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Landmark New Partnerships Include Hasbro, NERF, LEGO Group and UNIQLO

Set for ongoing growth with a slate of world-class entertainment properties, Activision Blizzard Consumer Products Group (ABCPG) arrives at Licensing Expo 2018 with an all-star roster of licensing and retail partners.
The popularity of online casinos has been increasing more and more over the past few years.

With the development of high quality mobile casinos, people can play their favourite games anywhere they go. This means that the online casino industry is becoming more lucrative and it is not something which should be ignored when considering investing in a business. We are going to look at why you should invest in an online casino alongside the disadvantages of doing so. Keep reading to find out more.

What is an online casino

Online casinos are most commonly websites that feature different games or rooms that allow players to place bets. This includes games like bingo, slots or scratch cards in which the players hope to win large sums of money. These websites also often offer casino games like blackjack or roulette – allowing for a casino experience from the comfort of your own home.

The Sixth Annual Award Consideration Starts Today Until June 1 in U.S. and U.K.

The Call of Duty Endowment today begins its application process for the sixth annual “Seal of Distinction” Awards, recognizing U.S. and U.K. based non-profits that demonstrate the highest levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity in placing ex-service personnel into high-quality jobs.
In the past, video gaming was just a hobby and recreation, but in the last half a decade plenty of video games were turned into a phenomenon known as eSports, where players are competing in real world tournaments against other players for cash prizes, cups and all the things you would win in regular sports, including the admiration of the fans.

As you would expect, like most sports, eSports quickly became a betting arena, with online bookmakers readily jumping at the opportunity to lay odds and allow punters to place bets on matches and tournaments in various eSports.

Of course, eSports betting is still very young, and there aren’t as many opportunities as there are in other sports, but you can still bet on some eSports matches every single day, which is plenty for a savvy bettor who knows how to find value in sports bets.

If you are looking for the best place to bet on eSports, you can...
BREAKING - FU jerseys banned by @owpathtopro for possibly being too hot to handle. FU jerseys on sale soon. #BAMF

There is always some good drama from top eSports teams, and this time around Fusion University decided to give their team players, nice new 'Jerseys' to wear, the only trouble is they went and had the team initials F U printed nice and big, and of course people watching them play, would think of the 'other meaning' those two simple initials have, not of course simply the team's name.
Video games have been around for decades, with hundreds of consoles and countless games coming and going past us.
Since the first games were developed, people have been infatuated with them, with many becoming a part of the gaming sub culture.

Over that time, we got used to gamers and stopped finding anything strange about a person who spends much of his free hours playing video games. After all, video games are lots of fun and there is no reason not to do that instead of watch movies or do any other entertainment activity.

However, over the past decade, video games have evolved in many ways. From the introduction of numerous multiplayer games with multi-million player bases, to the brand new concept of eSports, competitive gaming where players are awarded with real money prizes and treated like proper sports stars.

If you are not familiar with the concept of eSports and how...
eSports as a concept have been around for quite a few years now and they have been increasing in popularity and value every single year to date.

In 2018, eSports are bigger than ever, with more games available and teams and players competing than ever before.

Unlike regular video games where players are playing just for fun and leisure, eSports are true competitions of skill and wits, pitting the best players against each others and giving them a chance to win prestige, awards and lots of cash money for their victories.

To find out everything there is to know about eSports, you can visit eports.net and get a full rundown of all the competitions, players and teams involved with eSports, but for the time being, let us have a look at what the most popular eSports are in 2018 and which games you should look into playing if you are just getting...
In a recent earnings call, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, had the following to say in regards to loot boxes:

We have reported before, on the growing trend of adding 'Loot Boxes' into our games, and EA is leader is this horrible new way to rake in some more money from their fans, and it seems they are willing to push forward with it more, but all the while claiming 'they are thinking about their loyal gamers', well maybe not thinking how to make them happy, only thinking about their hard-earned dollars!
Four Games must make changes!

We reported on the big problem with lootboxes in video games before, and now Netherlands is going to crack-down on their usage.
A gang of teen hackers snatched the keys to Microsoft's videogame empire. Then they went too far.

The sad story about the Xbox UnderGround has been going on for long time, we first reported about SuperDAE Raid in 2013, then a year later we reported on Trio Charged With Hacker/Stealing From Microsoft and then finally in 2015 we reported on the Xbox Hacker Ring-Leader (David Pokora) getting 18 months in jail, and since then Wired has been following the whole story now in 2018 their latest issue, have published a in-depth story of the rise and...
Encrypts/decrypts chat messages with AES-128/CBC

I have released SecureChatAnywhere which is a lightweight program written in Java with the purpose of making it easy to encrypt and decrypt any kind of text messages using AES-128/CBC symmetric encryption. The graphical user interface (GUI) is designed as a convenient 'copy & paste tool' for computers to manage encryption and decryption stand-alone, in other words without relying on any kind of external communication.

The encrypted data (ciphertext) output is in Base64 format which makes SecureChatAnywhere compatible with any kind of text based internet communication tools out there such as email, chat clients and online services.

  • AES-128/CBC encryption with Base64 output Works with any text based apps and online services
  • Handles multiple keys as needed
  • Output copied to clipboard automatically...
All big 3 'gaming companies', Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft have been 'warned' by FTC for their usage of 'Void Stickers'

The biggest fear of those that love to open up their 'consoles' to mod or change parts inside, may soon be over as the big 3 have warned to stop using those nasty 'Warranty Is Void If Removed Stickers' which are in-fact illegal, so don't worry, be happy, rip them off!
The online casino industry in Sweden now has a 40% market share, up 19% over the past decade. Expanded regulation will drive up these numbers further.

