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Right & Left Clutch Grip Kits Support Gaming Joystick Holder Stand Game Bracket for 5"-6" Screen Mobile Smartphones

Cafago has available right now, the amazing E-3LUE EJS002 One Pair Game Handles for only $5.49 when ordering today using the coupon code of: ALPA4031 and as you can see from the features below, and the promo pictures, it will make your mobile gaming experience an whole lot better, and take you to the next level of mobile gaming enjoyment.
The world of Albion Online is now live and yours to explore, but what roads will this take you down?
Check out the new “Where Are Your Limits” trailer to see where this freedom could lead you.

Now that Albion Online is officially live and open to all three tiers of Founders and Starters, the team couldn't be more excited to unveil their latest trailer. Focusing on the vast freedom available to players, it highlights one of Albion's key strengths: the ability for players to walk their own path and tailor their gameplay to those interests. From the player-driven economy of local markets, to budding guilds, Albion's history books are already being filled by the community's actions. What part will you play in this journey?
Researchers and developers understand that people are living in a multi screen era.

This is why most popular games come with their partner apps.
Games nowadays go above the computer or console where they used to be played and companion apps enhance the immersion.
Excellent companion apps

Even the lovers of mfortune casino games attest to the coolness of the game enhancements. It is time we take a better look at some of them.
  1. FIFA 17

    This awesome app lets users connect to the FIFA 17 when they are not near their computer or console. You are able to prepare your team for the coming match. With this app, you can also get new teams and other items using FIFA points and coins.

  2. Grand Theft Auto: iFruit

    This partner app gives users access to GTA V news. It also launches more game experiences,...
Thanks to online casinos, the concept of gambling on one’s mobile device has also become rather popular.

Up until now, users of Android phones have been out of luck as real play gambling apps have been lacking in the Google Play Store. With the release of the Cherry Rush app store, gambling enthusiasts can enjoy gambling with their Android phone.

To find a real gaming experience on one’s mobile device it used to mean a lot of time spent surfing the internet and hopefully finding what you wanted. However, now with Cherry Rush, mobile gamblers are rejoicing as everything they need can be found in this unique app store. The apps here are categorized in a number of ways making it easy for gamers to find just what they want.

For instance, you can find casino apps groups by popularity or recommendations from Cherry Rush. Once a casino is decided upon, a one click download is all it takes to have a...
Slim / USB Type-C / 18W Faster Charge / Metal Shell
For Xiaomi Mi5 Mi4, iPhone 6 6S Plus, Samsung S7 Edge, HTC

Cafago has on sale right now, the original Xiaomi Mi Pro 10000mAh Power Bank for only $21.99 when using the coupon code of: ALPA3457, making it the perfect time to get some fast charging with large power size, but still slim size, giving you many hours of battery backup power for your compatible smartphone.
2GB + 16GB / 13 MP / Quad Core / 2500mAH

Light In The Box has the LEAGOO M5 PLUS 5.5 inch 4G Smartphone on sale right now for only $69.99, and as you can see from the impressive list of features below, its worth it to grab it today before the sale ends.
Use Both Nintendo Switch Joy-Con's Together In Mobile Games On Android!

Joy-Con Enabler has been released on Google Play Store by '@AnkitC' from GBATemp, which allows you to now test & use your Joy-Con's from your Nintendo Switch console (or ones that were purchased separately) together in compatible Android Games and Emulators.
Game Rocker Hand Touch Screen Joypad Tablet Controller

Are you still worried about sweating hands make you game time unpleasant? Or are you still looking for a feel or an external device to enhance mobile game experience? The joystick gives you a real physical joystick for increased precision with touchscreen based games. Just take one, and enjoy your playtime. So what are you waiting for as right now Cafago has the amazing Mobile Phone App Joystick available for the unbelievable low price of only $0.99 with FREE Shipping when using the coupon code of: ALPA4029 and as you can see from features its worth it to grab it today before the offer ends.
The new device will work without being tethered to phone or PC
Company bets gadget will popularize VR as Apple did smartphone

