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Plus the NX Prototype had 2 USB Ports On the Charging/TV connection Dock part of it!

Nintendo NX is scheduled to launch worldwide in March 2017, but not much been confirmed yet by it, but insider Emily Rogers has recently left some more clues on what NX looks like besides the previously confirmed 'portable with detachable controllers' part.

Today, famous Nintendo Insider, Emily Rogers whom been right about things occurring with big 'N' in the past, has posted some Tweets about what the Nintendo NX (or what some are saying will be called 'Focus') really looks like size wise when it arrives in March 2017 next year, she says the NX prototype (not confirmed yet, how or where she saw it), had a 6.2" multi-touch screen and the dock had 2 USB ports, and of course it was portable/dockable unit with detachable controllers like previously confirmed rumors, but now thanks to Emily we get a rough idea on...
A New Independent Game Launches Every Week on Nintendo Platforms

Every Thursday in September, a new digital release will hit Nintendo eShop for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS or both at an introductory pricing promotion of 10 percent off during the first week of launch.

So you are upset, school has started and summer fun is over, well not so fast, because guess what when it comes to being a loyal Nintendo fan, you will be amazed that summer is not over for them, its just rolling along thru the month of September with a new game coming out each week, and what more, when you check the list of upcoming games below, you will see that Fall is packed with Fun also.

Alot of things have changed since 25 years ago, but we still browsing the web, and still playing games so that is good!

Exactly a quarter of a century ago, Nintendo doubled down on gaming with their American release on the SNES console and on the very same day, August 23, 1991, the Official launch of World Wide Web to the public occurred, so both Video Gamers and Websites, can get a slice of Happy 25th Birthday Cake today!

Today is a double birthday, because both the SNES and WWW was launched, and both changed the world as we now know it, little did Nintendo thought that the SNES would end up being the all-time classic of video gaming, and still be played today, and little did the CERN and W3 Project think their at that time text-only hyperlink protocol of a simple plain web page, would turned into what we have today, now we have multi-core powerful consoles with massive online games that people...
Apparently simultaneous with PS4 and Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii appears to have confirmed — again — that Dragon Quest 11 will launch on the Nintendo NX, according to a roundtable discussion published in a Japanese magazine.

It seems the upcoming new console from Nintendo, the NX (or Focus as its rumored to be called now), is going to have yet another launch game, this one being 'Dragon Quest' which is also coming out for the PlayStation 4 console and Nintendo 3DS.

Still retains 10 percent stake in the ownership group

Nintendo today announced it has completed the sale of its majority stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball club, netting $661 million.

Alot of analysts are worried after hearing the news today that big 'N' decided to quickly dump their majority ownership in Seattle Mariners baseball club, after owning it for over 25 years, in the end it nets Nintendo a cool $661 Million in cash, but some are worried when we see the next quarter financial results from big 'N', we will learn the the real truth that they are deep in trouble.

Japan's Abe Plays Super Mario in Rio to Promote 2020 Tokyo Games

With athletes and viewers exhausted, the closing ceremony for Rio2016 was passing off as expected... Until Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe popped out of a giant green pipe dressed up as video game character Mario from the Super Mario games, one of Japan's best-known exports. It was then the world got a clue that, for Tokyo2020, the next Olympic hosts would take full and shameless advantage of Japan's pop culture icons.

After the stunt that Japan pulled at the closing event for the Rio Olympics 2016, with their Japanese PM decided to play as Super Mario during the stage event, complete with holograms and everything, now people are pushing yet again for Video Games to be added to the next Olympics as an official eSports.

Nintendo Features Upcoming Indie Games at Event

During PAX West, the producer of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past from Square Enix will host a game-focused developer discussion at 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 4 at the Hydra Theater.

Yet another PAX event is just around the corner, and Nintendo is traveling out west to Seattle to attend the show in full force with big line-up of new Wii U and 3DS games, and you will be able to sit down, and enjoy them first-hand and discover how Nintendo rules when it comes to total family fun for all ages.

Big 'N' Reveal Event On September 21st, 2016

Latest Rumors for the Nintendo NX posted today, give it a NAME, RELEASE DATE, and LAUNCH LINE-UP of Games coming out!

The Internet when crazy today, when the latest rumors on the upcoming Nintendo NX console hybrid landed, because for the first time it contained an actual NAME to the system, with an detailed list of upcoming games for launch and later on launch window, plus a firm release date, and date for the unveiling of the new system from big 'N', of course all is basically NEW RUMORS except for the 'reveal date', as it was already stated earlier it was going to be in the that time period, now of course the big question is any of it true or not!

Pokemon Go mobile success has spilled over into the 3DS platform!

