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The lovely blue characters are coming back for some smurfing action!

The French publisher Microids and the company IMPS are announcing today the signing of a publishing deal for a video game based on «The Smurfs» IP.
The standard procedure for playing any casino game begins with creating an account with the casino. Players who don’t want to register but want to play games use the demo version of the online casino which does not allow players to play for real money.

The practice has since changed as more players look for casino options that allow them to play for real money without creating an account. The player only needs to provide banking details to deposit and withdraw cash.

How No Account Casinos Work

No account casinos are relatively new in the market having been introduced to address the needs of gamblers who don’t wish to register their details to play. The casinos solely rely on your banking information which is often related to your online banking service to identify the player.

Sometimes the casino uses your IP for identification to avoid breaching your privacy. You only need to choose the amount of money you want to deposit,...
iOS and Android Players can Unlock Exciting Pre-Registration Rewards

SQUARE ENIX® today announced that pre-registration on the App Store has begun for the upcoming mobile adventure RPG Romancing SaGa™ Re;univerSe™.
New Animated Trailer Featuring Vocals by Japanese Artist Raychell Released to Celebrate

SQUARE ENIX® has announced that the global version of the popular mobile tactical RPG WAR OF THE VISIONS™ FINAL FANTASY® BRAVE EXVIUS® has been downloaded over four million times since its release on the App Store®, Google Play™, and Amazon App Store earlier this year.
Through the Darkest of Times, The "Best Serious Game 2020" is now available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play!

Leading a resistance group from your mobile device sounds simple enough, right? Organize a protest, paint a few paroles on walls, collect donations... But here’s a promise: It won’t be easy. Because it wasn't.
Looking for a convenient way to gamble on the net? Then you’re going to love the convenience of our top three mobile casino picks. Introducing: Slots of Vegas, Cool Cat Casino, and Vegas Casino Online. While most casinos on the Play Store or the iPhone app store are just for fun, these give you a chance to win real money.

There are various incentives to play, starting with a variety of signing bonus options, monthly promotions, daily specials, VIP promotions, and more. MaxConsole gives you the down-low on these three great casinos where mobile play rocks.

These picks offer a variety of games from classics like online slots, Blackjack, multiple Poker options, and more. Each of these gaming houses have something for every type of gamer. In this article, we’ll be exploring each of them in turn.

For us, when it comes to online gambling, the first questions we ask ourselves about any given casino house or website are,...
It is funny actually, because online slots in the 21st Century can be so much fun to spin the reels on that you almost forget that the overall point of the practise is to win money, not to simply just be entertained. It is the same for all gambling games as well – do you really think so many people would be attracted to the industry if the only prizes on offer were a large amount of fun? Oh yes, the art of gambling is inextricably linked with the tantalizing prospect of winning a fortune, this much is self-evident. Consider any number of examples throughout history and you will see that this is very much the case, the only difference now is that gambling is also outrageously enjoyable, certainly a lot more than before - play today.

Want to know what the main reason behind this is? Well, it’s the incredible ascent of the online slot industry that is largely to blame for the gambling world’s increased level of fun. There is...
With a New User Interface, an expanded Free to Try experience and much more!

AQUIRIS is happy to share the first details of Horizon Chase World Tour’s 2020 Roadmap which will bring an expanded experience for all players.

The dice have been cast and the stars have aligned, Through the Darkest of Times is a winner, baby!
Kingdom Two Crowns debuts on iOS & Android with free content update featuring characters from 505 Games & Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands, a free new update for the hit micro-strategy game Kingdom Two Crowns inspired by the gothic horror action-RPG Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, is available today on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC via Steam.
Although starting from humble origins, the evolution of modern gaming over the past three decades or so has been quite the ride - from 8-Bit styling and rudimentary shapes on the earlier consoles, to the modern titles that boast hyperrealism and seamless transitions from gameplay to cutscenes.

The enhancement in technology for our games also goes hand in hand with the platforms we use to play these games, and that technology is changing fast. We’re now seeing an evolving climate in gaming, as the target audience has adjusted over time - but also the practices taken by publishers and developers, to innovate and maximise sales within these games.

