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With Tricky Puzzles And Supercool PvP Action

Indie game developer Gamestone Studio is proud to announce the official release of Maze Bandit, a challenging puzzle- and action-game, in which your ultimate goal is to rescue fair maidens wrapped in a vicious nightmare of great evil. Available today on STEAM™, iOS® and on Android™ compatible devices, Maze Bandit supports single-player action in addition to multiplayer fun.
TauCeti Unknown Origin offers an original and epic gameplay experience set in an exciting and exotic space world.

Indie game developer and publisher BadFly Interactive is proud to announce TauCeti Unknown Origin, their new action-packed coop sci-fi FPS currently in development for PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, PC-VR and mobile platforms.
The gaming nostalgia market is exploding

With 2017 bringing the 45th anniversary of Pong – yes, you read that right! – it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there is a greying community of gamers out there. These are people who had conquered fleets of aggressive spaceships, eye-rolling ghosts, a barrel-throwing donkey, bubbles and chu chus, Chaos, and even Old Gods long before some of us even touched our first console.

Indeed, even for those who packed their joysticks away in 1985 and never looked back, nostalgia for the early days of gaming is a booming business. Concert events such as Video Games Live and the recently founded World Video Game Hall of Fame attract crowds of exuberant fans eager to relive their memories of the arcade. Video game museums are popping up in major cities all over the world, from Oakland to Rome. Being always on the cutting edge of game development, Tokyo...
World Tree Garden, World Boss and Game Mode and more

Pocket Knights 2, a 3D real-time RPG game, which is run by Pitaya Network and is now available on the Google Play Store with new updates.

In this version, several new features have been added to the Pocket Knights 2 that will lead to a new gameplay experience and will greatly increase the chance of getting unique heroes, powerful weapons, and other rewards.
Feh Channel 7.27.2017

Last night Nintendo revealed additional information regarding future updates to Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile devices. If you haven't had a chance, please check out this video for more information:
Official website: https://fire-emblem-heroes.com/
Intel N3450 Quad Core / 6GB DDR3 / 64GB eMMC / Windows 10

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1080p FHD 160° Wide Angle Wifi/G-sensor/Parking Monitoring

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends is also available for download on PC via Bethesda.net and Steam, Mac via Steam, and tablet devices.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends, the strategy card game based on the award-winning Elder Scrolls series, is now available to download for free on iOS and Android phone devices via the App Store and Google Play store, respectively.
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Stereo Headphone In-ear Music Headset Earbuds with Mic for Xiaomi Samsung iPhone Smartphones MP3 Tablet

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Following up on the momentum and excitement of launch, it just became even easier to dive into the Albion Online community and share strategies for beginners and veterans alike, thanks to the online Character Builder.

.Just because it's an open-ended MMO, doesn't mean it has to be a daunting experience. Complementing the massive launch of Albion Online is a web-based Character Builder, allowing players to draft and share their winning specs and strategies for all the community to see.

Whether it's a beginner looking for tips on effective farming or a veteran sharing their unbeatable PvP strategy, Sandbox Interactive has empowered the Albion community to share their own personal journeys while reducing the bar to entry for newcomers. There's never been a better time to kick off your Albion Online adventure!
But first needs to do their IPO in October to raise enough funds for it!

Razer famous for building very specialized gadgets for PC Gamers, is now looking at finally cracking the 'mobile gaming world', but first they need some much needed capital for funds to complete the design of this rumored 'specialized smartphone' designer for Gamers!
“Fix the game!”
Niantic CEO John Hanke had his remarks drowned out by shouting from angry fans who couldn't log into the game!

Pokémon Go has been out for basically just over a year, so it was time to up the 'popularity' and get some official 'fests' going to promote the mobile AR game more, and of course for players to have a chance to catch those 'rare' Pokémon that are so hard to find, but the first day of the Chicago Fest is not going well at all, combined with cell towers not able to handle the thousands and thousands of smartphones turned on at once in small area, and with Niantic's servers also unable to handle the load, the players that had traveled hundreds of miles for the fest, were left with that horrible thing 'call talking to humans' around them instead of staring at their cells.
Right & Left Clutch Grip Kits Support Gaming Joystick Holder Stand Game Bracket for 5"-6" Screen Mobile Smartphones

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The world of Albion Online is now live and yours to explore, but what roads will this take you down?
Check out the new “Where Are Your Limits” trailer to see where this freedom could lead you.

Now that Albion Online is officially live and open to all three tiers of Founders and Starters, the team couldn't be more excited to unveil their latest trailer. Focusing on the vast freedom available to players, it highlights one of Albion's key strengths: the ability for players to walk their own path and tailor their gameplay to those interests. From the player-driven economy of local markets, to budding guilds, Albion's history books are already being filled by the community's actions. What part will you play in this journey?
Researchers and developers understand that people are living in a multi screen era.

This is why most popular games come with their partner apps.
Games nowadays go above the computer or console where they used to be played and companion apps enhance the immersion.
Excellent companion apps

Even the lovers of mfortune casino games attest to the coolness of the game enhancements. It is time we take a better look at some of them.
  1. FIFA 17

    This awesome app lets users connect to the FIFA 17 when they are not near their computer or console. You are able to prepare your team for the coming match. With this app, you can also get new teams and other items using FIFA points and coins.

  2. Grand Theft Auto: iFruit

    This partner app gives users access to GTA V news. It also launches more game experiences,...
Thanks to online casinos, the concept of gambling on one’s mobile device has also become rather popular.

Up until now, users of Android phones have been out of luck as real play gambling apps have been lacking in the Google Play Store. With the release of the Cherry Rush app store, gambling enthusiasts can enjoy gambling with their Android phone.

To find a real gaming experience on one’s mobile device it used to mean a lot of time spent surfing the internet and hopefully finding what you wanted. However, now with Cherry Rush, mobile gamblers are rejoicing as everything they need can be found in this unique app store. The apps here are categorized in a number of ways making it easy for gamers to find just what they want.

For instance, you can find casino apps groups by popularity or recommendations from Cherry Rush. Once a casino is decided upon, a one click download is all it takes to have a...
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