a chance to win one of five exclusive trips inspired by beloved Disney movies.

Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) Festival has opened submissions (free of charge) for its award competition. BIG Festival, now in its seventh year, is Latin America’s largest gaming festival. The BIG Festival Awards strive to give recognition to talented independent developers all over the world. Last year, the event attracted over 36,000 attendees; both fans and industry professionals.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Blackjack Strategy Cheat Sheet.jpg
The new Red Dead Redemption 2 game allows players to make money, a lot of money.

Things like hunting and selling animal skins to merchants for cash. However, that could take hours and the profits are very demoralizing. Playing blackjack will be the quickest way to make hundreds of dollars. By knowing and using a few simple tricks and strategies, which also work in the real life game, makes profiting much easier and faster.

Where do You Play Blackjack in the RDR2?

Players can locate most blackjack games through the open map. However, most tables will be in town Saloons.

Blackjack Tables at Saloons:
  • Rhodes: In the Saloon at the south end of town. Head in, go up the stairs and you’ll spot three gentlemen ready for a game.
  • Blackwater: In the Saloon right in the center of town.
  • Van Horn Trading Post: In the Saloon...
Not “Really Fixated on Our Consoles” - Focus To SWITCH to Mobile Generating Revenue Streams!

We all knew this 'dark day' would be coming, since Iwata sadly passed away, whenever there is change of the 'top brass' of a major gaming company, the focus changes, the same thing occurred with Sega and Dreamcast, with Nintendo it just took a while longer, plus they had to get the Switch out, but even tho its now close to reaching their 20 Million Sales Target, it might be their Last Console Ever.
Gambling has been a big part of society since the very beginning of humanity.

The first evidence of some betting activity goes all the way back to the 2300 BC China: some tiles were used to play a basic game of chance. Nowadays in the 2017 AD, virtual reality sportsbook seems ready to replace traditional betting. In this article, we will take a close look, with the support of the experts of CasinoBiggestBonus.com, at how virtual sports betting will work, what are the main benefits and what are the betting sites that are offering already this service.

What Is a VR Sportsbook?

As you would guess from the name, people will have the opportunity to place bets via VR on fantasy sports. Events can be in any sports like football, horse racing, hockey, cricket and lots more. The main difference though is that...
Happy Holidays From All Of Us Here At MaxConsole!

We here at the MaxConsole headquarters have been very busy 24/7 all year long covering all latest in Console Scene News, but now its time for us to take a break and enjoy the holidays with our families and special loved ones, but before we do that, we decided to wish all our loyal readers an very special 'Happy Holidays 2018' and unwrap our Sexy Scene News Girls, and with a special one picked out just for you for each of our news sections that you love to read daily, from Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, and Retro Gaming you know that we will have you filled with all console love that you will need to survive thru-out the New Year 2019! :D

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