Thanks to the worldwide success of Pokemon Go in the mobile world, Nintendo is busy printing 'money' again in their dedicated handheld 3DS world!

Whomever said that doing something on one platform will not help the other out, was wrong just look at the figures of 3DS sales since the launch of Pokemon Go on mobile platforms, its been such a big increase, big 'N' has had a had time keeping up to the demand of 3DS units across the world, and they even going to be launching it in more colors to please all the new buyers of their dedicated unit.

Master Five Professions in Trendy Nintendo 3DS Game

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, which launches on Aug. 19, teaches fashionistas of all ages about creativity, fashion and management skills.

Big 'N' is calling all those 'gamer girls' out there, as they have just launched a new Nintendo 3DS game that is totally designed from the ground-up to be played by them, no boys allowed, this is Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, where you can learn abour creativity, fashion, and management skills, as you start running your very own fashionhouse, and setting the trends for all the world around them.

Developer Andrew Peterson’s HoloLens N3S Alpha Emulator brings Mario into your actual real world!

The Microsoft Hololens is an augmented reality headset that now has access to the likes of Super Mario Bros., and other Nintendo NES titles, thanks to the Xbox app for Windows 10 that can connect Xbox One content to the HoloLens and allow for streaming gameplay.

If you lucky enough to be an Hololens developer (one that spent $3,000) to get your hands on the new augmented reality headset from Microsoft, then you can be like this guy, and enjoy playing classic retro NES games in your living room or office, to the shock and envy of all your friends watching online as Super Mario smashes mushrooms in the real world right in front of your eyes!

Says famous neighborhood park is turning into ‘nightmare’ now, all because of Pokemon Go players!

Wahby Park is really more of a park for adults than a playground, it has has become a defacto go-to destination in Michigan for wedding photos, evening strolls, and loitering teenagers for residents in the Saint Clair Shores area.

But now thanks to the very popular Pokemon GO app, the normally peaceful park has turned into an overcrowded 'nightmare' and one couple that lives nearby, can no longer handle how their neighborhood as turned into basically a scene from zombie horror movie, with tons of youths and even adults running thru the park at all hours of day and night, trying to capture Pokemon monsters, and what is even worse its officially on map as 'Poke Gym' with 'seven spots' which lures in even more players from all over their Michigan state.

Everyone is Talking About for Free!

From Aug. 25 to Aug. 28 between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m. PT each day, anyone who owns a Wii U console can download a free demo for the Splatoon game in Nintendo eShop!

If you missed out last year to try out Splatoon, then you no longer have to worry as another Free Testfire Demo is starting up soon next week, to allow everyone that has not experienced the joy of blasting people with guns filled of Ink, can do so now on their Wii U console.

Its time to start Ace'ing some new tunes, as you head Back to School!

Guitar Hero Live is headed ‘Back to School’ with two new GHTV Premium Shows that are sure to get the semester off to a rockin’ start.

The first show ‘Rock the School Bus’ is available now with the second show following later this month.

Another Fan-Made Video Game, Another Takedown as usual by Nintendo!

Nintendo doesn't like it when you use their franchise's gameplay, their franchise's name, and their franchise's music in a game of your own, no matter your reasons, being a loyal fan, or doing it to honor an anniversary does not count in eyes of big 'N' lawyers!

Within 24 hours 1.5 million people downloaded 'Pokemon Uranium' officially from the developers website after they finally released their long-time-in-development game based on the Pokemon IP, with even a way to chat with other Pokemon's you captured, but of course Nintendo didn't like the idea, and within those 24 hours like usual, their big team of lawyers came a calling faster then the best Pokemon out there, and in one powerful cast of spell, knocked out the developers from allowing them to serve up any more downloads, so now you are your own in dark side...
Could this recently filed patent reveal what the upcoming Nintendo NX really looks like?

Nintendo games are going to get a lot more fun. The company has applied for a patent for a removable controller that can connect to the side of a portable gaming device. In another patent application, there is also a hint at controlling via hand gestures.

The application connects to earlier rumors about the upcoming Nintendo NX handheld/console hybrid, that is to rumored to feature a large touch screen, with detachable controllers, only thing is this patent shows only one controller, whereas the rumor says there was one on each side, but it also adds in a new puzzle to the piece that the system could have mini-Kinect-like feature to see your hand movements in front of the screen.

Unofficial remake of famous N64 classic GoldenEye with full Multi-Player and HD Graphics!

A few days ago, we had the fan 30th Birthday Version of Metroid, and now we have totally rebuilt Valve's engine running an updated GoldenEye for all those N64 FPS Retro Lovers out there to enjoy!

