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NewFrog has on sale right now, the Measy GP800 USB Wireless Keyboard for only $13.27 and it has many features and supports usage on Windows tablets, Android Smart TV Boxes and many more devices, as you can see from the full description below:

When it comes using an Android Smart TV Box or Windows Tablet, its not easy at times, but thanks to NewFrog, they have available for purchase at an super-duper affordable low price of only $13.27, the Measy GP800 USB Wireless Touchpad Air Mouse Keyboard, it makes your life alot easier, giving you total wireless freedom with a full 79-key Qwerty keyboard and Touchpad Mouse, after owning one for few days you will wonder how you ever use your Android TV Box without it.

A Real Money online casino games app can make all the difference in terms of the playing experience of the end user.

Gamers have been using mobile casinos if they were interested in being able to play their favorite online games on their mobile devices.

Today, these very same gamers are going to have an easier time with the whole process, since they will be able to use dedicated apps instead. 7 Sultans online casino has a dedicated app connected with it, and this is becoming commonplace throughout the industry.

Any Real Money Internet casino games app is going to be easy for people to download. Being able to download apps like these from any location certainly makes the entire process simpler. Some individuals might end up downloading these apps after randomly coming across them. Performing a simple search through the selection of...
The Japanese cliffs which see dozens of tragic deaths each year are experiencing improvements thanks to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO has seen its fair share of negative news lately, from lawsuits to fatal traffic accidents. But we’re going to share some good news today – specifically how Pokemon GO is preventing suicides.

Sadly, the Japanese have a culture where it is basically OK to commit suicide if live has gotten you down and you can't find a way out, and alot of places in Japan, people love to kill themselves, but they normally only do so when its peaceful and quiet, but now thanks to millions of Pokemon running around, and rare ones hiding out in those peaceful and quiet spots, the areas that desperate people go to end their sad lives are now to busy with happy trainers playing on their cellphones trying to capture Pokemon in those areas, so it has caused a dropped in the overall...
Ubisoft is expanding, as it tried to fight off the takeover attempts by Vivendi

Even if you're a regular gamer, you might not know about Ketchapp. The publisher is only a couple of years old, and the games it posts to the Play Store and App Store are uniformly small, simple titles. But what it lacks in ambition it makes up for in volume: by my count there are no less than 75 Ketchapp games on the Play Store, an impressive accomplishment in a short amount of time.

Ketchapp seems to have caught the eye of some industry heavy-hitters, because it's being acquired by Ubisoft, one of the biggest game publishers on the planet. Quoted below is the full PR from Ubisoft regarding the deal, of which no info on the 'money involved'

When it comes to New Technology, Human Nature has many ways to deal it, if things don't go the way you like it!

An enraged man filmed destroying iPhones and a Mac computer at an Apple store in France has been arrested. The unidentified man, who was wearing sunglasses and a white glove on his left hand, smashed the Apple gadgets using a heavy metal ball.

The world is crazy raging today it seems, as earlier we reported on customer smashing an Xbox One console after he lost 3-0 in the new FIFA '17 game, but around the same time, another person decided to smash up a bunch of iPhones on display at Apple Store, after not getting the refund he wanted from customer service.

Ultimate Value with Two Guitar Controllers, Over 500 Songs, Bonus Content, GH Live and GHTV

Activision Publishing, Inc., is giving fans even more reason to rock out together this Autumn with the Guitar Hero Live Supreme Party Edition, all starting on Friday, October 7th, their fans will have 'Double The Fun'.


Not at all cumbersome, honest! - A Must-Have-Hack for all those out there still playing Pokemon Go!

Seasoned Pokémon GO players will no doubt have their own techniques and strategies for catching as many monsters as possible in a typical 24 hours, but for the average person, a little help is sometimes needed. That's where Ben Heck's amazing "Pokémon GO Survival Kit" comes in.

Finally, a good video to show you how to survival out in the wild, when you playing Pokemon Go, and done by none-other-than the world famous Ben Heck, hacker/modding of gaming systems and devices, and you can see from the following video he is sure come along way from his roots, but still worth watching.

Air Server also lets you transmit via Google Cast and Miracast.

AirServer, makers of software that essentially turns anything into an AirPlay sever, has announced the availability of AirServer for the Xbox One. That means you can transmit your AirPlay screens to your gaming console, thereby creating a black hole of Microsoft-on-Apple madness.

The AirServer app has been very popular, and now thanks to UWP and it has been extended over to now work on the Xbox One.

Donald Trump Mobile Game On iPhone And Android, Imagines a World where he has become President!

New Zealand-based game developers have launched a free mobile game featuring a character based on someone most Americans feel very strongly about, one way or the other: Donald Trump. Called Jrump, the main character shares an uncanny resemblance with the appearance and name of 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

Since the big first debate is coming up in few hours here in North America, and its going to be watched by millions and millions around the world live, I thought it would be good idea to inform you about a great new free mobile game you can play while waiting for the debate to start, or when there is break during it for a Hillary Clinton time-out so she can rest for a bit! :)

Mobile VR Gaming's Future Looking Bright

Microsoft announced that Xbox Wireless Controllers will soon support Samsung Gear VR devices. The first game that will benefit from this is "Minecraft: Gear VR Edition," which will receive an update in October, rendering it playable using Microsoft wireless controllers.

MineCraft VR, here we come and even better you will be able to use your handy-dandy Xbox One controller to play the VR update!

The Smartphone-Native Generation already sees Smart Devices as all-in-one Game Consoles!

Square Enix today released its 2016 annual report to investors, which outlines three key initiatives it plans to pursue going forward--one of which is premium mobile games.

