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2.4Ghz 1200dpi Portable Mouse
For Macbook Windows 8 Win10 Laptop Computer Video Game

The 2017 Newest Original Xiaomi Wireless Mouse from Cafago, is really a good choice for efficient work, and best of all right now using the Coupon Code: ALPAS00 it is available for the low amazing price of only $11.99 making it the perfect time to grab one.
4G LTE Phone 5.0inch FHD Screen 1920*1080pixel Snapdragon 625 Octa-core 2.0GHz Processor
3GB RAM 32GB ROM MIUI 8 OS 13.0MP+5.0MP Cameras 4100mAh Battery Dual Sim Fingerprint GPS WiFi Cellphone

Xiaomi Mi Redmi 4 Smartphone comes with FHD IPS 5inch Screen, with high color brightness and saturation. You can see details more clearly especially when watching videos and playing games. It also comes with Eye Protection Mode, so say goodbye to eyestrain and now is the time to order one from Cafago because with coupon code ALP1716 the price is only 137.09€, and the gray one is 148.29€, but only until the end of June 30th and as you can see from features below its worth it:
Great specials until end of June that will help setup your home office better!

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iRULU BL20 Projector
iRULU BL20 Projector.jpg
Unbeatable Deals up to 61% at 10:00-12:00AM & 20:00-22:00PM Coupon Price
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4K 25FPS 1080P 60FPS Wifi Cam FPV Video Output 16MP 170°Wide-Angle Lens with Diving 30-meter Waterproof Case

Cafago has on sale right now the Andoer Q3H 2" Ultra-HD LCD Action Camera, which ships from their US Warehouse for only $30.99 USD using the coupon code ALD3144U, or from their Germany warehouse for only 27.49 Euros using the coupon code ALD3144D, and as you can see from the amazing list of features below it is well worth grabbing now to get into the new trend of 'Action Cameras', because this special deal from Cafago is only valid until June 30th.
Five games at launch, with more coming every two weeks, but the mobile service comes with a catch!

Sega’s giving its classic games library, from the Master System to the Dreamcast, a new home. Sega Forever is a mobile service for iOS and Android that makes “nearly every Sega game” available for free.
Sega is bringing some of its best retro games to your iOS or Android smartphone, but there is small catch, they are Free-To-Play, so you will need to view some ads now and then to keep on playing, or you can fork over $1.99 per game to turn off the 'ad-support' :)
Car Rear View Backup Reverse System + HD Parking Camera

CAFAGO has on sale right now until June 30th, the Best 5 Inch TFT LCD Display Monitor, for only $18.18 with FREE shipping from their USA Warehouse using coupon code ALK4274
The Best 5 Inch TFT LCD Display Monitor with its Compact Display and HD Rear View Camera, is the perfect kit to ensure parking safety, and that is just one of many uses this unit can be used for, I am sure you can think of many other useful ideas for it at the wonderful price of [Only $18.18 Until June 30th[/b], it might be worth to grab a few extra for other projects.
Cafago has on sale right now the Andoer LH-811 Digital Wireless Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Headset for Only $15.42

Plus for limited time if you use the Coupon Code ALV1267 you will save even more with fast shipping direct from their Germany/USA/UK Warehouses!
If you want to find a high-quality and multifunctional headset, the Andoer LH-811 Digital Wireless Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Headset is your best choice. The Multifunctional headphone combines the Bluetooth, Card MP3 player and FM Radio function, and supports hands-free function. With this product, you greatly enjoy the wonderful wireless music, listen to FM radio, and it also can be worked as a MP3 Player because it supports Memory card (MicroSD / TF card). Moreover, don’t worry, if your music players (Such as, MP3 / MP4, etc) have no Bluetooth function, you can connect the music players to...
Android 6.0 Amlogic S905X Quad Core XBMC VP9 UHD 4K 1G / 8G Mini PC WiFi H.265 DLNA Miracast HD Media Player

