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With Games From Demi Lovato And DNCE

As musicians large and small look for new revenue streams to make up for lost sales these days, anything is in play, and the mobile gaming space has seen quite a few big names launch branded offerings that will hopefully entice their fan bases into spending their hard-earned cash on in-app purchases, where there is plenty of money to be made.

Pictures above from left to right is Kevin Jonas, CEO of Philymack, Phil McIntyre and Joe Jonas attend Fast Company Innovation Festival 2016 held recently at Skirball Center, NYU on November 2, 2016 in New York City, where they announced they are forming a new mobile gaming company to release a bunch of free-to-play games based on the name-brand of their signed artists, for fans to enjoy and of course to hopefully rake in tons of money from microtransactions buried thru-out the games that will be needed to...
No crazy promises attached to this pleasant walk-and-survive smartphone game.

Wednesday saw the release of a new video game from famed developer Peter Molyneux and his team at 22Cans. Yes, we were surprised by the news, as well.

Peter is back with a new game, and this is one developer that has gotten alot of 'bad press' over his hyping and promises and not coming thru with them, so instead of getting mixed up again with a bunch of drama like what occur with 'Godus' which was similar to all of Peter's previous games, it didn't live up to the hype, so he has decided to silently releasing his latest mobile game onto the mobile stores without any teasers, hype, or reviews, just let it coast on its on, without any 'hype' or 'press' to turn gamers away.

Following liquidation of Western development, company doubling down on Nintendo partnership

Japanese mobile game firm DeNA made it clear to investors this week that it intends to pour more resources into its partnership with Nintendo as it prepares to help ship Super Mario Run on iOS next month.

We reported on the closure of DeNA in the Western World, when it occurred a few weeks ago, and now DeNA is back with a new report that they are increasing their partnership with Nintendo in producing mobile games, and have over 100 people working on Super Mario Run and the next game that is scheduled.

After establishing OWN as a cable behemoth, the media mogul wants to expand its digital presence and put the brand right in viewers' hands.

It turns out that it might be possible to "live your best life" and still be mildly addicted to a mobile game. That's if Oprah Winfrey has her way, at least.

Just when you thought the world of 'mobile gaming' have everything you could think of 'brand-wise' from RockStars, to Idols, to Actors, etc. we forgot the one important thing OPRAH was missing in the land of Casual Gaming, well no longer as her OWN network, figured out a very large percentage of their millions of TV viewers are infact sitting on their sofas playing games on their mobile devices even while watching a popuar Oprah TV show, so why not rope them in also, and OWN both their TV sets and MOBILE and MINDS! :)

“Editors' Choice” by Apple. Ranking high in all charts worldwide.

Eden Games’ Gear.Club races through the 1 million installs mark in Apple App Stores within 5 short days.

There was many analysts last year when Eden Games announced their Gear.Club claiming that they would not be able to do it, win over the hearts of 'racing fans' with a mobile racing game, its just not the same as 'console-quality', but now they have proven their vision, that it is possible to design and develop and release a high-quality racing game on mobile device, because they have set a new world record already with over 1 Million happy download'ers in less than 5 days, not even a week since release!

Mobile is taking over the old-style of 'gaming', but the flood of millions of PlayStation 4 gamers is taking over the PC World!

About 78 percent of U.S. gamers play on their smartphones, according to a survey by PayPal and SuperData Research. And about 49 percent of U.S. males play on the PlayStation 4, compared to about 48 percent who play on PC.

Yet another study into the changing landscape of 'gaming', but this one is claiming that 'mobile gaming' is taking over older ways of playing on PC's and Consoles, but on the other hand it seems the surge of millions of gamers buying PS4's is knocking the PC world down in numbers, which is weird seeing how little the PS4 offers in in graphics compared to the PC, but maybe 4K PRO will help. :)

Pokemon GO itself, might have lost millions of players, but when it comes to the new accessory, its in hot demand!

Pokemon GO Plus has been available at stores near you, including Toys R Us, Walmart, and GameStop, for a little more than a month. It was September 16 that Nintendo officially released this Pokemon GO accessory.

According to IGN, Nintendo has since apologized for product shortages as fans of the game are going to Toys R Us, Walmart, GameStop, and other stores near them only to find out the game accessory has been sold out.

With lots of Halloween parties, and Trick and Treating, its time to open up the vault on games that 'scare you'!

Happy Halloween seems like a contradiction in terms since the whole point of celebrating All Hallows’ Eve is to be scared out of your wits. Yet, it’s true that being frightened is oddly fun.

For the first time in a while, Halloween is on Monday, so that means a true full 'weekend of scary' fun, and as you traveling to and back from to some fun parties, while now play an 'horror mobile game' as you are sitting on the subway in your Halloween costume and as such we have come up with a list of the top 5 'scary' games of all time for your mobile devices to scare the wits out of you!

But their new Mobile Game will NOT be for FREE, there WILL be a FEE to unlock the GAME after a few levels!

In an interview with Bloomberg, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said the company hopes to achieve as much success with Super Mario Run as Niantic (and the Pokemon Company and Nintendo) have achieved with Pokemon Go.