It has been a long time coming, over ten years in development, but yesterday marked the first big full released of GoldenEye: Source 5.0 that is built on Valve's SDK 2007 package (a 2.3gig download), install that then you can download this nice professional 2gigs mod, and be on your way playing GoldenEye like it always should had been with over 25 maps to explore and over 10 gamemodes and more.

Job Postings May Suggest 2 NX Devices

Nintendo NX may not actually be the console-handheld hybrid device most analysts have come to accept. Recent job postings call the popular rumor into question.

A few months ago it was rumored that Nintendo was planning to release two systems, one was codenamed MH (for 'handheld') and the other was codenamed NX (for 'console'), but later on the rumors were forgotten and everyone focused on the final rumor this one hybrid system that combines both handheld and console into one system, but now rushing back to us is new rumors that MH and NX could occur, and is happening at big 'N' HQ, that they are infact working on releasing two new systems, not just one that does it all
Score a Power Up for this Mini Retro Console!

As you know, Nintendo's highly anticipated upcoming palm-sized NES replica will only play its built in 30 games. But do you know how it'll play them?

It turns out, the CES Classic being released on 11/11 will have a couple of cool new features for Retro Gamers, including a new '8-Bit Pixel Mode' and 'Game Save States' mode, allowing you for first time on NES games to pause and restart your game.

Offers Some of the Biggest Hits for Under $20 - Other Deals Include Mario-Themed New Nintendo 3DS and New amiibo Bundles

On Aug. 26, a New Nintendo 3DS bundle that includes the system, the wildly fun Super Mario 3D Land game pre-installed and two extra interchangeable Mario-themed cover plates (one inspired by Mario and one featuring 8-bit renditions of classic Nintendo characters) will go on sale exclusively at Walmart and Target stores at a low suggested retail price of $149.99.

Summer is almost over, and your kids will be going back to school soon, so why not make it fun for them to do so, by grabbing one of these nice Nintendo 'Back-To-School' deals that is coming up soon, including a new lower price on the New 3DS, now only $149.99!

If true, with PS4 NEO on September 7, this month will be busy for Video Gamers!

When the French GameBlog site, dropped the bomb-shell of PlayStation 4 Neo event on September 7th in NYC, they also silently dropped a second bomb-shell, that Nintendo NX reveal is coming during the week of September 12 also!

So what do you think, could Sony had pushed their NEO event up from earlier rumored PSX experience for their big reveal, because they found like that Nintendo is planning to use the week of September 12 to push out the news of their NX platform finally?

Fan-made Metroid 2 remake celebrates series’ 30th year before Nintendo does.

Free on Windows with redrawn graphics, slight twists, mechanics from other entries. After ten years in the making, Project AM2R, a fan-made Metroid 2: Return of Samus remake, sees its first release on Metroid’s 30th birthday.

Nintendo must be taking the weekend off, because at this time of posting the news of Project AM2R finally being released after 10 years of being developed right on time for Metroid's 30th Birthday Party, you can still download it, which is record for fan-remake lasting on the 'net before Nintendo comes calling with its C&D takedown notices.

Who runs the world? Pokémon.

The tsunami of Pokémon-related fanaticism over the past month for Pokémon Go has seen sales of Nintendo games and hardware soar, tripling purchases of the 3DS.

Sales of Nintendo 3DS handhelds are up over 200%, thanks in part to the hype of Pokemon Go, even tho the new smartphone app does not work on the N3DS, people that have never gotten in the Pokemon craze before are finding out about how large the Pokemon world is, and that there is tons of offline games to enjoy on the 3DS platform, as such sales are turning into lots of sales and its growing!

A fake employee may be to blame!

Nintendo has a bit of a reputation for being overprotective of their copyrights. Gaming personalities "Angry" Joe Vargas and Jim Sterling, among others, have had unpleasant run-ins with them. Adult artists have recently suffered copyright strikes against their fan creation. Fan games have popped up and disappeared overnight.

Seems like big 'N' either has rogue ex-employee going power-craze, or someone is pretending to be this former employee and using his past power to issue perfect looking C&D copyright takedowns to the right groups to get videos and other websites removed.

Plus big 'N' staying with the Terga X1 design used in current devkits, say Taiwan makers!

Nintendo will start trial production of its next-generation console, the NX, in the third quarter of 2016 and start volume production in early fourth quarter, about one quarter ahead of the originally scheduled early 2017, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.

Taiwan factories have been quoted as saying that Nintendo has decided to gear up retail production of their NX system in early 4Q16 in tune still to get enough units ready for a March 2017 release, but also reports that they decided to stop design changes and are going with Tegra X1 that is rumored to be used in current devkits, and are now not going with more powerful version of Tegra line-up.