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Mobile Gaming World

Mobile gaming overtaking the PC platform shouldn't surprise anyone.

Mobile gaming is automatically going to have a few advantages that the PC platform will never have. People can practice mobile gaming anywhere.

They are not going to have to set aside any time in order to actually sit down in one location and practice their mobile gaming, since mobile gaming is not limited to any one location. The people who enjoy that level of freedom of movement are going to end up playing more and more games as a result. The progression of mobile gaming is more or less inevitable, given the importance of convenience to modern people.

When people go to websites like the pokiespedia.com website, they are going to be able to enjoy almost all of their favorite games on the mobile casino. As such, people really do not have much of an...
Gamsole founder Abiola Olaniran, is helping the African continent to take on the Mobile Gaming Industry

Nigerian mobile game production company Gamsole is making a big impact on the global gaming scene, with millions of downloads from around the world.

Another area of the video gaming world that is expanding is the African indie developers that are producing very unique games for the mobile world that their kind of people will enjoy playing and that non-blacks will also better understand the hardships of their people.

La Petite Mort: Too 'crude' for some

Buttonmasher is Douglas Heaven's monthly column about video games, and how the way we play is changing and this month he looks into the growing world of 'erotic' type video games on our mobile phones.

One thing about video gaming on consoles is that it is controlled and basically games are truly censored and pigeon-holed into certain brackets of age groups, and one thing that is never allowed is anything border-line on the 'erotic' side, but when it comes to mobile gaming world, there is really no limits, you can produce any type of game you want and push it to the marketplace freely without going thru a big publisher and having to get an approved rating for your game, as such it has spawned a whole new era of 'erotic' gaming, and Douglas recently look into this growing area of 'erotic' gaming and has...