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Legendary Kart Racer Debuts Competitive Online Gameplay and More For Its 20th Anniversary Preorders Live Now, Including Digital Deluxe Edition

Crash is back again, and this time he’s revved up to the max in Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, an authentic Crash Team Racing experience that’s been remastered in stunning HD and so much more. Power-sliding into players’ hands on June 21st, 2019, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled also brings fans online multiplayer racing. Get ready to start your engines as the game will be available for the PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch™, and the family of Xbox One devices from Microsoft, including the Xbox One X.
Pre-purchase today for a 10% discount!

The developers at Spearhead Games are inviting players to solve their time-looping 3D action murder mystery anywhere they want with Omensight: The Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch™. Omensight: Definitive Edition is coming to the Nintendo eShop on December 13th and pre-purchases are available now.
Sometimes You celebrates with the 2018 Winter Sale!

Energy Cycle Edge has launched around the globe! To celebrate, the amazing people at Sometimes You have kicked off their 2018 Winter Sale with big discounts on their games for all platforms! So check out Energy Cycle Edge, then grab some incredible deals. It is time to pick up treats for the holidays!
Built-in 168 Games Video Games Handheld Game Player for FC Best Gift For Kids

This handheld game console, built-in 168 classic real game card, your best choice to gain the fun of your childhood and share the fun with your child and family. And best of all right now from TomTop, it is priced at the unbeatable value of only $14.33 during their latest holiday Flash Sale, so check it out now!
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The latest game from Eden Games will be available tomorrow exclusively on Nintendo Switch

Excited to share with you that the new chapter for the most realistic racer on the Nintendo Switch will be available tomorrow. Check out the brand new launch trailer below.
Submit Your Game Cheat Codes For The Nintendo Switch Console, And WIN Prizes!

Our sister site: MAX-CHEATS has announced they have started a Monthly Giveaway Contest for those that submit brand-new Game Cheat Codes that work on Nintendo Switch along with Xecuter SX OS, so boot-up your modded Switch, and start hunting for some 'codes' and 'WIN Prizes'.
Nice All-In-One NES Classic Emulator And Matching Theme For The Nintendo Switch Console!

Spanish Scene Developer @NEOGEOKAI has released his NES Classic Edition for the Nintendo Switch, it is theme that gives your Switch the 'Classic Retro' look from the very popular NES Mini's from Nintendo, and also it includes an updated version of 'clover / laines' with 'retroarch menu', all setup as easy to install NSP package, which is attached below for your Retro Gaming enjoyment! :)

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://discord.gg/EBxk96

NEWS SOURCE: NES Classic Edition (via) GBATemp
Nov. 26th: v7 - Support new tsec fw in 6.2.0 and add option to save keys to microSD

biskeydump continues to be updated by scene developer @rajkosto, which is a custom 'payload' designed to dump all your Switch BIS keys for usage with later on with eMMC contents decryption on your desktop or laptop, and his latest version 7 build has been updated to handle all the new TSEC changes made recently by big 'N' with their v6.20 firmware release!
PLEASE NOTE: This only helps in backing up your NAND that been updated to v6.2.0 and making changes to it like downgrading, etc., it does NOT help in getting the new special keys needed for CFW on v6.2.0!

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/rajkosto/biskeydump (and) https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/
Just In Time For Smash!

With Smash just around the corner, it is great news that soon you will be able to enjoy remote networking LAN-Play on your Nintendo Switch, from the master's of it, Xlink Kai, they been around since the original Xbox console days and know how to do it right!
NEWS SOURCE: Nintendo Switch Support on next release of XLink Kai (via) GBATemp
24 Hours to go before the release of Asterix & Obelix XXL2

The two Indomitable Gauls are back on November 29th with 2 special editions for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC!
See the Launch Trailer below!

This War of Mine's full meal deal package is now available on the Nintendo Switch. I've played the game before, but this is going to be my go to platform from here on out!
Mini Action Figures Children's Doll Go Monster Toys Gift

It's a great toy for your kids, also nice gifts for children, please have fun with it. And with all the new Pokemon games on mobile and Nintendo Switch, it makes sense that your kids will enjoy this Pokemon Toy Set with 144 pieces from Cafago, and best of all right now, its only $13.79 with FREE Shipping when ordering before this offer expires on Dec. 31st using the coupon code of: US2397, so check it out below today:
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Video Game Cartridge Console Card Mario Party 1 2 3 Aggregation 15 US Version

If you are a game lover, then you will never want to miss these game cartridge card. They are classic games for N64, and they are perfect party game for you to play with friends. And best of all you get a whopping 18 In 1 Game Cards NES Edition For Nintendo N64 all for the amazing low price of only $22.99, during TomTop's Flash Sale event, so check it out below and get your Classic N64 console some love this holiday season! :)
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128GB - $43.93 / Coupon Code: SCardPE128 / First 30 Orders Only!
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If you been looking for more storage space and, fast memory card, and affordable, look no more, as right now Gearvita has the SAMSUNG PRO Endurance Memory Card with Adapter on sale, as you can see in pictures above very affordable! - Select the right coupon code for the size you wish! :)
Now Only $22.82 with FREE Shipping / Cafago Coupon Code: US188 / Limited Offer Expires on Dec. 31st

