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Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Headphone Stereo Earbuds

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots wireless BT headphones adopts BT 5.0 technology, bringing high-speed data transfer speed, stable performance and low power consumption. And best of all they are currently only $22.99 from 'rosemall88' on eBay, so check out below all the awesome features this headset offers to you for your ultimate listening enjoyment:
Join the asymmetrical deathmatch for computer, virtual reality, and augmented reality players hosted in the ruins of an abandoned Counter-Strike game-server

Relive those old CS days, though maybe not exactly as you remember them, through DUSTNET which launches today across all manner of platforms.
Android gaming industry growing very fast nowadays so there are many android games available on play store, and finding the games that are worth your time can be difficult. While a lot of choices are always a good thing but way too many choices can get a bit overwhelming. But don't worry, we've done the hard job of playing through the most promising titles out there and compiled some of the best Android games which are quite popular like codes for mohegan sun casino. Whether you're a hardcore handheld gamer or just looking for something to pass the time on your commute, we've got games for you.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The latest in the popular series from Gameloft, Asphalt 9: Legends is one for fans of high-end graphics and realistic vehicles. As always, it is available for free download but in-app purchases are...
It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like Apple products, especially Mac computers. It’s a reliable and intuitively connected to other gadgets device containing a lot of your personal information. It’s even more difficult to find a person who doesn’t use iOS or Android. Lots of Mac users are convinced OS X computers are immune to viruses and malware. Apple has strengthened this opinion repeatedly noting that its devices are much safer than those of competitors.

Over the last years, the number of threats to the platform has increased significantly. There are lots of Trojans which may be downloaded and installed without users knowing that. This fact makes users search for a reliable VPN which can be found on Cooltechzone.com. Especially in such an unstable time, when there are problems with security and Internet censorship. VPN makes it possible for you to protect all your personal data, as well as bypass any blocks with ease....
Game Controller Joystick for Huawei Phone

Design for Huawei, authorized custom gamepads, only support HUAWEI EMUI9.0 mobile phone system. This gamepad features reliable BT5.0 technology, let you enjoy a higher response speed and excellent transmission speed while you are playing game. Precision simulation, accurate joystick trigger buttons to give you a better gaming experience! With built-in high efficient battery, it allows you to have a longer playing time. And best of all right now you can purchase the HUAWEI BETOP G1 Wireless BT Gamepad for only $34.99 from 'acwholesaler' on eBay, so check out below all the awesome gaming features this controller gives you, and upgrade your mobile gaming experience to the pro level today:
Million Lords, their first game, is already achieving breakthrough metrics in beta test

Today, Million Victories, a French-based studio behind Milion Lords is announcing over $1.4 M. in total funding to support scaling the team and marketing in the coming months.
DUSTNET is an asymmetrical deathmatch for computer, virtual reality, and augmented reality players hosted in the ruins of an abandoned Counter-Strike game-server.

Happy Wednesday! Fight for your life in a free-for-all death-match, or cultivate the server for others - Play the way you want with DUSTNET's dedicated community!
We go in-depth of what makes Slotozilla, one of best video gaming online casino sites out there!
Whether you are new to gambling, or an experienced gambler in search for the right site, you found the right place to play the best slot machines.

Slotozilla is an online casino that offers thousands of different free slot machines for you to try out your skills on, and the site has earned the trust of thousands of loyal players spinning its reels every day.

Playing is as simple as entering the site and choosing between the set of different games - no download or registration needed. Moreover, money deposit is not required, but if you want to try playing for real money, be sure that Slotozilla is a safe client.

Every scam adviser will let you know that this is a trustworthy site with...
Mobile phones, aka cell phones, have radically changed the way that the vast majority of the human populace live, work, have fun and interact. They first made an appearance during the 1980s and were popularly seen as status symbols, even though they were then terribly bulky and with limited functionality. Since then they have evolved and now pack as much computing power as some desktops.

As to what makes mobile phones so great and what they are used for, this article will explain in some detail.