Nintendo wants their next mobile adventure to be just as popular as their AR wonder 'Pokemon GO', but they are taking a different marketting approach for 'Super Mario GO', instead of being 'totally free', and then packing the game with 'micro-transactions', they are going to make it 'limited game', not as simple as DEMO, but good number of 'levels' to enjoy, but then afterwards there WILL be COST to UNLOCK the FULL game, a one-time FEE, so parents don't have to worry that their kids are raking up bills playing Mario.

Pre-Registration Open for Android

Eden Games is proud to announce that its latest creation and first ever mobile game, Gear.Club, is now live in all Apple App Stores worldwide, for iPhone and iPad.

Meanwhile, pre-registration is open for Android users, as Gear.Club is poised to launch on Google Play next month. Pre-Registration members will be able to gain a head-start by winning great virtual items and prizes, the most coveted of which being the chance to start the game with the brand-new Chevrolet® Camaro® 50th Anniversary Edition.

Experience sub-second latency game streaming on the groundbreaking new Zuma Platform.

@ATGFlashback - We're streaming retro classics on the in-development Zuma platform at ARM TechCon. Come check us out! #ARMTechCon

The retro world was on fire earlier today when a picture appeared on the 'Net of ATGames playing the Arcade version of Millipede at their ARM TechCon, rumors were sparked of a new Atari Flashback console, but this one being 'Arcade' version, but sadly that is not the truth, infact they were demo'ing their new online streaming platform called 'Zuma' which runs on proprietary "PISMO" ARM Micro-Server.

You can visit their official webpage linked below, and grab the Android Demo App, and try it out yourself, and for retro gamers this might be a nice treat, but at the same time its sad that its 'stream-based' and most likely when launched it will be monthly charge.

With Dual USB Output for iPhone Samsung Phones

NewFrog has on sale right now for only $10.54, the new Vodool Universal Car Charging Holder, that has been updated with Dual USB Output and Full-Fuse-Protection, and designed for usage all most models of iPhone and Samsung mobile smartphones.

Vodool Universal Car Charging Holder with Dual USB Output for iPhone Samsung Phones for only $10.54 from NewFrog makes the perfect holiday stocking stuffer gift for someone special in your family, close friend, or co-worker, and at this amazing price why not grab a few of them, and don't forgot to include yourself on the your Xmas shopping list, because as you can quickly see from the following list of features and specs., this Vodool Car Charger...
Mobcrush is a live streaming platform and community for mobile gamers.
Mobcrush is the only company that enables on-device game broadcasting from iOS and Android.

Mobcrush, Inc., the mobile-first live streaming app and community for gamers, today announced it has completed a $20 million Series B fundraising round led by Los Angeles-based Evolution Media. Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, which led Mobcrush's Series A financing in September 2015, also participated along with existing investors, including Raine Ventures, Lowercase Capital, First Round Capital and others.

The new infusion of capital brings the total raised by Mobcrush to $35.9 million since its founding in 2014, and below is their full Press Release, on how this new influx of fresh money will help move them forward in pushing their vision of having us all watch our eSports events live from are mobile devices, without having...
The Mobile Gaming has grow so fast, with so many new players in the field, some older ones have packed-it-in.

German game company Gameforge has announced plans to leave mobile gaming behind and to focus all its efforts on PC games in the future.

The above picture, shows the large Gameforge staff during the 'happy amazing era', now sadly alot of those smiling faces will be learning soon if not already there is a 'pink slip' sitting on their desk, and empty box next it to pack their things into, as its not all rosy in the new land of Free-To-Play and Mobile Gaming, many companies have pushed into it, only to find out that new world pushes back just as hard, so Gameforge has decided to call it GAME OVER for their mobile dept. and go back to just PC Gaming.

Three Months of running around, trying to capture Pokemon in the end seems to be good for your health!

True to its name, Pokémon Go got Americans moving after a launch almost as explosive as a Blastoise bursting out of its poke ball.

Now that Pokemon been out for a while, research groups have been looking how all the running around with AR app, that its been infact making America more healthy.

In Today's age of Technology, Privacy is so hard to keep, but now with NinjaPhone you can Safely go on your Life/Work!

The smartphone you choose is the vehicle that will transport your private nuggets of information on the virtual highways we are all connected by today. The Ninja smartphone is the first device available to the public that incorporates stealth with state-of-the-art encryption.

Everyday when you read the latest news headlines, you hear about another horror story of company or famous people getting hacked and having all their personal secrets dumped out there for all to see and hear and view, but no longer do you have to worry about that because when you own the NinjaPhone, your own life both personal and work related will be fully secured and stealth (hidden) from all those evil hackers or companies out there spying on your daily travels in the technology and...
Morphus X300 has been on the market for one-year already, and its very similar to the features of Nintendo's Switch!

Nintendo Switch may have taken inspiration from China’s Aikun Morphus X300 handheld device, according to Reddit users.

Nintendo announced their Switch only a few days ago, and quickly afterwards Reddit users started commenting on the fact it looks and operates very similar to the already on the market device called 'Morphus X300' by Aikun which have been selling their devices for over one-year now, and recently someone interviewed one of the designers by the mobile tablet with detachable controllers.

