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Pokemon Go, caused Nintendo stock to jump, but the plumber Mario caused it to become a Power Jump!

Nintendo’s stock blasted northward again on Wednesday, following the surprise appearance of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto at Apple’s iPhone 7 event.

Seems investors are happy that big 'N' is finally embracing the the mobile world just like they were happy to see Pokemon Go on mobile devices, they were even more happy when Nintendo surprised the world and announced that Super Mario is coming exclusively to the Apple mobile devices, sending their stock higher than it been in long time.

Players Can Control Mario Action Platformer with Just One Hand

At an Apple event in San Francisco, CA earlier today, Nintendo announced that the leading man of video games will star in Super Mario Run, a full-sized Super Mario Bros. action platformer that has been developed specifically for mobile.

After the major mobile success of Pokemon Go, by Nintendo, they have announced their next famous mascot in their IP lineup, to make the jump over from dedicated console/handhelds to the mobile world, and in this case it will be Super Mario Run, but it will be for now exclusive to iPhone and iPad, with a planned release in December.


After the school bell rings, one more test awaits Guitar Hero Live players in the newly added ‘After School Special’ GHTV Premium Show.

So this is it, the last big long weekend, and all that summer fun is now over, and starting next week you will be stuck in school bored for 8 to 10 hours a day, but don't worry, the folks over at Activision know how to clam your broken summer heart down, because they are releasing a bunch of 'After School Specials' for you to rock your heart back into shape with your favorite GHTV device.

Playable Marketing Campaigns is the latest attempt by Snapchat to make some Ad money!

In the past, Snapchat has seen platform-specific releases of films and television shows, but this marks the first time the service has ventured into the video game market. It’s a forgettable move and one that’s more marketing than gaming, but it does give us at least a glimpse into what the future of the platform could look like.

As mobile apps look for newer ways to earn money from their sponsors, Snapchat has decided to turn one of their latest marketing campaigns into an 8-bit inspired video game where you play thru all of Serena Williams history in exchange it promotes the US Open event, plus their ESPN broadcaster and famous sports drink Gatorade.

ROBLOX protects gaming platform by adopting brand protection strategy

NetNames, the online brand protection specialist, has partnered with ROBLOX Corporation, the user-generated online gaming platform, to deliver a brand protection programme to proactively protect ROBLOX products from the threat of counterfeiting on a global scale.

One problem with becoming a top-brand in the mobile gaming industry, is that other companies out there want to steal your thunder or simulate your apps, even to the point of making apps so similar that new mobile users looking for the real top-branded one, get tricked into installing a fake one that might even contain harmful malware, which ruins the brand itself, well now ROBLOX has decided to enlist the help of NetNames to fight off their counterfeiters and to protect their mobile brand...
Does not simulate life as a potato!

YouTube star Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is to become the subject of another video game, this one simulating his very life.

Little is known about PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator, but Kjellberg tweeted some notes about the upcoming title along with a screenshot that furries would love with its isometric pixel-art style and what appears to be some level of customisable vanity items.

Similar to Steam interface, but allowing easy publishing of iOS & Android games on Desktop using Unity!

Facebook may try to compete with Steam, or at least win back revenue lost when casual gaming shifted to mobile. Recently, Facebook formally announced it’s working with game engine Unity to build a dedicated, downloadable desktop gaming platform, plus it’s broadening the Facebook.com experience for Gamers.

So it seems soon we will have yet another store to browse and look for our PC Games, its bad enough we have Windows 10 Store fighting for space from Steam users, but now Facebook wants to do it also, here is all the details:

Pokemon Go mobile success has spilled over into the 3DS platform!

Thanks to the worldwide success of Pokemon Go in the mobile world, Nintendo is busy printing 'money' again in their dedicated handheld 3DS world!

Whomever said that doing something on one platform will not help the other out, was wrong just look at the figures of 3DS sales since the launch of Pokemon Go on mobile platforms, its been such a big increase, big 'N' has had a had time keeping up to the demand of 3DS units across the world, and they even going to be launching it in more colors to please all the new buyers of their dedicated unit.