The Switch Pro wireless controller is specially designed for playing Nintendo Switch games. And as you can see above, its currently available from Cafago for only $22.82 with FREE Shipping when ordering using their coupon code: US188 before it expires on Dec. 31st, so check it out below, and get your Nintendo Switch console upgraded to Professional Gaming mode, and enjoy Fortnite in style like how you love to game on your Xbox or PlayStation console!
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@SciresM has added support for Switch firmware 6.2.0 key generation to hactool v1.2.2

The quote below is from his Twitter:
The new tsec_root_key was retrieved through an unpublished exploit and these changes were made to add support for the new firmware. Originally the keys were still being kept private but about two weeks after this news came out, all the CFW's out there including SX OS from Team-Xecuter got updated to support v6.2.0 so Nintendo lost again the battle to prevent 'piracy' on their Switch consoles! :D

The wurm is a giving and benevolent entity, and is hitting the road.

Nidhogg 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch, allowing would-be meat sacks everywhere to duke it out on the go. On the bus, in a park, or trapped in the dank, godforsaken dungeons of a lost civilization, the wurm welcomes your tribute.

Independent developer Firebrand Games announces the launch date for their critically-acclaimed space puzzle game Solar Flux on the Nintendo Switch. On December 11th, Switch owners will be able to purchase the title, which was previously published on Steam and Mobile platforms.
Special Gearvita Black Friday Offer / Limited To First 30 Customers Only!
32GB - $6.63 shipped / Use Coupon Code: BlackFKS32
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The holidays are here, soon it will be Thanksgiving and you will have family and guests over and there will be ton of photos taken, and videos made, and of course new Smash Bros. game coming for Nintendo Switch, so now is perfect time to stock up on extra storage space to save all your holiday memories and enjoy your new video games, so check out today the Kingston MicroSDHC/SDXC Class 10 UHS-I SD Card they are available in 32GB / 64GB / 128GB sizes all at great low unbeatable prices starting at only $6.63 with Shipping, so don't miss out on this special...
NX-USB allows you to transfer files between your Nintendo Switch and computer, no WiFi or rebooting required!

Currently, to transfer files back and forth to your Nintendo Switch, you either have to remove/insert your MicroSD between your console and PC, or you have to enable WiFi and use an FTP server to transfer files, but now scene developer @ischeinkman has started working on NX-USB which allows to you access your Switch on your PC with just a simple handy-dandy USB cable connected between your Switch and PC, and bang you can start transferring files back & forth. :)
Just to get this out of the way: THIS DOES NOT WORK ON THE MINI

Nintendo recently updated their old original Wii firmware, and they also more recently announced they shutting-down the 'Internet' on the old outdated Wii's, as such some of current exploits will stop working so there is need for new easy 'entry point' @Fullmetal5 has detailed out his idea of attack plan using the fact that with the recent firmware update Nintendo added a nice 'spot' for us. :)
Thrusters engaged, we have liftoff!

Radial Games invites players to take to the neon skies in ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS, launching today on the Nintendo Switch. Previously released on PC and PS4, players can now jump into the intense action of ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS on the go! Bringing with it a host of new features, the Switch is the best way to experience the whirlwind of fireworks, sparkles, and action of this aerial dogfighting wonder.
Check out the ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS Nintendo Switch launch trailer!
Dragalia Lost, an original IP created exclusively for smart devices, continues to grow and evolve with even more content and in-game updates.

Last night, on the Dragalia Lost website, developer Cygames outlined its plans for the game through the end of 2018, which include the new Winds of Hope summon showcase, the new A Wish to the Winds facility event, currency and weapon updates, and the latest information about upcoming quests and chapter seven of the main story coming later this year.

Check out all of the details here: https://dragalialost.com/en/news/information/1677

You can download Dragalia Lost now from the AppStore and Google Play.
Double Rocker For GBA NES Games Support TF Card With 7 Inches Screen

X16 handheld game console is a multifunctional game console, it can also be used as a MP3/MP4 player, such as picture viewing, e-book reading. 7" colorful screen ensures great visual experience. Also allowing memory of breakpoint, enabling game automatically archived to continue playing next to the direct read on the progress. And best of all the sale price is currently only $44.79 with FREE Shipping when ordering today using the Cafago Coupon Code of: PS1858, so check out the awesome retro gaming features this beauty offers you below before this limited offer [bexpires on Nov. 30th[/b] :)
Take flight once more!

Take flight once more! The Nebelgeschwader brings more add-on content to Aces of the Luftwaffe, and it's out today. Read on below for the full details, and in honor of this release please enjoy watching the propaganda news reel below.