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If you look back over the past 20 or maybe even 30 years, the betting industry is one that has seen huge changes. The entire process of betting has changed, bringing it into the 21st century and that has led to a huge rise in the popularity of placing a wager.

Gone are the days of track betting, finding a local bookmaker and even betting on a phone call. The first introduction was online betting, allowing users to bet from their home using a computer. Many thought this was perfect, a convenient way to place bets though that soon changed.

If you are betting on your computer, you need to be at home and on your computer, so it is not as convenient as once thought. Convenience is being able to bet from anywhere, anytime you like.

How Sports Betting Apps Have Grown

As people have realised what sports betting apps can give them, more have turned to mobile betting. There are no limits with this, and best of all, the apps are...
The majority of people are going to play bingo when they feel like playing bingo. This is, of course, one of the most wonderful advantages of having the ability to play bingo online at Umbingo.com instead of being ‘forced’ to go to a conventional bingo hall. Regardless of what time of the day or night, you are able to log onto the website you like playing on and play bingo until your budget is all used up.

Though this is true, and you are able to do this quite happily whenever you want, the question you may wish to ask yourself is: should you? The main reason you may want to question this is that there are bad and good times to play bingo, and playing during the great times will provide you a much better chance of winning. Continue reading to discover when the absolute best times to play bingo truly are.

Not During Peak Hours

The peak hours of bingo mean the busiest times, and these are...
with Type-C HDMI Built-in Stereo Speakers for Phone Laptop Camera Display Gaming

If you been looking for a nice 'portable monitor' to use a second screen for your laptop, or enjoy 1080p gaming on your Nintendo Switch, then look no more as currently TomTop has available this amazing 15.6 Inch Portable Monitor for only $129.99 USD with FAST & FREE Shipping.
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Visually Stunning Cooperative Survival Action Technology Benchmark Demo
From Award-Winning Studio Launches On The App Store And Google Play

BadFly Interactive, the studio behind the award-winning, fan acclaimed Dead Effect series, has announced that the tech demo for its highly anticipated cooperative sci-fi FPS game, TauCeti Unknown Origin, is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Recognized as a People's Choice title at Game Access 2018, the demo offers mobile game fans a polished survival action FPS experience set within two introductory story levels.

12 Sports Modes Music Control Sports Wristband 24H Heart Rate Monitoring Daily Waterproof Fitness Bracelet
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After the continuation of Haylou LS01, Xiaomi launched a more perfect next-generation smartwatch on Youpin platform: Haylou LS05. It is currently a very popular smart watch with a very attractive price. Because it has a longer battery life: 30 days, people also call it “Haylou Solar Smartwatch”, but it can’t be empowered via solar energy. The Haylou Solar LS05 smart watch uses a minimalist design style, metal frame, beautiful round watch face, with 12 sports modes monitoring, heart rate monitoring, breathing training, and other functions, bringing great benefits to the user's life.
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Williams™ Pinball: Volume 6 is Coming!

In celebration of National Pinball Day, Zen Studios presents Williams™ Pinball: Volume 6 featuring three legendary classic Williams and Bally pinball tables with Funhouse™, Space Station™, and Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray™. This Pinball FX3 table-trio is coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and Steam. Mobile users can play through the Williams™ Pinball app on iOS and Google Play.

At present, the online bingo sector is enjoying a purple patch. The online form of this classic game is really capturing imaginations.

This is not the first time that electronic and virtual bingo has proved popular though. Video games throughout the years have included bingo minigames in their story to offer players some extra excitement.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best video games with bingo minigames ever made. Whether Nintendo or Sony, there have been some great installments in this niche down the years.

Now then, let’s take a peek at the 3 video games with bingo minigames.

PlayStation Home: Paradise Bingo - 2012

We begin with the most recent bingo minigame in video games with this PS3 installment from 2012. Although short-lived, PlayStation Home: Paradise Bingo was a huge hit at the time.