VR could help bring us back to an Gaming Era before daily DLC, in-game video ads, and MicroTransactions!

When mobile gaming went mainstream, so did the free to play and ad-supported models, along with microtransactions. These trends eventually trickled into the normal video game industry, and gamers were hit by wave after wave of day 1 DLC, microtransactions in $60 games, and in-game advertising.

Is it possible that the way Virtual Reality works, that we could possibly see the return of games that are 'premium' and complete, and not filled with in-game video ads, daily DLC packs, and microtransactions.

Reason for popular games like Pokemon Go to lose 80% of their original players was no new fresh content quick enough!

Consumer research firm Nielsen, identifies when players most want updates, breaks down what types of content work for which mobile games, and to keep their new players on-board, fresh content needs to be added between the 3 to 5 weeks mark after launch.

It seems for the mobile game to stay on top of the charts and continue to be popular and to maintain those that started to play the game first when it launched, developers need to be able to quickly add new fresh content to their games between the third and fifth weeks after it was launched, if they fail to do so, they will quickly lost their userbase, as their players move on to other newer games.

Fastest $600 Million Ever in only 3 Month's time. -- Earning over $2 Million per day from all its Online Players!

Although many users have abandoned the app, Pokemon GO continues to make huge earnings, maintaining its title as the fastest earning mobile gaming app of all time.

So here we are 3 months after Pokemon GO hit the market taking the cellphones and AR feature for the rollercoaster ride of its lifetime, and even tho tons of players dropped off the online charts after the first few days of hype was over, the ones that stayed have made the mobile game still the fastest earning one in the history of playing on our smartphones, earning more money quicker than Candy Crush or Angry Birds, raking in for the developers behind the crazy of capturing fictional monsters in weird real world places, over $2 Million dollars per day, making it the first game that prints out at least an...
Warm-up laps are over. Gear.Club will race to Apple App Stores worldwide on October 27th. Eden Games beefs up team for self-publishing challenge.

Eden Games’ latest creation and first ever mobile game, Gear.Club, will be racing to Apple App Stores worldwide on October 27th. Google Play release will follow shortly after. Ahead of their first self-publishing effort, Eden Games has also assembled an all-star team for the mission ahead.

When it comes to racing games on mobile, they will plain suck ass, graphics are low-quality and the realistic is nothing like playing Forza on Xbox or Gran Turismo on PlayStation, but no longer as after nearly three long years in back-breaking development the upcoming GEAR CLUB from EDEN Games is ready for release next week on your Apple iOS Tablets and Phones, and when you see the mouth-watering teaser trailer below, and the eye-catching high-def screenshots,...
DeNA shutters U.S. offices as the early leader in mobile gaming retreats to Japan

Despite Nintendo's initial success in its foray into mobile gaming, with Pokemon GO becoming a global phenomenon over the summer, and Super Mario Run being lined up to be an unprecedented success, some breaking news has suggested that everything isn't necessarily going as straightforward as the prevailing narrative suggests.

Even tho Pokemon Go was very popular all around the world, it seems the success of it in Western World was not enough for Nintendo's mobile partner DENA to keep up an running USA office, instead they are going to manage all future game releases from Japan only, which means some fans are worried that in the future after Super Mario Run is released, that Nintendo's mobile arm will be Japan/Asia only, similar in setup to Sony's new direction in producing Mobile PlayStation games will be...
Skylanders recently turned into an TV Series, and now the very popular Candy Crush is also going that route!

Have you ever paused a game of Candy Crush, perhaps while passing time on the toilet or the subway, and thought, “This game is fun, but what I really want is an hour-long television program”?

Back in the day, popular TV Shows were turned into new Video Games for us to enjoy, but now popular Video Games are turning into new TV Shows.

This modular pen will inspire you at work, school or home

NewFrog has on sale right now, the perfect item to make your mind free and open to all the world of ideas out there available to you within your fingertips, as this Polar Pen Set for only $11.57 which you will soon see from the introduction below makes it happen!

Look over the amazing list of features below along with actual promo photos attached, and it will quickly shows you all the many different ways you can have fun and enjoy and open up your mind to doing various tasks no matter the source material of your creativity, being paper, touch, tablet, etc. this amazing tool the Polar Pen Modular Magnetic Pen Set from NewFrog for only $11.57 will flood your mind with so many different ideas so fast, that you might just have to buy more than one...
Many mobile games can access sensitive functions and data on employer-issued devices including SMS, social networking, location services & tracking and calendar access

Augmented reality, fueled most recently by the Pokémon GO sensation, and virtual reality gaming opportunities are beginning to really open up on mobile platforms.

Pokemon Go has been so popular that people are no longer just playing it in their free spare time, they have found out there is even Pokemon to be captured nearby or even inside their office workplace, and as such it has become a problem for some employers to control or limit the usage of the app while you are working, but when it comes to security there is alot more problems then just running around capturing monsters instead of working, because the employee's cellphone itself depending on the games or apps installed on it, could be leaking...