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Nintendo. No. Stop.

Internet is in Rage mode after finding out that the new Exclusive iOS game from Nintendo called 'Super Mario Run' needs your iPhone or iPad to be always connected the Internet to be able to play, leaving you with Mario-less action in subways or other places.

It turns out big 'N' has decided that their very first Mario game on a mobile device should work only if you have always-on-internet, once you have lost your signal, you have lost your ability to smash mushrooms or collect coins, or get Mario to jump over boxes. :)

RockStar Games has decided to release 'Bully' for Mobile gamers to enjoy, in honor of its 10th Birthday!

In honor of the recent 10 year anniversary of Bully, the story of mischievous teenager Jimmy Hopkins and his adventures navigating adolescence and the social hierarchy of Bullworth Academy, Bully: Anniversary Edition is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Below is a new trailer to celebrate the launch along with the full details on Bully: Anniversary Edition.

Alto’s Adventure is still one of my favorite games to pick up and play on the commute, on the airplane or basically anywhere I have both my iPhone and a few minutes to spare.

The endless snowboarding adventure is one part mobile game and one part “in the zone” chill-out experience. But now there’s going to be a follow-up, and it’ll be more than an adventure — it’ll be an Odyssey.

One of the over-looked mobile games is Alto's Adventure, if you have not tried it out yet, I suggest you do, and if you are a fan already like myself, you will be glad to know there is sequel in the works, and here is some 'teaser' info about the upcoming Odyssey edition.

Following in Nintendo's Mobile Footsteps, Sony is digging out some Classic Mascots for its Mobile Drive!

Japan's Sony Corp will release as many as six smartphone games in the next financial year, hoping that its own gaming franchises can replicate the success of console rival Nintendo Co's Pokemon GO.

Sony is bringing back to live some very old classic games from its early PlayStation days, but will it be enough to allow Sony to finally make a dent in the mobile world, they have tried a few times and each time failed at it big time, but this time they are not locking them down to a special network or device, and releasing them normally via the Apple and Google app stores for all to enjoy again!

Reveal Slated for Monday - Tune in on December 12th to learn more!

Following a leak from coffee chain Starbucks, The Pokemon Company today officially confirmed that more creatures are coming to Pokemon Go.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon being the best-selling Pokemon ever in the history of Nintendo, it would make good logic to capture on the new wave of players, so big 'N' and the developer Niantic will reveal all the details about the new additions coming to Pokemon GO after this weekend on the upcoming Monday, December 12th.

Now you no longer have to be tied-down to your PS4 console, to stay in touch with your Online Gaming Buddies!

Communicating with your fellow players is now made easier as PlayStation Communities have recently launched their mobile app that will help PS4 owners keep in touch with players who have similar interests even if they're not playing the console.

According to PlayStation's announcement, players can join parties and even launch into games with other members, or just talk about their shared interests inside the Community.

Deconstructing Mobile 2016 is Almost Here!

What is the shape of the maturing mobile market? Where and how are people playing mobile games? How has the influence of huge genre leaders (like Pokemon GO and Clash Royale) changed the landscape this year?

The values in the above picture reflect the percentage of adult mobile gamers (NA) who reported each reason as a motivation for play games on their mobile devices, and is inpart taken from the latest annual report by EEDAR which each year analysts all the mobile gaming data and complies it into their report which they sell off to various mobile developers so they will get the latest insight into what their marketplace ready is, and how to better focus their efforts in upcoming newer games they are designed for the growing mobile world.

Sadly, since this report costs money, we don't know what is inside, so let's do our own...
Tutela introduces additional revenue stream for mobile app developers

Tutela, experts in anonymous data monetisation, has announced that it is re-opening its partnership program and adding to its network of mobile app partners, offering an additional revenue stream to select mobile games and app developers.

When it comes to the growing mobile app world, developers are always looking for new ways to earn money back from their users, without too many ads getting in the way, so a new way has been found, taking your 'data' without you knowing about it (privacy?, remember to read the fine-print when installing a new game!), things like your location, speed of your mobile connection, and other forms of data which will be anonymously collected from millions of devices every day to inform the mobile industry and improve the world’s mobile internet, in exchange those developers that allow...
CMO Al Campa believes there's opportunity to “attract a new type of customers” with monthly fees!

Netflix-style subscriptions could become the future of monetisation in the realm of mobile games, with business intelligence firm App Annie predicting that the model could become popular with those who play on their smart devices regularly.

GamesIndustry.biz caught up with the firm's chief marketing officer Al Campa after a briefing on changing trends in the mobile market in London last week, where he identified monthly subscriptions as one of the highest growth areas thanks to the success of apps such as Netflix and Spotify, below you can read thru his comments on why he thinks the world of Mobile Gaming will soon be going the way of monthly fees like we have already for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

For Android Devices today

The popular mobile racing game Gear.Club from Eden Games is now available on Android through the Google Play store.

Following the success of the game on the iOS platform, which saw the Gear.Club race to over 1,000,000 downloads in just 5 days, French studio Eden Games releases its latest racing creation on Android devices.
  • #1 overall downloaded app in 77 countries on iOS.
  • #1 free game in 85 countries on iOS.
  • #1 Racing game in 142 countries on iOS.
  • Now Available in Google Play Store for Android.
Have you been enjoying the Gear.Club racing game on your Apple mobile device, or were you waiting for the Android release?
Sony's second endeavor in the mobile gaming space is likely to get very serious beginning 2017 though.