When you mention Square-Enix to most console gamers, they will remember them as company that bought them FF7 and all the other sequels in the Final Fantasy era, but if you looking to them to keep supporting dedicated consoles, think again because in the speech recently released in their 2016 Annual Report (attached below) by President Yosuke Matsuda for its investors, they basically stated the company sees smart devices like phones the new form of dedicated gaming consoles, and releasing high-end games for these devices is going to be their main focus from now on.

VR rigs will become the new Wii thanks to laptops. Just throw everything in a bag and you're ready to party.

Dell subsidiary Alienware claims that virtual reality (VR) laptops will soon compete with established video game consoles like the Nintendo Wii U. The computer hardware company launched its VR-ready Alienware 17, 15, and 13 laptops at the Tokyo Game Show 2016.

VR is all the rage right now, and Alienware is betting on it big time, by making their new line-up of gaming notebooks, ready for VR, and the marketing director Olmsted, claims it will become so popular it will be like the Nintendo Wii console, everyone will buy it!

Come Home, Slip on Your PSVR, And Sit Back and Relax to Virtual Music, Peaceful Scenes, and Browse your Cellphone!

Sony is set to bring your smartphone into virtual reality for the first time with PlayStation VR, offering you “supreme relaxation.” Really.

Well here is very cool thing that Virtual Reality will allow us to do, we can now relax in different more peaceful location, but still stay connected to the outside real world, thanks to our PS4 transporting our smartphone into the our relaxing VR world, well personally don't know about you, but that does not sound relaxing to me, I would hate to have my phone still busy ringing and displaying messages while I am trying to calm down from a stressful day, but anyway I guess everyone has different form of relaxing! :)

RPG Creator coming to iOS on September 25

If you ever get that creative spark while you're on a commute, and you dig the RPGs, then perhaps RPG Creator might scratch that itch. Never hurts to try it since it's F2P.

RPG Creator will be available on September 25, 2016 on iOS for both iPhone and iPad and will be Free to Play with a Premium version available, in the meantime here is few screenshots of the game, and PR description about how much fun you will have making your own RPG's from your iOS device when it comes out shortly.

Messages like this help draw fans back to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival has been downloaded more than 25 million times in the past year on mobile devices. That’s a big score for Scopely, the publisher of the game, and developer IUGO Mobile Entertainment.

So whomever thought that 'The Walking Dead' is finally 'dead' was wrong, its back and growing stronger than ever, with over 25 million happy customers, that have grabbed the game recently, and been fighting ever minute since to survive in the cruel unforgiving world that 'The Walking Dead' take place in, and here is some thoughts from the CEO himself, on why he thinks the game is so popular?

Launching worldwide this fall

Yesterday, the gaming giant announced its latest foray into the mobile market with Guardian Codex. This free-to-play RPG casts you in the role of a Resistance soldier trying to bring down the Empire.

Did you know last year the worldwide gaming industry hit $91 billion? Did you also know of that, 24% came from smartphones? $22 billion dollars from the mobile market, a number expected to increase to nearly $27 billion this year in a forecast made before the announcement of Super Mario Run. No wonder Square-Enix is so heavily invested in these things.

No more delays, the Pokemon Go Plus and its add-on accessory is ready for launch soon!

Nintendo and Niantic Labs want to keep the Pokémon Go phenomenon going. And they’ll do that with the launch next week of the Pokémon Go Plus device, which lets you capture Pokémon without using your smartphone.

With all the attention focused on the announcement of Super Mario Run at the Apple press event yesterday, it slipped thru the news cracks, that Nintendo along with their partner Niantic Labs is releasing a big update to Pokemon Go, called 'Plus' which will also come along with new add-on accessory, plus exclusive support in few months for the Apple Watch to make it a real Dick Tracy Pokemon Catcher!

Pokemon Go, caused Nintendo stock to jump, but the plumber Mario caused it to become a Power Jump!

Nintendo’s stock blasted northward again on Wednesday, following the surprise appearance of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto at Apple’s iPhone 7 event.

Seems investors are happy that big 'N' is finally embracing the the mobile world just like they were happy to see Pokemon Go on mobile devices, they were even more happy when Nintendo surprised the world and announced that Super Mario is coming exclusively to the Apple mobile devices, sending their stock higher than it been in long time.

Players Can Control Mario Action Platformer with Just One Hand

At an Apple event in San Francisco, CA earlier today, Nintendo announced that the leading man of video games will star in Super Mario Run, a full-sized Super Mario Bros. action platformer that has been developed specifically for mobile.

After the major mobile success of Pokemon Go, by Nintendo, they have announced their next famous mascot in their IP lineup, to make the jump over from dedicated console/handhelds to the mobile world, and in this case it will be Super Mario Run, but it will be for now exclusive to iPhone and iPad, with a planned release in December.


After the school bell rings, one more test awaits Guitar Hero Live players in the newly added ‘After School Special’ GHTV Premium Show.

So this is it, the last big long weekend, and all that summer fun is now over, and starting next week you will be stuck in school bored for 8 to 10 hours a day, but don't worry, the folks over at Activision know how to clam your broken summer heart down, because they are releasing a bunch of 'After School Specials' for you to rock your heart back into shape with your favorite GHTV device.

Playable Marketing Campaigns is the latest attempt by Snapchat to make some Ad money!

In the past, Snapchat has seen platform-specific releases of films and television shows, but this marks the first time the service has ventured into the video game market. It’s a forgettable move and one that’s more marketing than gaming, but it does give us at least a glimpse into what the future of the platform could look like.

As mobile apps look for newer ways to earn money from their sponsors, Snapchat has decided to turn one of their latest marketing campaigns into an 8-bit inspired video game where you play thru all of Serena Williams history in exchange it promotes the US Open event, plus their ESPN broadcaster and famous sports drink Gatorade.