Console Gaming - Forever seen as the more casual approach to gaming, as the barrier to entry had only ever been the cost of buying the console and games - in a way it still very much holds this reputation. A platform that is available to all, with larger libraries and no specific knowledge needed to get involved – this is...​
SQUARE ENIX’S Latest Mobile Tactical RPG Surpasses Three Million Downloads

SQUARE ENIX® announced today an exciting new collaboration event for the hit mobile game WAR OF THE VISIONS™ FINAL FANTASY® BRAVE EXVIUS®, featuring the beloved tactical RPG FINAL FANTASY TACTICS. Starting today through May 12, players can jump into the game and participate in limited-time events and quests, collect special characters and earn valuable rewards and bonuses.
Games, which have been played in various forms since the dawn of time, are going through a major evolution like every other aspect of our lives in these digital times. With the appearance of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), a new trend was born and it’s still gaining popularity.

At this point, about half of online users participate in online gaming and bigger companies can easily reach more than 2,000,000 subscribers on a global level. You may come to think that the reason for this growing popularity is simply good old escapism combined with boredom. But there are many other things that can draw our attention and promote distraction and escapism, so it’s time to think deeper. These are the 4 true reasons behind the growing popularity of online gaming.

The Endless Circle of Influence

As we’ve said, in some shape...
With a lack of sport currently taking place in the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic, bookmakers are having to find ways to keep their customers interested and entertained.

The majority of them have casino services that they can offer, but for those who like sport these are not always the best option.

For example those who bet on the Premier League are more likely to replace that with virtual football, as it is the same game, rather than roulette or blackjack, something completely different.

Instead, bookmakers have been doing what they can to push their virtual sports. This began life as just horse racing many years ago, but now most companies offer virtual horse racing alongside greyhound, motor racing and even football.

While this is all computer generated, at least it is a sport of some kind, and those having a bet can relate it to what they would normally place a wager on....
Join the Resistance!

Through the Darkest of Times is an important game to help us remember the horrors undergone by millions leading up to and through World War 2 Germany. Soon, you will be able to play wherever you are on your Android mobile device (iOS coming soon).
Pixel art, multiplayer, action-adventure game will be soft launched in Canadian markets in preparation for wider release.
Worldwide launch planned for later this year on both iOS and Android.

Kakao Games announced today that it will be publishing Kong Studios’ upcoming game: Guardian Tales. The game will be serviced worldwide by the publisher and will be launched in several phases. Guardian Tales is currently already available on Google Play in Canada with an iOS version following shortly. The soft launch window will also be extended to European countries at a later date.
A Bloodstained Crossover Event on PC, Consoles (Switch, X1, PS4) and Mobile (iOS, Android)
Free update featuring characters from 505 Games & Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Coming with Kingdom Two Crowns’ debut on iOS, Android

Raw Fury has revealed Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands, a free new update for the hit micro-strategy game featuring content inspired by and in collaboration with the gothic horror action-RPG Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. A dark and completely new setting that will change how you rule your Kingdom, Dead Lands will be available on April 28 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC via Steam, as well as with the long-awaited launch of Kingdom Two Crowns on iOS and Android that same day.
WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Release Campaign Offers Exciting Rewards for Players of Both Games

SQUARE ENIX® today announced that the hit mobile RPG FINAL FANTASY® BRAVE EXVIUS® will hold a special collaboration event with the newly launched tactical RPG, WAR OF THE VISIONS™ FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.
Slot machines online or at physical casinos have become a way of life that has come to stay amongst most of us. Some of us may not know the influence some of our actions and inactions may have on us. Wizard Slots mobile games have continued to increase in popularity all over the globe, even reaching places no one expected. With this immense growth, there are bound to be some widespread effects and influence that these games leave on us, even though we are not yet aware of them.

With these games, some players have found something to devote themselves to, while to some others entirely, these games are only there to help overcome boredom. With mobile slots the stake of slot machines over our daily existence has become substantially preeminent.

Against this backdrop, we continue to find the link between mobile slot machines and our health, because, with an informed opinion, we...