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All thanks to Richard Spencer for spawning a new era of 'video game' craziness!

Remember that video of white nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched in the face on the day of President Donald Trump's inauguration? Of course you do!
These days, thanks to the ease of developing for mobile phones, and producing 'flash/unity' games for web browsers, when something crazy happens in the real world, it quickly spawns an whole new era of stupid games to enjoy playing for a while on our devices! :)
Blackjack and the video game industry have a long relationship.

The classic pastime was one of nine launch titles for the Atari 2600 way back in 1977, a development that owes a great deal to the card game’s accessibility. Since then, blackjack or “21” has made the transition to the ZX Spectrum (Casino), Game Boy (Las Vegas Cool Hand), and, most recently, to mobile phones.
Going forward, and pending the creation of a convincing virtual reality (VR) experience for blackjack (it’s not beyond the realms of possibility; a reported 300 companies in Europe have thrown their lot in with VR), the game is likely to remain the concern of casino brands focusing on the mobile space and on purely online experiences, like website play.


The rationale is simple: the appeal...
Get your swiping fingers ready;

Lords of the Fallen is available now on iOS and Android!
CI Games’ Lords of the Fallen is available now on iOS and Android, so enjoy watching the new Lords of the Fallen Trailer below, in the meantime read all about this amazing new mobile game which you can now download today from both Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.
Coming to iOS and Android on February 9, 2017

Swipe right for victory - Lords of the Fallen is coming to iOS and Android February 9! Meet our heroes in the new release date trailer and get your tapping fingers ready to reclaim the realm.
In a world plagued by fearsome monsters, only three heroes have the strength and cunning needed to look titan in the face and make them fall. CI Games is excited to announce Lords of the Fallen launches on iOS and Android on Feb. 9, 2017.
GOOD DOGS out now on iOS and Android (it's a good game, Brent)

WeRateDogs is a great Twitter account to follow because it recognizes a basic truth about life: all dogs are good dogs.
When the world is going to shit in hand basket, and all we see is anti-Trump stuff on social media, it is very relaxing to be able to switch off, and just sit back and 'rate some cute doggie' pictures on Twitter, and now the creators behind this fun game have their own game out!
With limited iOS 10.1.1 support

Prolific Italian hacker and jailbreak developer, Luca Todesco (aka @qwertyoruiop), has recently confirmed via Twitter that Yalu1011 jailbreak will be coming to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with limited support for iOS 10.1.1.
Luca is busy updating his famous iPhone jailbreak, the only problem is of course its just a 'soon' with no actual ETA from him at all. :)
CLASSIC GAMES, NEW FORMAT! - Mark Your Calendars: February 8th - (6am PST, 9am EST, 3PM CET)

Created for people who love to game, in terms of tech, design and content; Gameband Atari Edition is a powerful smartwatch, like no other.
Atari is back, they are teaming up with Gameband that made the popular 'watch' version of Minecraft so popular it sold in the millions the first day it launched, now they are coming back with round 2 on Kickstarter with an exclusive Atari only version of their 'Gameband' smartwatch.


So what do you think, would you buy and play an Atari Gameband Smartwatch? -- I...
Tools Leaked Online

If you cast your mind back to when Apple refused to unlock an iPhone 5c for the authorities following the San Bernardino incident last year, the company made the argument that if it created a tool for opening up an encrypted iPhone, then it would create the potential for that tool to then fall into the wrong hands and ultimately make iPhone encryption obsolete.
The FBI didn’t agree with this and went ahead and found someone else to do the hacking – Israeli firm Cellebrite, and was rumored to be paid over $1 million to do so, and after a huge outcry over it, neither the FBI would release the info nor the firm of course. -- But never say never to hackers, so in turn the company itself has been hacked and now most of their high-end tools they sell to people like the FBI have been leaked online for all to enjoy for free.
Eden Games’ Gear.Club introduces Rally gameplay on dirt and sand in latest update in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Eden Games’ Gear.Club continues to rapidly expand its car-lover universe as it introduces a new “Rally” mode of play in its latest update, enabling drifting on dirt and sand.
If you been waiting to try out the best A+ graphics racing game ever on mobile devices, well now its the time to dive in over the doors thru your open window, and grab the wheel, and hit the peddle to the floorboard, and slip your hand around the shifter, because the developers have just added an huge update to Gear.Club and its available right now from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Jump into John Wick Chronicles