Says famous neighborhood park is turning into ‘nightmare’ now, all because of Pokemon Go players!

Wahby Park is really more of a park for adults than a playground, it has has become a defacto go-to destination in Michigan for wedding photos, evening strolls, and loitering teenagers for residents in the Saint Clair Shores area.

But now thanks to the very popular Pokemon GO app, the normally peaceful park has turned into an overcrowded 'nightmare' and one couple that lives nearby, can no longer handle how their neighborhood as turned into basically a scene from zombie horror movie, with tons of youths and even adults running thru the park at all hours of day and night, trying to capture Pokemon monsters, and what is even worse its officially on map as 'Poke Gym' with 'seven spots' which lures in even more players from all over their Michigan state.

Published by Telltale Games Now Available

A new Mr. Robot mobile game, developed by Oxenfree’s Night School Studio and published by Telltale Games, is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Welcome to fsociety. Followers of the cult TV Series 'Mr. Robot' can now finally enjoy playing a video game based on the ever increasing popular Mr. Robot series that follows a man with roots to like an anonymous hacking group out to right the wrongs.

Its time to start Ace'ing some new tunes, as you head Back to School!

Guitar Hero Live is headed ‘Back to School’ with two new GHTV Premium Shows that are sure to get the semester off to a rockin’ start.

The first show ‘Rock the School Bus’ is available now with the second show following later this month.

Your #1 Pokemon Scanner. --- Stylish. Simple. Intuitive to use.

GBATemp announced earlier tonight, a new tracking app for Pokemon Go, called 'PokeNavGo', one of the very first apps to come out since the developers did alot of patching to their app to knock off any 3rd-party tracking services.

Finally, you get can be to scanning for Pokemon and knowing for sure where they are in your area, thanks to 'PokeNavGo', they have figured out a way around the latest patches that Niantics did recently to knock-down 3rd-party add-ons like this one, and have released their first Android version, with soon to follow an iOS release, and many updates as they expand on features and tools.

Who runs the world? Pokémon.

The tsunami of Pokémon-related fanaticism over the past month for Pokémon Go has seen sales of Nintendo games and hardware soar, tripling purchases of the 3DS.

Sales of Nintendo 3DS handhelds are up over 200%, thanks in part to the hype of Pokemon Go, even tho the new smartphone app does not work on the N3DS, people that have never gotten in the Pokemon craze before are finding out about how large the Pokemon world is, and that there is tons of offline games to enjoy on the 3DS platform, as such sales are turning into lots of sales and its growing!

In some countries people have to work alot of hours to get a simple mobile data plan.

Mobile monetization firm Upstream has launched a new HTML5-based gaming platform that lets users pay a weekly subscription fee in exchange for access to a library of ad-free games, according to Business of Apps.

Gamedom, which was developed in partnership with game distribution platform GamePix, will offer users access to more than 100 game titles across 10 categories, for an average of $1.10 (1 euro) per week.

The Chinese Mobile Gaming World Is Getting Bigger And Bigger Every Year!

A group of Chinese companies, led by Shanghai Giant Network Technology Co, has agreed to buy Playtika Ltd, an Israeli online gaming developer, from Caesars Entertainment Corp for $4.4 billion, China Daily reported.

The move is seen as part of the group's effort to increase its presence in the mobile gaming market, according to analysts.


The creators of “Pokemon Go” say they’re working to remove real-world locations that don’t wish to be included in the mobile gaming sensation.

Soon after Pokemon GO was launched a few weeks ago, people already started to complain about having their normally semi-private spaces invaded with mobs of players chasing down the monsters in the game that only they can see via their smartphone screens, but now the developers behind the very popular AR game have spoken out about making sure 'NOT HERE' zones are added into the game for real-world locations that DO NOT want to be jammed packed with video gamers with their smartphones running around causing mayhem and making it tough for normal visitors that visit those locations before all this AR craze hit the world on July 6th.