This was a kind of video game and social media mash-up that sparked a cult fanbase during back upon the...
The world is overflowing with amazing video games. Furthermore, you’ll agree that the games continue getting better and better. If you’re a fan of video games, you’ll want to keep up with the latest games so you can play the greatest and latest games. You’ll find that your options are plentiful. Nevertheless, some games are going to disappoint. If you’re looking for the hottest games that you cannot miss, you’ve come to the right place. Within this guide, you’re going to learn about the latest games that you have to play right now!

Ghost Of Tsushima

One of the latest games is Ghost of Tsushima which was released on July 17. This action-adventure game was developed by Sucker Punch Production before being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is available on the PlayStation 4. The game offers an open world that players can explore. The story follows the life of Jim Sakai who is one of the last samurai on Tsushima...
Mobile Action-Adventure brings back classic adventure gameplay to a worldwide audience on Android and iOS devices.

Guardian Tales is officially out today! The mobile action-adventure dungeon crawler has seen success with soft launches earlier this year, but can now be accessed by nearly everyone globally. If you'd like to give it a go, click the download page button below.

The free-to-start Dr. Mario World game has reached its one-year milestone and the mobile game has continued to grow with fun new features.

Thirty years ago, on July 27, 1990, the original Dr. Mario game launched in Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy systems, delighting players with its puzzle challenges and its captivating capsule-chaining gameplay.
The Selpic P1 is being touted as the World's Smallest Inkjet Handheld Printer
And comes packed with everything you'll need to get started right away!

Inside the box, you'll find neatly packed the pen stylus, an inkjet cartridge (with a purported shelf-life of 6 months), a USB-C charging cable, some notice/registration cards, and a few cotton cleaning swabs (to clean off the inkjet head if it gets smeared with ink).

Setup is fast and easy with the Selpic mobile app, which requires a 2.4Ghz WiFi connection, but then connects instantly once it's been set up. The app lets you type text in a variety of fonts and sizes, as well as print images up to the size limit of the inkjet head. It -may- be possible to print larger images by making multiple passes, but it would require splitting the images across the print area and lining it up precisely with the previous pass.

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Comes to Nintendo Switch in Europe this 21st of August. Already Available on the American eShop and Steam.
"Feels like a dream of the games I grew up with...clearly tries to evoke feelings of a time when videogames were these strange, thorny things"
- Dominic Tarason (Rock Paper Shotgun)

TFL Studios are proud to announce the European release of The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] on Nintendo Switch.


This handheld device is compact, lightweight and simple to use which lets you take high quality, fast printing on various surfaces anywhere, anytime. It totally change the way we think about printing.

The Selpic P1 is a wireless inkjet printer that can print text, logos, memes, QR codes, barcodes, etc on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, textile, leather, wood, even on the curved or uneven ones in an easy way.

Weighing 92g (0.21Ibs) only and designing just like a pen, Selpic P1 is the smallest and lightest printer ever in the inkjet printing industry. This compact mobile printer can be easily transported in pockets, bags and briefcases for worry-free printing on...
Mystery, adventure, locked secrets, and stories to be told! Who can tell what prizes await you in the popular Book of Dead slot game, as you start uncovering its hidden treasures?

Get ready to explore Ancient Egypt in an online slot game that will lead you through the mystical Egyptian underworld, where you will even get to meet Anubis.

It's a video slot adventure fantasy game that runs on the platform Play’n GO, meaning that you can play it on devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The Adventure Fantasy Design

Book of the Dead will definitely leave an everlasting impression on any player, as it comes with a lot of cool details related to Ancient Egypt. The game follows the explorer and makes you feel like you’re truly part of the entire adventure!

Focusing on a variety of ancient symbols and ornaments, players can use five reels and 10 paylines to win....
Surprise Release: There's No Other Game Like This!

Hearing your own voice is strange, right? How about a fun game that teaches you to control it, helps you to feel more comfortable and confident while singing, and guides you to develop a stronger connection to your voice.


300 000 ! This is the number of thanks the developer Million Victories addresses to its players for downloading Million Lords!