The creation of the ForwardWorks studio by Sony is about to show its benefits, as the Japanese giant is expected to announce its first mobile games next month.

Sony is having their PSX event in December in America, but over on the other side in Japan, there is rumored to be another event occurring with Sony new mobile development studio announcing the first game titles they are producing for release early next year.

People are still trying to put PC gaming in a handheld

For ages, humankind has wondered what would happen if you tried to combine a PS Vita together with Valve’s Steam controller. Okay, not really. But wouldn’t a portable Steam PC be kind of neat?

Less than an hour to go, and SMACH Z will have closed off on Kickstarter, after raising at the time of this posting €471,377 to get their idea of Steam/Gaming/PC in an handheld for all to enjoy playing games on device about the size of Vita but with the power of a PC.

Apple might not have its own internet TV service, but the company’s Apple TV is gradually turning a into a streaming box for other services aimed at cord cutters.

Sling TV is already there, and today Sony launched a PlayStation Vue app, which lets Vue subscribers stream live programming from AMC, Discovery, FX, ESPN, and many other channels right from the Apple TV.

PlayStation on Apple, well not the games yet, but their new Vue TV on Demand service is now available on Apple's TV box.

Select Game Content Available for Free; One-Time $9.99 Purchase Opens Full Game

The first-ever mobile game featuring the most iconic video game hero of all time goes on sale for iPhone and iPad on Dec. 15 in United States time zones.

We sadly, might not have any Zelda to enjoy on your Switch, but maybe we will be so happy still playing Mario on our iOS devices, that we will not notice the delay next year, because lucky for us Super Mario Run is launching just before Xmas on December 15th.

Also analysts are claiming that it will reach 1.5 Billion Downloads soon after release, it might even cause a increase in iPhone's sold, not to mention Mario will crush the Xbox and PlayStation consoles during the hot Holiday Season this year.

As part of its effort to expand further into wearable devices, Apple is working on a set of smart glasses, reports Bloomberg.

Citing sources familiar with Apple's plans, the site says the smart glasses would connect wirelessly to the iPhone, much like the Apple Watch, and would display "images and other information" to the wearer.

Google Glass has died, and they have decided to go full in with VR with their new DayDream, and same as Sony they go full in with VR with their new PlayStation VR headset, but other companies like Microsoft believe an mixture of 'real vision' and AR will be the future with their HoloLens, and Nintendo has proven that with Pokemon Go, people do infact enjoy playing AR based games on their mobile devices, and now we have rumors that Apple might be heading that way also with an dedicated AR headset for use on your iPhone.

It will list for $19.99. Execs Promise Much More to Come!

Hollywood just got serious about virtual reality: 20th Century Fox’s Fox Innovation Lab released “The Martian VR Experience” from executive producer Ridley Scott and director Robert Stromberg for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR Monday.

It is going to take a while before NASA can finish building a life-size EM Drive that could get us to the Red Planet Mars in only 70 days, but we don't have to wait until the 'impossible drive' is finished, because guess what we can visit Mars right now TODAY, thanks the wonderful people at 20th Century Fox and the PlayStation Virtual Reality tech called PSVR, and it only...
It's not all Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Party Fun, the execs. at UbiSoft have a real ground war on their hands!

Yves Guillemot, the head of Ubisoft, outlined a number of new initiatives for the giant publisher, including a possible Netflix series, some huge mobile gaming acquisitions and hundreds of new jobs in France.

The news comes via Reuters, reporting from a news briefing on Monday, check out the highlights of the changes coming to Ubisoft below:

It’s not just work, deadlines and meetings on American employees’ minds at their workplace. A new study reveals a large number of Americans play games at work.

According to the U.S. Digital Media Consumers study (PDF) by PayPal, U.S. employees play mobile games (30 percent), PC/laptop games (13 percent), and console games (10 percent) at work.

Recently, PayPal did a massive survey and study on what do video gamers play on and where, and the study finds that the new PlayStation 4 console has taken over the choice over gaming with males instead of PC's, but when it comes to gaming overall, smartphones are still the most used, and sadly its doing working hours, many employees when the boss is not watching is busy playing video games on their mobile devices it seems, instead of doing actual 'work' during their day.

With Games From Demi Lovato And DNCE

As musicians large and small look for new revenue streams to make up for lost sales these days, anything is in play, and the mobile gaming space has seen quite a few big names launch branded offerings that will hopefully entice their fan bases into spending their hard-earned cash on in-app purchases, where there is plenty of money to be made.

Pictures above from left to right is Kevin Jonas, CEO of Philymack, Phil McIntyre and Joe Jonas attend Fast Company Innovation Festival 2016 held recently at Skirball Center, NYU on November 2, 2016 in New York City, where they announced they are forming a new mobile gaming company to release a bunch of free-to-play games based on the name-brand of their signed artists, for fans to enjoy and of course to hopefully rake in tons of money from microtransactions buried thru-out the games that will be needed to...
No crazy promises attached to this pleasant walk-and-survive smartphone game.

Wednesday saw the release of a new video game from famed developer Peter Molyneux and his team at 22Cans. Yes, we were surprised by the news, as well.

Peter is back with a new game, and this is one developer that has gotten alot of 'bad press' over his hyping and promises and not coming thru with them, so instead of getting mixed up again with a bunch of drama like what occur with 'Godus' which was similar to all of Peter's previous games, it didn't live up to the hype, so he has decided to silently releasing his latest mobile game onto the mobile stores without any teasers, hype, or reviews, just let it coast on its on, without any 'hype' or 'press' to turn gamers away.