The Swedish online casino industry has nearly doubled since 2008 according to a recent report from H2 Gambling Capital and Swedish gambling regulator Lotteriinspektionen. Online casinos now represent a 42% share of the overall online gambling market and that share is expected to grow in the near future thanks to new laws about to be enacted.

Online Casino Contributed to 42% Share of SEK22.604 Billion Industry in 2017

The Swedish online gambling market collected a combined SEK22.604 billion (around $2.77 billion USD) in 2017, an increase of 3% from...
New Research Again Proves Violent Games Don't Make Violent Killers

As we all horribly know there was recently yet another mass shooting at a school, and right away media jumped on the fact its 'violent video games' that is problem, and this week President Trump met with ESA and other video gaming industry leaders and in the end new research was discussed which shows 80% of 'mass shooters' didn't really like or play any video games, not even peaceful Mario ones.
The website 'Easter Egg' is a modified version of 'Space Invaders', which is called 'Bank of Canada: Inflation Busters'

Yesterday was 'International Women's Day', and as such Canada launched a new $10 bill featuring 'Viola Desmond', but the website also contained something cool for today's generation, an nice 'Easter Egg' that launches a modified version of the classic 'Space Invaders'.
Brings eSports players and their fans closer together by offering challenges, clubs, prizes and other perks during game play

Quarterback, a monetization platform for eSports players, announced today the beta availability of its platform for all eSports talent and their fans. Designed to bring talent and their fans closer together, Quarterback opens up new monetization channels for players, streamers and other talent, while enabling fans to show their support and interact with their eSports gaming idols by playing their favorite games. The beta version of Quarterback is now available for League of Legends and will expand to additional eSports titles in the upcoming months.
thailand fan.jpg
Over the past few years, online streaming, especially football and movies, has swept over the nation as audiences look for alternative ways to watch their favourite content.

With acceptable prices, advances in technology, and increasing accessibility, many people are beginning to realize the upside of turning to the internet in order to consume their favourite entertainment material. Football in particular, especially the English Premier League, is known for its vast popularity in Thailand, with Manchester United and Liverpool amongst the most followed clubs in the region.

As the demand for quality matches increases, the people of Thailand are already adapting to the ever changing market in which we consume media.

Services such as beIN Sports Connect are now serving as the supply for this demand, giving people an easier route to accepting the fact that agreeing with the terms of...
To produce animated Super Mario movie

Rumors have been floating around the 'net since late 2014, that big 'N' was working with big name studio to produce new Super Mario movie, but finally today on Twitter Nintendo of America confirmed they are and have picked the the world-famous studio behind the very popular Minions movies! :)
“There was nothing we could do!”

Virtual Reality is new gaming technology as such it can bring up underlaying health problems like having an 'epileptic seizure' while you are video gaming, and for the other VR gamers playing inside the VR arena, they were at a lost for what to do to help the person out.
If you invest your time, money and effort into something, it’s fair to expect something in return, right?

Well, if you’re a gamer, the answer is yes. Over the years, gaming companies have gradually come around to the idea that offering players something extra is a good thing. Instead of expecting people to keep paying for the latest games and upgrades for the love of playing, the top brands now give you something more for your time. Yes, in reality, the overall appeal of a game is what’s going to keep you coming back for more. However, if you can get something else for your efforts, then it’s more likely you’ll remain a customer.

Loyalty Counts for Something in the Gaming World

In fact, this is something GameStop released back in 2010. After noticing that store revenue was being overtaken by online transactions, GameStop launched the PowerUp Rewards loyalty program. In simple terms, anyone who purchases a game earns points. As a player accumulates more points, they can then redeem them for money off, online content, exclusive gifts, and more. The loyalty scheme has been so successful that GameStop now offers three membership tiers:
  • Player: Free
  • Pro: $14.99 annual fee
  • Elite Pro: $29.99 annual fee
Naturally, if you pay, you get instant access to better rewards such as 20% off purchases of trade-in games and accessories.
It’s a knockout!

Legendary American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, who recently beat both UFC champion Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao, has lent his likeness to the social poker game, Wild Poker. In a huge coup for the title, and as a clever marketing strategy, Mayweather’s endorsement looks set to give the game a massive head start in such a saturated market of freemium gaming options.

Mayweather’s fight with McGregor, coupled with the mass amount of marketing done to promote the fight, and the goading around social media that helped create more of a buzz, reportedly generated $600m at the box office. So by attaching his name and persona to the game, especially as Mayweather is known to be a fan of poker, will be the star power needed to give the game the added advantage. Mayweather promoted the game on social media to more than 40 million...
The best footballers of 2017 will be named in EA SPORTS FIFA Team of The Year!

For the first time ever, the EA SPORTS FIFA Team of The Year (TOTY) will be voted on by a carefully curated list of media, athletes and EA SPORTS FIFA community members, representing the millions of EA SPORTS FIFA players all over the world.
A bet over a game has tragic results

We have reported many times before on the trend of 'Swatting' by angry gamers, but lucky most times they end up with no one hurt, but this time it went a too far, and police ended up killing the gamer, and it has caused an huge uprising in the video gaming world!
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Embracing its post-apocalyptic reality show roots, Darwin Project opens its gates to a second Closed Alpha Weekend with a dev stream packed full of manhunting, show directing and… bards?

Today, Scavengers Studio is excited to ring in Darwin Project’s second Closed Alpha Weekend on PC with an hour-long dev stream. Chock-full of arrow-piercing goodness, the team behind Canada’s chillest battle royale game have more than a few tricks up their insulated sleeves to celebrate the coming of the Show Director.