Right now, CAFAGO has on sale, the Docooler M9S-PRO Smart Android TV Box for Only $35.53, with EU and US shipping!
If you want to change your traditional TV & LCD monitor into a intelligent platform which just like a Tablet PC. And the Docooler M9S-PRO smart Android TV Box is you great choice and can meet your demand because it can change your traditional TV & LCD monitor into a multimedia center by connecting the Internet (Via WiFi or RJ45). With this product, you can greatly enjoy videos, music, photos, etc and install or uninstall software, games and application programs. This smart Android TV Box will bring you much fun & convenience, and now is the perfect time to order one, as CAFOGO has it on sale for Only...
Great Selection Of Tablets / Smartphones / Cameras / Accessories

iRULU has been in business for over decade, and producing their own brand of tablets for over 5 years now, and recently they have become a new sponsor on our site, for all our loyal MaxConsole readers to enjoy seeing from time to time various promotions.
iRULU is an amazing webshop outlet to shop online with, as they offer up direct at factory prices, a wide selection of Tablets, Smartphones, Cameras, Accessories and ship direct from US, DE, UK and HK Warehouses making it fast and very affordable. :)
360°Hand Finger Spinner / Hybrid Rotation Bearing / Spin Widget Focus Toy / Nylon PA Material

The new craze of 'Spinners' are great for ADHD, Anxiety, Boredom, Killing Time, and is fun for all ages from Adults to Children.
There is a new gaming craze in town, and its not hot new mobile game, or a new gaming console, its just a simple 'DIY Tri-Fidget Spinner', that does not need batteries, or TV's, or cables, just the power of your two hands (or even one for experts) and you have amazing hours of fun.
Exclusive rewards offered to preregistered players

Pitaya Network announced the pre-registration for Pocket Knights 2, an action RPG in 3D with MMO features.
In Pocket Knights 2, players take on the role of a savior to fight corrupted the dark force behind dragon flight that threaten the world where all races and humans once peacefully coexisted.
Joining the Market with More Stunning Features

Yamaga has recently updated the packaging for their very popular Nasudake J7 CSR true wireless Bluetooth earphones!
Yamaga has contacted us again about their amazing new set of earbuds that is perfect for all your mobile gaming needs, and they informed us they have improved the packaging as you can see in attached pictures below, and here is why their Nasudake J7 is an cut above the rest:
Justice is finally served for the Teen Pokemon GO Player that was injured last year out enjoying the popular game!

Although Pokémon GO has brought plenty of entertainment to mobile gamers and Pokefans the world over, the title has had its fair share of detractors.
Some criticize the game’s basic nature, while others point to its lack of true interactivity as reasons why Pokémon GO doesn’t appeal to them.

The biggest problem with the popular mobile game 'Pokemon GO' is that need you to move around your local area looking for the invisible AR-only objects, so all your attention is so focused on your mobile screen, that you are not aware of what is occurring right now around you in the actual real world, like a robber coming up to hit you or worse a car mowing you down as you cross the street.
Companies face industry-wide capacity shortage for key components!

Nintendo is in a race with Apple and other device makers to get its hands on the necessary components to keep up with the red hot demand for its latest game console the Switch.
Nintendo does not have to worry about Sony or Microsoft, it has to be worried greatly about Apple, as big 'N' tries its hardest to increase production of the Switch to met raising holiday demand, they are noticing that Apple is buying up all the key components for their 10th year anniversary launches of the new iPhone and MacBook's, etc. which leaves Nintendo Corp. with some hard choices coming up.
Without further ado, we enter a world of mobile gaming.

We are already heading towards the middle of 2017. And we easily find plenty of exciting and popular games for everyone.
Open your eyes and read this great list. Start enjoying, now:
  • CRASHLANDS: Let us give the following mobile game a big applause. We are talking about a game that was released already in 2016 and that surely is one of the best mobile games ever. The game has an interesting RPG element that support character growth. Everything revolves around a spaceship, an intergalactic trucker that crash lands on an alien planet. Your job is simply to find out what is going on. Sounds easy? Well it is not. Far from it.
  • PLANET OF THE APES: The brilliant NetEnt has done it again. They have created a great Casino game, expected to be released sometimes during 2017. The game features images, sounds and clips...
TGIF, amirite? - BTW, Albion Online is the first PC game to enable the same experience on tablets!

To get a jump on the weekend fun, I'm posting today a nice progress update from the folks at Albion Online, the popular MMORPG, which is getting ever closer to launch.
To keep your interest whetted, check out the newest development recap video as narrated by Game Director, Robin Henkys. Enough of my meandering though, check out the video attached in full below to get the news from the horse's mouth.
Nintendo is developing a Legend of Zelda game for smartphones, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The game is likely to be released following the upcoming mobile version of Animal Crossing, which is expected to arrive sometime this year.
WSJ has sources that claim big 'N' is working on Mobile Zelda game to be released for smartphones most likely next year in 2018.