Great And Mighty Are Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have the following uses and advantages:
  • Communication- mobile phones serve as a very easy and convenient means of communication. They can be used to reach practically anyone on the globe.
  • Convenient To Use- mobile phones have to be the most convenient devices around. They have a small form factor, are easy to use and can be really...
Katy Perry Returns to Hit Mobile RPG alongside Several Generous Anniversary Campaigns

Today, SQUARE ENIX® kicked off celebrations for the third anniversary of the hit mobile role-playing game, FINAL FANTASY® BRAVE EXVIUS®, with limited-time events and generous in-game rewards. Surpassing more than 39 million downloads worldwide, the smash hit mobile game also welcomed Katy Perry back to the world of Lapis in the recent “Pop Hits” event. Players can obtain “Immortal Flame Katy” as a playable character for free for a limited time, and also hear Katy Perry’s original song, “Immortal Flame,” through the event stages.
Ganesha Gold.jpg
Upset Hindus are urging Pocket Games Soft (PG Soft), a mobile game development company based in Valletta (Malta), to immediately withdraw its 3D video slot game “Ganesha Gold”, calling it highly inappropriate.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that inappropriate usage of Hindu deities or concepts or symbols for commercial or other agenda was not okay as it hurt the devotees,
Take a look at the Hydrorks, a brand-new Doctor Who monster, in the latest reveal from Doctor Who: The Edge of Time
A behind the scenes peek at the upcoming feature-length VR videogame. This month it’s monsters! *shudders*

Revealed last month, Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time is a feature-length VR videogame that will transport fans into a globally-beloved world of aliens, mystery and wonder. Players will embark on a brand-new and fully-interactive adventure, inspired by the show’s 55-year history and starring the Doctor’s current incarnation, played by Jodie Whittaker.
Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time will...
For when you want to play ping-pong even when you don't have anyone to play ping-pong with....

or if you do, cause it does totally have both local and online multiplayer; Forrest Gump only wishes he could be so lucky.
Untitled1.png Untitled2.png
You can now Pre-register/Pre-order on Android IOS and Play in August

I collect comics and still remember picking up Battle Chasers when it came out in 1998. I loved Gully, the girl with the magic gauntlets, and Calibretto, the outlawed War Golem. Joe Mad's art was amazing and the fantasy world was deep and rich. Shame the comics never went beyond 9 issues. Well, now you can play the same characters on your phone! Battle Chasers continues! Pre-register today and keep the adventure alive!
It’s time to soak up some rays during Fortnite’s “14 Days of Summer.” Each day, players can drop into Fortnite for something new!

We've got the Fortnite 14 days of Summer ahead of us and I've got it on good authority that there's some radtastic (it's a word, ok) surprises on the way! Drop in every single day to check out something new and we'll see you on the other side!
For more information, including a list of the featured LTMs, head over to www.fortnite.com
50% OFF Flash Deals - From Now Until June 28th - Check in daily for 'awesome gifts' and new specials!

Starting just under 4 hours from now, Tomtop is having their 15th Anniversary Activity, which has great deals on everything from household electronics, to smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, accessories, with prices up to 50% OFF during their various Daily Flash Deals and Special Coupons which are running until June 28th, with various promotions changing thru-out the activity, so check out their web page for all the info.

Best of all you can even have a chance to win the XIAOMI Electric Scooter Pro and other amazing gifts, so now is the time to shop online with Tomtop!

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Today, we review the SpyMyFone app, which can help monitor your teenager's smartphone usage!

These days, with social media, and the constant pressure that your kids can be put thru daily life, like school bullying and other problems, it sometimes becomes the parent's job to monitor their teenager's smartphone usage, and that is hard to do when their mobile device is always in their hands, and not available for you to look at, or is locked with password you don't know.

But no longer do you have to worry as the developers behind SpyMeFone have made it very easy to install an app on your teenager's phone so you can monitor everything that is going on via your PC, on either an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

You first need to visit their website, and signup to their service, selecting either the 'Premium Edition' at $29.99 per month, which give you full...