Sony's PlayStation VR headset was originally called by analysts to be the one that would kick-start the VR revoultion and even tho it sold over 1 million units at launch with its low $399 price, it still requires you to own an $299 PlayStation 4 console to use, as such now analysts are hoping that Facebook's new plan to introduce an compact Oculus Rift code-named 'Pacific' that does not need a high-end smartphone, or a high-end PC and priced at only $200 will popularize VR finally into the mainstream world next year in 2018 similar to how Apple did with smartphones with its first launch of the iPhone just over ten years ago.
A12 Dual-Core / 2.7" Car DVR / Full HD / WiFi / ADAS / WDR / 3D Noise Reduction

Right now its the perfect time to get into the trend of using an 'Car Dash' and sharing your road adventures with the world, as Light In The Box has the amazing original Xiaomi Smart Dash Camera on sale for only $41.99, and it features Full HD Recording in a compact 2.7" Car DVR form factor running on a powerful A12 Dual-Core along with built-in 240mAh battery and WiFi and many other useful features as listed below:
OLED Display / Touch Operation / Newest Wrist Strap Design / Upgrade Pedometer

Cafago has on sale right now, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Sports Smart Wristband for only $16.99 when using the coupon code of: ALPA36 before it expires on July 19th. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 features OLED Display / Touch Operation / Newest Wrist Strap Design / Upgrade Pedometer. Plus it has Real-time Heart Rate Monitor and Scientific Movement functions.
Quad-core 4K WiFi/Dolby/DTS RAM 2G ROM 8G with Bluetooth

LightInTheBox has on sale right now, the amazing Original Xiaomi TV Box (MDZ-16-AB) International Version for only $56.49 with FREE Shipping+Tracking, and as you can see from the list of features below, its well worth it to grab one today, and it is easy to setup to any HDMI TV screen in your house, and with its powerful Quad-Core processor and 2GB of RAM, and 5G WiFi signal, you will be streaming all your 4K TV shows and movies in no time at all, and with included Bluetooth remote control makes it even easier to browse thru the apps and select the content you want all from comfy sofa as you relax with your family....
Chinese video game and internet giant Tencent will start imposing time restrictions on young Honor of Kings players to allay fears surrounding video game addiction.

For a while video gaming console have 'parental controls' on them that parents of course are welcome to use to control their kids playing time, but in today's new era of 'mobile gaming', there is really no control for a parent to enforce a time limit on playing mobile games, while their child is out at school and elsewhere, and these days no kid lives without a decent smartphone, as such one of the biggest mobile gaming companies 'Tencent' has decided to enforce different 'time limits' depending on the age group of youth playing.
For usage on iPhone iOS devices, Android Smartphones and Tablet PCs

Cafago has available right now the MOCUTE 054 Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Controller for only $15.99 when using the coupon code of: ALPAG, and plus of all no driver is needed with this gamepad and its fully compatible with most Android/iOS smartphones and Windows operating system devices. Built-in wireless Bluetooth 3.0, can support 2~10meters giving you a wide range of remote control from your device using this gamepad.
Relay Network Extender / Professional Performance Net Acceleration with APP
128MB Flash ROM / 4 External Antennas for Windows, MacOS and Android, iOS

2017 Newest Wireless Xiaomi Smart Router 3C WiFi Repeater from Cafago is only $20.59 when using the coupon code of: ALPAS3 and as you can see from the impressive list of features and specs. its well worth it to order one today! :)
  • No bother complex set, Top technology the high-performance router, condensation in the palm size.
  • Professional 4 antennas, large coverage, anti-interference. Through-wall, chip-level signal enhancement technique.
Main Features:
The Lyon-based independent studio celebrates the 20th Anniversary V-Rally, the first ever game franchise of its creation.

Twenty years ago, the first-ever Harry Potter novel was published, Dolly the sheep was introduced to the public and Steve Jobs returned to Apple Computers. These were just some of the momentous occasions that took place in 1997. In addition to these significant events, in late June of 1997 the world was introduced to a video game that would change the landscape of racing games forever; V-Rally.