John Wick Chronicles, the virtual reality game that ties into the John Wick film franchise, will be released Feb. 9 exclusively on Steam for the HTC Vive, Lionsgate and Starbreeze Studios announced today.
Hollywood is getting into the Virtual Reality gaming era, by making VR games to go along side their new film releases, and one such tie-in will be tried out next week for the John Wick sequel launch.
Nintendo says more than 5 percent of players have paid to unlock the full game

Nintendo has finally shone some light on the performance of its first real mobile game, Super Mario Run, and the news is surprisingly good.
Nintendo's earnings report is out, and we now get a look into how well their mobile Mario has been doing, it has of course been very popular download wise, but when it comes to conversion rate, only 5% have coughed up the $9.99 to unlock their Mario levels! :)
The newest technologies are always at the forefront of industries in the online world. This is why there are many advances that are being seen in online gambling.

No longer is playing games limited to being on a home-based Internet connection relying on special software or compatible hardware. Players have access to mobile devices that allow them to connect to the Internet whenever they want.
Many games to play at online casinos are based on Adobe Flash. However, the evolution of HTML5 in online casinos is replacing Adobe Flash usage. Just look at the games available on the mobile app from Red Flush Online Casino. You can play Red Flush mobile casino games on all types of mobile devices.

One of the main reasons the use of HTML5 is increasing as an option for online gaming is the security risks associated with Flash. Most major...
The Best Real money slot Apps are getting more and more attention these days. The pool of potential online casino game players is just growing more and more.

This is making it easier and easier for developers to get the inspiration and the motivation that they need. They know that their work is important and they know that a lot of people are going to be getting a lot of very real use out of their apps.
The best of the slot apps for real money are going to have a few things in common. People are always going to disagree over which of these games are going to count as the best and which of these games are the most notable. The list is going to change very quickly as well. This is a niche that is just too broad at this point with too many entries for any one of them to stand out in a way that is so obvious that it is going to force absolutely everyone to agree. However, certain real...
Virtual reality heavyweight HTC has set aside $10 million to create new VR tech and experiences that will "create positive impact and change."

The cash will be distributed through the Vive creator's new "VR for Impact" program, which is supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals -- a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.
Virtual Reality might not be taking off as good as developers have hoped, but here is chance to make some 'impact' in the world, by coming up with new VR idea, and getting some money for it also, and at the same time helping to make the 'real world' a better place.
Getting your gaming fix when you’re out and about is important to lots of people and there are plenty of options when it comes to which device you want to use.

There are choices to suit different budgets and needs so it’s important to decide which of these is your top priority.

When it comes to smartphones the iPhone is one of the top devices on the market; it’s fast, it’s bright but it’s expensive. As this product is so popular the manufacturer can charge as much as they like for it, as people will still buy it. The iPhone 7 is the latest in this family and while it is impressive it’s also one of the most expensive smartphones available.


Samsung is the next front runner and their S7 is a more durable, alternative to the iPhone. The super bright screen and immense processing power in this device makes it a great phone to play...
Multiple Games in the Series Are in Development – the First Launches Feb. 2

Nintendo launches its next adventure when Fire Emblem Heroes arrives soon on mobile.
For detailed information about release timings by platform, please check https://fire-emblem-heroes.com/.

Nintendo surprised Fire Emblem fans today via a Nintendo Direct announcement with the news that multiple games from the hit strategy-RPG franchise are in development. These include a new game for smart devices, two games for Nintendo Switch and multiple games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. There’s no question that this is by far the most fiery, most emblematic Nintendo Direct ever.